Chongqing in 5D4N

Among all the routes HKA flies to, Chongqing is one of the few city I have not step foot on. Hence I requested hubby to request for night stop and lucky enough he got a back to back Chongqing flight this month.

As usual last minute planning and upon checking the hotel has staff rate, I quickly list down the places I want to go and here I am writing about my little adventure on my own in Chongqing for 5D4N.

Out of the 4 days, 2 days hubs is around, so on those days we just explore the city since he can’t go far. And the other 2 days, I joined excursion tour out of the city.

8 Aug

As it was raining, we decided to spend our morning exploring Three Gorgeous Museum. Something which hubs dread, he’s not a museum person, totally opposite of me. From what I read, this is one of the biggest museum in China. It was built mainly to house relics that were dug out during the Three Gorgeous Dam Project. 4 levels to go through showcasing the usual Chinese Museum exhibits such as ceramic exhibits, calligraphy & paintings. Only two sections caught my attention.

  1. Hand painted Chinese fan, rarely I see these in Chinese Museum. They were beautiful. Most of them are 2 sided. One side with poem written on it. The other side with painting.
  2. Currency history in China, right from the days of copper coins. This was really cool as we always see them on TV, but not much of real ones. There were also notes issued by different banks back in early 1900s which eventually became a bunch of useless paper as it weren’t recognised during war time.

Right opposite the Museum was the Great Hall of the People, which looked very much like Temple of Heaven in different colour . As it was raining, we didn’t go there since you can’t go in, no point hanging outside.

Great Hall of the People

Below are some photos taken in the Three Gorgeous Museum.

Art Collection donated by Li Chuli.

A cabinet full of hand painted paper fans.

Beautiful scenery drawn on the paper fan.

Another beautiful scenery, in colours, drawn on the paper fan.

Porcelain vases & bowls dated from Song Dynasty.

Into the Art Sculpture Hall.

Terracotta Figurine Riding Horse, excavated from Fengdu.

Stone Tomb Gate from Donghan Period

Stone Coffin Donghan Period, excavated in Shapingba, Chongqing

Painting stone of No. 1 Tomb of Yangzi Mountain Chariots & Riders Starting Off

Coins when it was first introduced, made of copper.

Various currency issued from different bank during 1940s.

Note Currency which became useless eventually, folded in fan and hat.

Chongqing during Japanese Invasion, World War II.

One of the few document which I could read LOL, since most of it was written in Chinese with little translation. I’d love to read the content though.

Human Skeleton of the Bayu People.

Type of Stones found along Yangtze River.

Various boats used along Yangtze River.

Next we went to Hongya Cave for some shopping. This is also a tourist must do when you are in Chongqing. Apparently Hongya is very important historically, but this is only a replica as the original site has been demolished / destroyed . Nothing interesting here, except Level 4 where you can buy snacks to bring home. I’d strongly recommend you to get some chilli. They are pretty delicious (not spicy) and addictive. At Level 10, you may also walk out to the viewing deck for a nice view of the bridge.

9 Aug

Hubs left for HK early morning today. I engaged myself with a crazy tour to Wulong Karst, a UNESCO Heritage Site. Why crazy? First, my 1st time travelling with China tour. Yes, we’ve been to many China cities, but all were self guided, no tour and never alone. Two, it’s 3 hours drive from the city!!! I kid you not. It’s like going to Penang . The bus was packed and because I was last to board the bus & the only single traveller, I had to sit in the middle of the last row. Weren’t too please with this arrangement but no choice.

I was pretty impressed with the tour guide though. She started off briefing everyone about the Do’s and Don’ts. She had two list. The ones for the bus, and the ones for the tour site. We all know how uncivilised Chinese travellers are, hence this is indeed very comforting seeing them making an effort to educate their travellers starting from local tours. They even had rubbish bins places along the bus walkway for them to throw rubbish. After that she talked about the fees, what are the extras we had to pay and some stories about Wulong Karst. I could muster probably 80% of what she say. Making mental notes of important bits (eg where to meet after the tour) as I didn’t want to be left behind by the bus since I was travelling alone. I also take note on some of the faces (those sat next to me), just in case I was lost or gonna be late for the bus. As usual, there were some unhappy Chinese tourist in the bus, due to having to pay extra money for stuff that weren’t covered. I slept most of the time throughout the since I couldn’t take photos.

