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2 months ago when we visited paed, he gave me some seba med products. It says, baby bubble bath and baby special healing cream. I thought, wah bubble bath, that would be fun for Faythe, but since we got no bath tub, guess gotta bubble bath in her mini tub. But Mommy have yet to officiate the use of Bubble Bath. It’s still idleing in the bathroom.
So what about the healing cream? I find it pretty cute, it was a tiny tube, 10mg. So I just put it aside for later use. When we came back from Bangkok, I was in the state of shock to see Faythe’s face were red, it was so rough (like sandpaper) and alot of rashes. Well, I bet it’s eczema. She had eczema when she was 2 months old. The previous paed gave some Hydro-dunno-what cream to apply. It works wonder, but the downside is it has steroid content. If used excessively, will make the skin very thin. So apply minimal only.
Then, SIL gave me another huge jar of hydro-dunno-what cream, she got from the hosp..this one is more diluted, so the steroid effect is not so strong. Nevertheless, she also advise not to use it unless necessary. But since she didn’t had any outbreak since then, I just kept it.
So when Mommy saw the sandpaper & red face, very sum tung already..Went home, quickly went to apply the seba-med cream for her. The contents show that there’s no steroid on it. The next morning, immediately it got better, redness were gone. Then I did the same every night, when she’s asleep, I would apply some on the face. Few days and the eczema or whatever rashes was that, were all gone!! Wonder cream I should say..hahaha…and the best thing is, it smells nice (not frangant) and it’s not oily.
Here’s the product & detail description, a must have for Mommies.

Baby SebaMed ph5.5 Special Healing Cream

With its pH value of 5.5, richly emollient water-in-oil formula Baby sebamed Special Healing Cream is strongly indicated for skin conditions effecting the nappy area, providing rapid relief and reliable protection. Titanium dioxide protects baby’s delicate skin from harmful contact with exCreamnts. The active ingredient of camomile, bisabolol soothes irritated skin and the high concentration of panthenol effectively stimulates the healing of the skin. The 36% lipid compound including lecithin, which is part of the skin’s hydrolipid system and skin-related squalane help create a protective barrier against aggressive substances, which could cause inflammation.

Natural allantoin makes the skin soft and smooth. Special Healing Cream is also recommended for dry, chafed or irritated skin in children and adults.
Free from nitro-mochus compounds,formaldehyde, nitrosamines, and dioxan
Dermatologically /clinically tested

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  1. Myself also sebamed’s fan. Yee Ching used sebamed shower gel and mommy used sebamed hand & bodywash. But I had never see this healing cream before leh, gotta buy some for yee ching too.

  2. jefferene: wahh..didn’t know u sebamed fan hehe..must be very good, can see ur face smooth smooth 😉

    huisia: hehe yah..very handy

    egghead: welcome to my blog. yep very exp!!

    agnes: hehe i guess now u got my email liao hoh..what a small world 🙂

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