16 Weeks Pregnancy


Not blogging bout Faythe’s birthday cause we only celebrating tomorrow. Next post yah :).

Weight: 59.5kg (MINUS 1kg again!!)
Baby head size: 16 wks

We went for gynae checkup this morning. Suppose to go in 2 weeks time, but Mommy woke up today, suddenly i feel the baby at the bottom, very near the pelvic bone. Then I touch touch..ehh…why not moving one…holy cow!!! So I quickly call the gynae to make appointment and we went to the gynae.Did the routine weight check, wah went down 1kg more!! Hmm…eating regularly, but went down, probably cause haven’t took breakfast.Went to see the gynae and did a scan, and found that baby is OK :)…Pheww…also took blood test and did the triple test.

7 thoughts on “16 Weeks Pregnancy”

  1. You so young need to do triple scan blood test meh?
    Just for precaution?

    Yeah, like Two Little fellas said, eat well, sleep well… Need the extra kilos for baby and you..

    Btw, so fast 16weeks already hor?

  2. two little fellas: thx thx…

    zara’s mama: doc oredi ask me twice, so aiyo do lah…yup time flies

    sue: hehe yah kan cheong..

    michelle: no worries I’m ok 🙂

    egghead: do less work, i wish 😛

    jesslyn: can’t live without PC mah

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