We finally arrived around 1230PM. First stop is of course some place to sell you stuff. China right. We were given briefing about the local plants and herbs in Wulong. Famous for orchids and some Chinese Herbs. I could only understand & translate (for my own understanding) half of what they were explaining given my very limited Chinese vocabulary.

Then, we went to a restaurant and were served with some strange food. Cucumber with chilli padi . I only ate those that looked familiar to me .

Cucumber with chilli padi…no I didn’t eat this dish.

Beans with pork. This was not bad.

After lunch, we were made to go into some exhibition hall, where they display various type of stones, found all over Southern China. Here are some of the stones which caught my attention.

Precious Jade, found in Guizhou Qinglong

Emerald, found in Yunnan

Desert Rose Stone, found in Inner Mongolia

Crystal Pyrite, found in South China Karst

We finally reached Wulong Karst around 130PM. First, we went to the viewing platform. I didn’t know it was so high up until I googled it just now. 820 feet above ground, 4,000  feet above sea level. It was quite fun at the beginning when I step onto the platform. I was happily snapping photos and walking at the side (where the railing is). Then when I walk to the middle of the platform, where you can see through right to the bottom, it scared the out of me. Obviously I weren’t prepared for such height. I literally drag my feet across the other side instead of walk, for fear of the platform might collapse .

View from the viewing platform. Awesome right.

This was where I started panic.

After my brief scare on the platform, we were directed to walk across the street, and we walked all the way down to see the 3 Natural Bridges itself. It was quite a long walk, with endless steps. It is indeed quite a sight upon arriving at the bottom of the Natural Bridges. It’s so magnificent. The Natural Bridges namely Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge & Heilong Bridge is so huge and deep. This was also where Transformer: Age of Extinction & Curse of the Golden Flower was shot. Aside from the 3 bridges, there are also some natural rock formation which is note worthy. Here are some of the photos taken at Wulong Karst.

The 1st Natural Bridge, also known as Sky Dragon (Tianlong) Bridge.

Part of Tianfu Post House, outdoor scene of the Curse of the Golden Flower Movie, directed by Zhang Yimou

View from midpoint of the Tianfu Post House. Regret not going further up, would have gotten a better photo.

Closer look of the Sky Dragon (Tianlong) Bridge.

Heading towards Green Dragon (Qinglong) Bridge.

Look up to Green Dragon (Qinglong) Bridge and saw this.

Karst Waterfall streaming down near Green Dragon (Qinglong) Bridge.

The bridge opening of Qinglong Bridge is like a broadsword, with vivid handle and blade. It can be seen more clearly in the lake.

Awesome view as I pass Green Dragon Bridge.

Look up and this was what I saw, below Green Dragon Bridge.

Jumping carp, can you see the shape?

Walking further to the next bridge.

Always look up while you are walking as you will spot some amazing shape karst.

Almost reaching Black Dragon (Heilong) Bridge.

More Karst seen here, in a very narrow gap.

After passing Black Dragon (Heilong) Bridge, look back and see a Gorilla face.

After passing Black Dragon (Heilong) Bridge, we will come to the four springs of Black Dragon (Heilong) Bridge. Such a beautiful sight.

Another part of the spring. Love the reflection on the spring itself.

Rock of Happy Couple.

Next, we took a shuttle bus to Longshuixia Fissure Gorge. It is a typical karst landscape associated with orogenic movement. 5km length and 500m depth make it a magnificent and fantastic valley, which has steep cliff, original vegetation and stream waterfalls. The walk path is pretty narrow and some parts of it you have to bend down. But the scenery is breathtaking. No regrets spending 3 hours on the road.

View of the waterfall from top. We were all stuck at the top (lining up to take elevator) for almost 20 minutes before we could go nearer to the Waterfall.

The one and only bug that I spotted while walking to the waterfall.

The narrow walkway. They try to preserve this area with minimal structural items built. Just simply steps and hand railing.

