Bottoms up: FAILED

I seriously wasn’t in the mood to blog tonight after the heated conversation with Daddy. He left the house, went out to god knows where and meet god knows who. A personal friend/brother came over and we had a short chit chat, lucky he came by to do some work on the net and we manage to catch up a bit while watching Faythe playing and babbling.After he left, I put Faythe to sleep and started blog hopping as usual. Then I came across Mariah’s blog about her stuck cheongsam…well, I’m not here to make a joke out of it, but it was really funny to see the daugthers’ reaction. Hence I also itchy fingers and itchy mind, took out my cheongsam. Suddenly remember that, whoaa…it’s already 2 years since I last wore that piece of clothing. Luckily it’s kept in a plastic bag together with the wedding gown.

It still feels like brand new and the laundry smell, cause I sent for dry cleaning before it started collecting dust LOL. Well, I am very sure that I can’t fit into it cause I’m 15 weeks pregnant now, but anyway, I decide to try it on…

So start with bottoms up…wah liao ehh…..oredi stuck not even with the top portion able to go thru the bottom!!! See lah, bottom is so huge!!! Disgraceful mann….luckily Faythe is asleep, or else she will think what I’m trying to do.

Then I try to put in on from top to bottom. Ah at least it went thru…..and again, come to the tummy part and butt, it’s stuck!!! The slit that is suppose to end somewhere at the thighs ended up at the buttock LOL..The top fit perfectly, yahhh..I never put on weight on top, only the bottom expanded 2 sizes!!!

Don’t even need to try zipping it, sure pecah hahaha…..So i took it out and keep it again. Now when shall I take it out again to try…1 year from today? That’s 6 months after I give birth to 2nd one. Hmm… that a target for me? Well, if only I put on 10kg instead of 20kg, if only I have smaller thighs…then I wouldn’t have so much problem shedding off the extra. Haiii….chinese saying, *if you would have known it, you wouldn’t have done it*

I could still recall clearly, how much weight I put on when I was pregnant with Faythe.

First Trimester: 5kg (eats and sleeps like pig, no vomitting at all)
Second Trimester: 1 month per kg, but 6th month I put on 5kg in a month (almost fainted when I saw the weighing scale)
Third Trimester: I think it’s 1 month per kg or less towards the end, but somehow I ended with 20kgs!!!

After birth, I shed 12kg straight away on the day itself!!! Thereafter it was 1kg per month, it stopped when Faythe was 4 months, when I stopped breastfeeding. And it all ended with 4kg extras!!! The big fat elephant legs, yah, gotta amputate that 😛

So now, as I enter into my Second Trimester in like 1-2 weeks time, I’m so cautious with whatever I put into my mouth, to make sure I don’t go overboard, also at the same time, I aim to shed the extra 4kg as well with this 2nd pregnancy after delivery.

So far I’ve been doing a good job. In fact, I lost 1kg last month, could be due to stress. But baby is growing healthily, no worries. With some calculations, if say I gain 1kg per month, I have 6 more months to go, which means I only gain 6kg more!!! Whoaaa…sounds very promising *slap, slap* STOP Dreaming!!! But I really hope it’s true that I only gain 10kg this time instead of 20kg, then my hopes of donning the cheongsam would be brighter!!!

Aii…..mommy battling with her post partum weight and appearance.

18 thoughts on “Bottoms up: FAILED”

  1. ha ha, i also have one cheongsam for my wedding last time. in fact, during that time, i asked the tailor to make it like ngam ngam so… cannot fit in at all now!! i guess i will have to alter it and make it like a blouse and the bottom part make it into a little cheongsam for my niece keh keh….

  2. Ya. I do agree with Jesslyn. Try to BF a little longer this time to loose weight. For me, I am swimming inside all my old clothings. I have to send to tailor to tighten it. Don’t know know y I am even thinner than before I got preggy. Boohoohoo..Until ppl say I’ve got no more butt.

  3. U preggy want to try on the cheongsum some more ar? Sure cannot fit lor. U made me laugh too – bottoms up tak boleh, top to bottom lagi tak boleh – kakakakaka.

    U think u can lose weight after ur 2nd one? I doubt lah cos I’m sure after the birth of the 2nd kid, every mommy will be too busy and too lazy liao (hee, hee, hee, dat’s a challenge for u).

  4. wah, pregnant and try your cheongsam ar? I also has my wedding cheongsam but not sure whether can fit now. I managed to fit into it for second time during my BIL’s wedding in Oct 2004 (when Jeriel’s was 7 months old) but was already quite tight…aiyaya

  5. haha, second pregnancy – at 6 months, i weigh the same as when i was 8 months pregnant with harvynna. Cant help feeling hungry all the time.

  6. take it easy, girl. i find pregnant women a beauty.. the big belly.. the little life inside..all this should override the additional weight. enjoy now.. worry about it later.

    pssst… i managed to lose much more weights after my 2nd pregnancy than the 1st- hope that’s a consolation:)

  7. you make me laugh, preggy try cheong sum! Lucky din stuck like Maria-haahaa..
    Wei, like wat I did, after give birth once a week try to fit your cheong sum, me tried to fit to my pre-pregnant jeans..and now I can fit on it..dalalalah..:D

  8. oh ya..i almost forgot you are pregnant la…so fast entering 2nd trimester also huh????? you should out one of those lilypie tickers on top of your page so that we too can track your pregnancy ler…hehehhehehe

  9. Very good very good, lost 1kg for the 1st trimester! Need to eat balance meal ya for the remaining months but talk is always easier than do. 🙂

    I lost 3kg during the 1st trimester and gained back 20kg during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, lost 12kg during the 2 mths maternity leaves but gain back few kgs after back to office! aighhhhh *struggle*

    You sitll better than me, I am fat from top to bottom! Aighhhhh!


  10. putting on cheong sum and having a good laugh is a good way to destress if you are a +ve person, and you are +ve to laugh it out. 😛

    I can’t even imagine myself in my gown. I shed all the kilos I gained during my pregnancy (have to ma, been breastfeeding). But after I got married before I got pregnant, I put on like 7Kg.. When I got married I was like a stick ler, so now I look more ‘normal’.

    Good to know baby is doing well even when you don’t gain much. So after this pregnancy, try the cheong sum again, sure can fit one, esp if you breast feed. 😛

  11. egghead: new year resolution I guess 😛

    jesslyn: good idea, shall hang it at the door, not in the cupboard 😛

    mylittlechampion: hehe yaya, or else it’s a waste

    sabrina: wow..swimming in old clothes!! Time to stock up some new chic ones lorr

    tracy: wah challenge me somemore, make me more determine only 😛

    chanel: wah still can fit in good lah…u look very slim lehh

    hmom: aiyoo…i’m keeping my fingers crossed

    twolittlefellas: hehe, thx for the tips!!

    rachel: ya huh…that one oso good motivation 🙂

    mom2ashley: okok, will add in when I’m free, this weekend Faythe’s birthday

    jefferene: hey, u don’t look fat to me…top to bottom means balance mah, not pear or apple shape

    zara’s mama: ya, after marriage i gain 3kg before i got pregnant. Hubby feeding us very well rite

  12. haha…u make me laugh la jazz. Ambitious is good but have to take care of bb in ur tummy ok?

    After delivery, call for a massage lady. And also breast feed at the same time, sure “leng leng” after 3 months.

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