Runaway maid!!!!


This had happened to a lot of people, I’ve heard stories all over the place, but until u experience it yourself, u won’t believe that these are real stories!!! Yah, my maid ran away…..early morning around 5am i guess. I woke up 430am to feed faythe, and I heard her going bathroom..then I was thinking, eh so early bangun one this fella today…but I didn’t bother continue feeding faythe. At 530am, after finish feeding, I went out to take water bottle, when I realise that she has folded the bed nicely. So I thought must have got down to wash car, the usual time.

I went back to zzZZZzzz…woke up 845am, walk out to the living room… come all the curtains are drawned together, usually it’s all drawned away…then i walk to kitchen, no sign of her, see clothes never wash, dishes never wash…hmmm…then went to check her shoes, it’s gone!!! Being more alert now and suspecting something wrong, I went to check her clothes, true enough most of it are gone, she left her bag here though…jeezz…so I went walk around, went to guardhouse ask them, no one saw her…So i call my MIL and told her bout it lah..Then when I got home, told Mun Wah confirm sudah lari. I called the maid agency, and while i was talking to the agency, saw a piece of paper left outside the balcony…Yup, she’s smart enough to write us a letter…saying sorry she chau lou, but she can’t stand it anymore and don’t wanna work liao. She say I always scold her…..hmm OK, yah I do scold her, but not shouting type, talk to her sit down and question…so bad meh…and I don’t scold her for no reason, she’s lazy, always do work half way and tell lies, how not to scold rite. ..

Anyway, no more stories about her….I went to make police report and maid agency to settle the stuff. Insurance will pay us back 1600RM. But agency won’t replace a new maid as she’s already 4th month…this the heartbreak part. Means gotta spend another 5k to get a new maid!!!

But I still thank god for this to happen…to make us realise how we should handle maid in the future. It’s really an eye opener. Also thank god that she wasn’t taking care of faythe at nite, or else she would have runaway together with faythe.

OK enough of maid experience…..Mun Wah going to install prison management system at home!! His friend got this system, u make the maid to wear a detector, once it’s tempered or she moves out of the preset system range, the alarm will trigger!! Wow, keng chau rite…..Think it’s a good system for those with maids…

Lesson learned: Never leave your maid wondering around the apartment even just to throw rubbish, they can never be trusted.

And there’s no way I’m gonna be able to locate her…If you are looking for someone from years ago or trying to just find a friend, you can use a people search website and should be able to find them right away

4 thoughts on “Runaway maid!!!!”

  1. mesti itu DBKL fella!!

    i can show you the world
    shining, shimmering, splendid
    tell me, yanti, now when did
    you last let your heart decide?

    i can open your eyes
    take you wonder by wonder
    over, sideways and under
    on a magic ‘lap sap chea’ ride

  2. Put collar huh. Have u watched this Japanese movie call Battle Royale. Japanese students are made to wear this collar. If they fail to finish their task, the collar will be activated thus slicing the neck and later will explode. Same as if that person gets out fo the radius. Imagine lar… CHIBABOOM…

  3. I hope you have better luck the next maid. Is she a christian maid? I heard from my agency that christian maid (from Sumba) has a lower % of running away. Maybe talk to your agency.

    Hey how come you have insurance on running maid? This is the first time I heard.

    Hey invest a little bit more, get philipino maid, more experience, less stress…:D

    Just my 2 sens

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