Many more steps to go for me…

I simply love this view of bridge connecting the area leading to waterfall.

This is the waterfall. Amazing depth and so windy while we walk past.

Water flowing through the stones at the bottom of the waterfall.

More walking at the Longshuixia Fissure Gorge.

Stones covered with moss.

Another waterfall, a smaller one, under the manmade bridge.

Clear blue water pool.

We left Wulong close to 6PM and finally arrived back in Chongqing at 9PM. What a long and tiring day.

I quickly spoke to the hotel concierge and arrange for next day’s tour to avoid the same issue happening again like the 1st day.

10 Aug

Today, I’m on the road again. But it is not so far compared to yesterday. I’m heading to Dazu Rock Carvings. Another UNESCO Heritage in Chongqing. I got a better seat today, right next to the window (although it’s the last row), hence I took some photos during the roadtrip.

Road trip view.

We travelled 2 hours out of the city, and our first stop were again some place they try to promote local tourism. Next we stopped by a restaurant for quick lunch. The food today was much edible compared to yesterday .

Fruit truck selling fruits outside the restaurant. Tempted, but didn’t buy.

There are many notable Rock Carvings in Dazu County. We are to visit Baodingshan. We finally arrive at Baodingshan around 12PM. Tour guide gave us specific instruction to walk into the entrance of Baodingshan. It’s about 2KM walk to just the entrance itself. But since it’s mainly flat road and they’ve constructed this very beautiful walkway, the 2KM was pretty bearable. The history of Dazu Rock Carvings was dated back to 650AD during the Tang Dynasty and continued during Ming Dynasty & Qing Dynasty. Among the rock carvings, there are more than 50,000 statues and over 100,000 Chinese characters of inscriptions and epigraphs. The Buddhist statues dominate in this rock carving group, and the Taoist and the Confucian stone figures can also be seen.

Most of the carvings tells stories about Buddhism. The thing I like about today’s tour, was that each of us were given an audio device. We could listen to the tour guide’s explanation as we walk and explore the area, within 50m. This was much more effective compared to yesterday, where the tour guide only explain to us in the bus and didn’t bring us around. The 2 most notable carvings in Baodingshan is sleeping buddha & 1000 palm kuan yin. What we see today are the result of extensive restoration has taken place for the past 8-10 years to restore & protect these carvings.

Here are some photos taken at Baodingshan Dazu Carvings.

Thousand hands, thousand eyes

Thousand hand Kuan Yin

Paddy field along the way back to Chongqing.

We arrived back in Chongqing around 5PM. I went back to hotel to shower and rest before heading out to look for food around Liberation Monument (Jiefangbei), which is just behind my hotel, Intercontinental. This is like Chongqing Times Square. Eventually, I end up eating at Pizza Hut after failing to find a proper restaurant that comes with English Menu .

11 Aug

Another rainy day today. With the hope of rain will stop by noon, we brave ourselves to Huguang Assembly Guild Hall. The Huguang Assembly Guild Hall has a history of over 200 years. Merchants and traders from other nearby cities such as Hubei, Guangdong, Hunan & Guangxi that travels to Chongqing for businesses will gather at this Guild Hall. It serves as a place for entertaining & meetings while traders were in Chongqing. Various sections of this Hall is identified with different names, for people coming from different cities. According to history, this place was first built in 1759 during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Because it was at the Yangtze River Mouth, it was subjected to flood. There were famine, plague and war, which causes the population to decrease in Szechuan (Chongqing was then part of Szechuan). Due to this, the Qing Dynasty encouraged migration of people from the West to settle in Szechuan/Chongqing, since it was once the capital of China.

Below are some photos taken in Huguang.

Emperor Yu’s Palace. He’s a highly reputed Hero of Water Control.

Ancestor Worship Hall.

After we left Huguang, we went to Ciqikou Old Town, which is also known as Porcelain Town. Ciqikou is on a hill above the Jialing River in the western part of Chongqing city. It is a small section of city with about two city streets and back allies that are set aside as a pedestrian shopping and dining area. It was once a prominent market and trade town next to Chongqing. In the Ming Dynasty, it was a river port and market town. Goods were transported over land and water. Now it is just another old town like those in other cities, a place for tourist to buy souvenirs and eat their heart out.

