Honey Chicken Wings

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It’s 2 days before Chinese New Year. I’m off today from office work, but got tonnes of to-dos to complete before Chinese New Year. While waiting for Faythe to wake up from her nap, let me blog this recipe, maybe you want to try it out during CNY :).Ingredients:
6 Chicken wings, half it to the drummet and the wing itself
pinch of salt (for flavouring the chicken)
a bit KFC frying powder (for frying)
1 egg (beaten)
3-4 table spoon of honey
Oil for frying


  1. Marinate the chicken with a bit of salt
  2. Dip into the beaten egg to coat it a little bit and make it sticky
  3. Dip into KFC frying powder
  4. Put the chicken into the hot oil and fry till golden brown
  5. Dish out the chicken
  6. Take out all the frying oil, leaving just a little bit
  7. Return all the chicken into the wok
  8. Add in the honey, while constantly tossing the chicken so that the honey will not get burned
  9. Dish out instantly once all the honey has coated the chicken
  10. Ready to serve…yum yum…the photo looks a bit dark, cause we used dark pure honey

You may substitute chicken wings with spare ribs, I think it’ll taste the same too :). Happy trying & Gong Xi Fa Chai

6 thoughts on “Honey Chicken Wings”

  1. Cool, I will try it.

    I tried your winter melon corn soup. It was nice but a little too sweet, I think I put too much of the melon and got the cheap melon, perhaps will try again with better winter melons.

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