Adjusting to Stay-At-Home-Mom Lifestyle ?>

Adjusting to Stay-At-Home-Mom Lifestyle

It’s been 6 months & 12 days I have left my previous job. I had a hard time settling into a proper schedule for the 1st few months due to all the changes in the family (outgoing maid, Christmas, travelling, Chinese New Year and more travelling). I came to realise that I needed a schedule for myself to work on so that I can manage things better. I wanted to do meal planning on a weekly basis, but after trying for…

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Ushering 2016 ?>

Ushering 2016

The year of 2015 is coming to an end in just another 15 minutes (at the time I’m composing this post). How should I describe 2015? Exhilarating !!! This year, I’ve made the most travelling counting back to all the trips (with or without kids). We started off 2015 with a Trip to Okinawa. Then in April, we headed to Perth for Easter Holiday. Come June, Hon and myself went to Bali for a short stay. Not forgetting making 2…

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Black & White Photography, 31 Oct 2015 ?>

Black & White Photography, 31 Oct 2015

Backdated post.  Since I resigned, I try to ensure that I don’t work on weekends so that I can start adjust to my jobless life. I also start to fill my weekend with personal activities. Hence I join another photography meetup activity on 31st Oct. The theme is black & white photography. It seems easy topic, but the selected location is challenging. It’s Shum Shui Po. In such a busy area, how can we shoot something black & white that…

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A New Jobless Life ?>

A New Jobless Life

I made a bold decision 1.5 months ago and tender my resignation from HP. It was probably a shocking news to many. What brought me to this decision? To be honest, it’s been a constant struggle at work for sometime. It was a constant battle of issues after issues which leads to me to believe that this project could be cursed LOL. The client was a total challenge and not having all the support needed from the management from time…

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Contemplative Photography, 17 Oct 2015 ?>

Contemplative Photography, 17 Oct 2015

Living in HK and having a hectic work life means that I have little chance to meet other people apart from my colleague’s, hon’s colleagues & my kids. I have always wanted to know more like minded people that has interest in photography. Hence I’ve joined a Meetup Photography Group. Only until yesterday I manage to join the 1st outing organised by this Meetup Group. The topic of the day was Contemplative Photography. A very interesting topic focusing on things…

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June – Sep 2014 ?>

June – Sep 2014

OMG, I’ve not updated my blog for more than a year. Clearing cob webs all over the place. Life had gotten too busy in the past 1 year. A couple of overseas trips, crazy workload and growing kids. That’s what kept me busy for the past 1 year. I actually drafted this post last year, but totally forgot to publish it on the blog. Here’s a quick flash back of what we were up to from Jun – Sep 2014….

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Vyktore: The PvZ Addict ?>

Vyktore: The PvZ Addict

More about games we play at home. Plants vs. Zombies were introduced by Hon few years back. He was totally addicted to it. I didn’t like the game at first, but soon got addicted to it. It’s a very popular game since few years ago and recently they came up with Plants vs. Zombies 2. When we first played PvZ, Faythe and Vyktore were very afraid. Afraid that the Zombies might jump out of the iPad/iPhone haha..Each time I play,…

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French Plait – 2 May 2014 ?>

French Plait – 2 May 2014

When I was young, my mom used to spend time every morning tying my hair before I go to school. Mom being mom, is always very creative with hairsyle as she used to work as a hair stylist. Well actually she’s like the perfect housewife. She sews, she cooks and all that wifey stuff. I’m really no match of her :). I remember mom learning french plait from the saloon when she took me to cut my hair. Then when…

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Mini Uno ?>

Mini Uno

Uno, the card game that I grew up with many years ago. I tried teaching Vyktore and Faythe the Uno concept and how to play few years back, but at that time they haven’t quite grasp the concept. But now that they are older and better in maths, Uno is a really fun game. Recently, we won a mini Uno pack from the school funfair. Best thing to bring along in the handbag. We can play while waiting for our…

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Hiking to Wong Lung Hang (黄龍坑道) – 6 May 2014 ?>

Hiking to Wong Lung Hang (黄龍坑道) – 6 May 2014

Before the weather gets too warm and start of summer, church friends organized another hike at Lantau Island. We were not told that it’s a rock/stream hiking trail. Only saw some beautiful photos on some blogs. Hence I packed my camera to ensure I snap some good photos. Around 15 odd of us met the petrol station across across North Lantau Hospital. I decided to warm up and walked to the petrol station with a Katherine while the kids followed…

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