The rain was getting heavier, hence no photos taken at Ciqikou. We had beggar chicken for lunch. Yummy chicken wrapped in lotus leave and paper, covered with mud and baked/grilled on the hot stove. Chicken was moist and juicy. Then we came upon a shop selling teapots and spent some time there shopping for teapot, then tea itself.

We had dinner in a restaurant near our hotel named Memory Tongue. Szechuan hot and spicy food. Since it is our last night in Chongqing, we head back to hotel early to pack up and sleep.

It is definitely a trip I enjoyed very much. 2 more UNESCO Heritage in the pocket .

Pre-Holiday Stress

After so many years planning for family holiday, I must admit that this round is the most stressful. Reason being that we are travelling on ID/FOC Ticket. We thought that May is non peak season, should not be an issue getting on board. But as the date come nearer, I start to have doubts since the number of seats is getting less and less.

For this reason, I’ve had sleepless nights for the past week. I even had dreams of us not getting on board, and ended up in London .

As we are travelling on ID/FOC ticket, and seats are not firm until 1 hour before the gate close, we couldn’t book our accommodation. I’ve only managed to shortlist those Airbnb within our budget, in preparation of booking them once we can get on board. Luckily, for transportation, I made a call to the car rental company and made the booking with some pre-arrangements which didn’t require any payment. Due to our travel arrangement, I also couldn’t pre-book any tours/performance that we want to go. I’m praying hard that tickets are still available when we are ready to make the bookings.

New Zealand is our 1st option, thinking that the flight won’t be full since it’s not China Holiday or Hong Kong Holiday. But it seems that everyone is interested to go New Zealand in May . As backup plan, we even had Plan B, that is to go Osaka, since there’s 3 flights a day to Osaka, so chances of getting on board is better.

As a result of Plan B, I also had to make itinerary plans for Osaka, in case we go Osaka instead of New Zealand.

I’ve finally finished both the Plans, now I’m working on shortlisting Osaka & Kyoto accommodation .

Next have to change currency for both countries, and also get ready simcard (docomo) if we going to Japan instead of New Zealand.

I hope I won’t be so stress the next time I plan for family holiday.

Vyktore & His Academic Achievement


Two days ago, Vyktore called me from school to tell me he got 100% for Mathematics and 95% for Chinese. He’s so happy. When he came back, he quickly urge me to recalculate his average marks for this term. His average score came up to 97%. This is an important day to remember, because for once he scored so well. Whereas Faythe only made it to 96% this round, due to her Mathematics marks.

Faythe was really upset because she lost to Vyktore, first time after so many years. All this while, she is always ahead of him. Victor is always pushed by me to work harder and set his target to be as good as Faythe. He finally did it. He really deserve a good reward from us.

One of the reason why he work so hard is the reward system that we impose on both of them. It’s a simple & straightforward reward, but overtime, it’s working really well.

Our reward system is based on $$$ & Internet time.

We give them a target of 80 as starting point. For each point above 80, they will get $10 & 5 mins of internet time.

When we first started (around 2 years ago), Vyktore only had the average of 83 (after averaging all the main subjects). This means he only get $30, and 15 mins of internet time. He proof himself from time to time, slowly inching towards average of 90s, whilst Faythe maintained above 90 average all the time.

This time, is his first time getting above 95, and also beat Faythe by 1 point. Amazing, all his handwork finally reap the fruits.

Here’s a conversation captured with Vyktore 1.5 years ago when we were discussing about his results.

VMHK: Mommy I’m now in the middle.
Mommy: Middle of what?
VMHK: Middle in my class. As I’m no. 8
Mommy: gotta work harder to be on top, at least top 3.
VMHK: I will get closer to the tree….
Mommy: What tree?
VMHK: The tree. You know all these scores are like climbing a tree. Now I’m in the middle. Then later I’ll climb closer to the top of the tree.
Mommy: Oh I see. What tree is this? Money tree?
VMHK: No. It’s the food tree 
Mommy: What? Food tree? So what do you get when you arrive at the top of the food tree?
VMHK: All the food that I want to eat 
Mommy: LOL…my son and his food…

Well Done Vyktore!!! You truly deserve it after many years of hard work. You are getting close to your food tree LOL

Housewife update, 1 year 5 months

Yesterday, 5th April, I went lunch with David Hardy & Twinky. Last I met David was 2 years ago, when he left CX account and head to HP Singapore. He’s now back in HK and will be working with another company. It was such a coincidence that it was exactly 1 year 5 months I’ve left HP. Apart from Twinky, who is still with HP, all of us has left CX Account. As usual, we bitch about all the crazy things that happen in the account last time, and also those that are still there.

Throughout all these months, I’ve received calls from some of my ex-managers in CX Account, asking if I’d join them in their new company. I’m really glad that despite my “early retirement”, I’m still pretty much wanted by them, due to my credibility at work. Even yesterday itself, David casually joke that he’s here to get me to work with him and Nicholas.

Nowadays, a lot people that I meet ask if I’m getting used to my “new life” and do I miss my job? Well, housewife life is tough. Yes it is!! You basically cover everything and anything that nobody does at home (apart from cleaning is done by part time cleaner). I become the default person to go to for meals, looking for missing things at home, collecting parcels from post office/groupon, running to immigration for visas, renewing insurance & road tax, purchase stuff for kids school project, centre of complain when the house is messy (but hey, that’s not even my fault ), booking flight tickets, pilot paperwork and many other things.

Sometimes, I get irritated doing all these because they throw my entire schedule off the track. As an ex-project manager, I’m still quite used to living within a schedule and planned activities. Last minute activities are very annoying. But then again, if  it’s not me doing all these who else, since I’m the one most free. That’s what Hon keeps telling me . Well some I understand, but looking for missing items in the house…that’s not really fit into the profile.

Do I miss my job? well Yes and No. I miss my ex-colleagues and all the lunch/dinner sessions with them. They keep me in tact with all the happenings in and out of office. I miss the money I earn and those I could spend in a month, of which now I’m more or less limited to what is provided by my other half. It’s more restrictive now. I certainly don’t miss working late nights and weekends. I don’t miss all the nasty clients and the unnecessary stress. I don’t miss going into datacenter sorting out cables and moving in servers.

I do yearn to work again, but probably as part time or flexi time so I could also spend time with my kids & family. Well, life is short after all. No use to earn all the money but not able to enjoy your life and live your life to the fullest.

Someday when I make a come back from my “early retirement”, I hope that I’m still sharp and sought after.

In Between Travels

Been busy lately, did a bit of travelling for the past 2 weeks, plus hosting Photography Meetups.

We went for a short trip in Okinawa, from 4-7 March. This is not the first time we go Okinawa, but rather covering the parts which I didn’t go previously. This time, we went with Jimm & Anna’s family, church friends.

We had so much fun eating & venturing Okinawa. Faythe & Vyktore even brought along UNO and we had quite a few games of UNO during idle time.

Earlier this week, Hon & myself made a trip to Shenzhen, for acupuncture, shopping & eating. Shenzhen is a shopping heaven for us because it has our favourite sports outlet, Decathlon. Time to get some new gym wear to replace the old ones .  This the first time Kat go to Decathlon, she also had a great time shopping at Decathlon.

Prior to that, we paid the acupuncture Sifu to torture us. I’ve been having this naggy pain behind my right knee for months. After the previous round of massage in Nov with Loong Sifu, it went off for a while, and then came back again. No amount of stretching and resting helped fix the situation. Kat recommended us to go to her acupuncturist in Shenzhen. After 15 minutes of needles poking, it was such a relieve that I could now bend my knees without much pain. Apparently there’s some blood clog at that area. I still need to go back for 1 round of acupuncture to get it fixed entirely. Meanwhile, Hon got his feet acupuncture due to numbness. He complain he couldn’t feel anything at all. Probably dead nerves? He was screaming like hell when the needles were poked through his feet. But after that, he was glad that the numbness is gone. He too need to go back for another round of acupuncture.

We had a great lunch & dinner at Shenzhen, eating at our favourite restaurant, Grandma’s Home.

We will be travelling again next weekend, not sure yet where to, but March is surely a busy month.

The Foodie Vyktore

Vyktore has very much grown to a foodie since we moved to Hong Kong. I remember he used to eat just fried rice & grapes. That was before he discover the delicious sweet & sour pork & maggie mee. Thereafter, he was unstoppable when it comes to food (except for seafood).

We always have funny conversations when it comes to Vyktore eating food. Here are some conversations that I previously noted down.

On eating Steak
VHMK: Mommy, the steak is so good
ME: Yes
VMHK: Suck the blood first…..*slurp sound*….then eat meat

On eating fried chicken – 2 Jan 2017
VMHK: *Slurp*…*Slurp*…
Faythe & ME look at Vyktore
VMHK: I’m sucking the oil Mommy

On eating seafood – 22 Feb 2017
FHMY: Vyktore’s worst nightmare would be prawn wrapped in bacon!! That’s a Trojan Horse!! Looks good on the outside but inside is the nasty surprise
FHMY: It’s a trojan horse except that it’s a prawn. So it’s Trojan Prawn. 
VHMK: Then, I’ll block you and barricade the house, block you in email and what’s app
FHMY: You can’t do that cause it’s our house and we live together
VHMK: Then I’ll do the lock down, like in spongebob. Squid ward

On Her Birth Arrival

This was a little conversation I had with Faythe, on the day before she turned 12.

Conversation took place on 5 Jan 2017

ME: Did you know 12 years ago at this time, u didn’t exist?
FHMY: Yes. I’m still in your stomach waiting to be pooped out. Preparing my grand entrance. I was busy tearing…
ME: Tearing what?
FHMY: Tearing down your stomach wall. And because there’s no rubbish bin, I ate it all up, the wall paper (stomach wall)
FHMY: The colour of the wall was purple. Purple has been my favourite colour since the dawn of time
ME: Whoa, really huh…

Faythe is very imaginative and she always chooses the best word to describe during our conversation that entertains me all the time. Since you like Purple, I shall colour all your conversation in purple .

Mommy’s Flying Eyes

People always say kids say the darnest thing. I’d say my kids says the most imaginative & entertaining things ever. I’ve been writing their conversation down for years, but so far haven’t put them for laugh in my blog. So this is going to be the 1st of many.

Conversation took place on 20 Jan 2017

Received this text on my whats app.
VHMK: Mommy, I’m currently in the toilet
ME: Yes I know
VHMK: How?
ME: Flying eyes (actually I saw him going in, while I was busy in the kitchen)
VHMK: Oh…I didn’t see that coming
ME: It’s invisible

When he came out from the toilet, he came to me and said.
VHMK: Mommy, I want to have that special power also
ME: Huh, what special power?
VHMK: The one you can see people…
ME: Oh you mean the flying eyes?
VHMK: Yea…so I can keep an eye on things and make good use of it
ME: Oh this is special power, only for mommies
VHMK: So I can’t have it?
ME: No. Exclusive for all mommies only
VHMK: So all mommies in this world got?
ME: Yes

My kids are always amazed how things get to me so fast. Why I know certain things even when I’m not there. I told them I have flying eyes and they used to freak out when they were younger. But they have come to accept it that it’s not scary, but it’s some sort of power I have LOL. So they always behave, cause I told them those eyes are always there watching you.

Yes, I’m naughty Mommy. And this is how I keep my kids on toe .

Lou Sang Entreprenuer

Two years ago, when I was still with HP and we didn’t go back for Chinese New Year, I attempted to make Lou Sang at home for our own consumption with the help of my maid. I was pretty happy with the outcome, and we all had a good supply of Lou Sang throughout the entire CNY. We even gave some to our Church’s Pastor family to try.

This year, some crazy idea came to my mind, since I’m making Lou Sang for my own consumption again, why not make a business out of it. Lou Sang is a common dish in KL. We eat them starting from weeks before CNY, up till Chap Goh Mei itself. But in HK, it’s either too expensive (those selling in hotels) or difficult to find. Even pre-packed ones are not easily made available. So I decided that I should test market. Who knows it can be a hit in HK.

I started preparing the ingredients and market my Lou Sang during Church Christmas Party. Prepared 2 big dish for everyone to try to get some feedback. There were a lot of positive tone. At the same time, I also told my church members I’ll be selling these during CNY, they could order from me.

I also bought different sizes of zip lock bags for storing of the ingredients. Initially I thought of just putting ingredients into the paper back, but Hon gave me idea to put them in aluminium foil tray, together with chopsticks so it’s like ready to eat anywhere anytime. It was great idea, but sourcing of the tray was a pain. Good thing, he managed to find some tray in Daiso, Narita during his night stop, so he bought some for me for the packaging.

Then I prepared flyers, so I could distribute it among friends via whats app. Wasn’t too difficult to get this done using photoshop and some of my digital scrapbook material. Hon helped to do the write up after he complain my write up was rubbish . Aside from the flyer, I also prepared a more detail write up on the Lou Sang, meaning of all the ingredients & how to eat Lou Sang in style . I also manage to get my friend to help translate both the flyers & write up to Chinese so it could reach a greater community.

I sent them all to my friends in HK. I also put it up on my instagram and finally revive my Facebook to post this important flyer on my Facebook page.

Orders started pouring in. At first it was rather slow. Then I decided to prepare some for my Zumba friends to try (mostly Filipino). Whoa they love it and all of them ordered from me.

Things started to get really hectic 2 weeks before CNY as I had to prepare all the materials before hand, do the packaging & delivery as well. At the same time, I was being ambitious, I baked some cookies for CNY celebration as well (not for sale OK).

I had an excel worksheet where I keep track of my cost, my capital investments & orders.

It was like running project again, but this time of a different scale and not involving IT.

It was tiring, but I sure had fun and some great sense of accomplishment. For once I felt like I’m a Project Manager again, after leaving the workforce for more than 1 year. Workaholic Syndrome hahaha.

Today, is the last day of CNY. I am also delivering my last order of Lou Sang to my church friend’s Chap Goh Mei Party. Business been pretty good (unexpected) and I’m sure next year I’m going to do this at a larger more capable scale. Now I need to start a business plan .


Yet Another Year

2 blog post in a year :

I’m so lacking and so not motivated to write/update this blog. How can I do better? Set a reminder to sit down every week to pen down something? Gosh…

So 2016 has ended, and we are into 2nd month of 2017. So fast!!!

Before I write down my 2017 Resolution (yes again, another resolution blog post hahaha), lets review what I’ve achieved in 2016. Here’s what I wrote for 2016. I’ve reviewed them and I’m quite proud that I managed to achieved 4/6 resolutions.

  1. update my blog every once a week (at least) – failed entirely
  2. going gym/exercise 3 times a week (at least) – overachieve
  3. eating healthy once a week. I’ve set wednesday to be healthy day for the whole family - overachieve
  4. catch up with backlogs of photobooks & editing. Target to complete 5 books this year. – overachieve
  5. training Faythe & Vyktore to be more independent. I’ve given them task to do (chores at home) and we have started this in December as trial run. – achieve
  6. bringing my kids out of Lantau Island at least once a month to explore more of Hong Kong. – failed partially

So this year, I’m back with setting another string of resolution for my achievement. I’ve wrote this down back in Jan, but just didn’t have the time to post it up as I was really really busy during CNY with my lil Lou Sang Business in HK.

2017 Resolution as follow:

  1. Hit 60kg of body weight & build more muscle
  2. to update my blog once a month – trying to be less ambitious to restart the momentum LOL
  3. study the word of lord, 1 chapter a month
  4. complete all travel photobooks backlogs – I’ve done year book up till 2013, that’s not too bad, so this year target to catch up all the travel books (which are easier to do)
  5. Join 1 marathon (half or quarter) either in KL or HK – uphill task
  6. eating healthy with healthy breakfast mon-fri

I try to be more specific this year, cause last year was more generalist. Well, it’s time to get my butt moving and start to work on these resolution.

Wish myself all the best, you can do it .