3D2N @ Penang

It’s not really a long weekend, but we decide to take off on Monday so that we get a long weekend cause Monday, 10th April, signifies 2 things. Daddy’s birthday..ho ho ho..old oredi, and of course our wedding anniversary, 3rd year :).

So we decide to go Penang, for Cheng Beng as well as for food and spending time together. 3 adults (incl. MIL), 1 baby, left KL at 5am in the morning. Faythe was asleep half the journey to Penang, then she woke up and was pretty hungry by the time we arrived Penang @ 9am. First stop for food was Kueh Teow soup at ermm..god knows where. MIL is very familiar with Penang since she’s local there, so finding the place is not an issue. We also had Lobak (yum yum) for breakfast.

Then we went to MIL’s auntie’s house in Pulau Tikus to pay them a visit. Spent our morning there till lunch time. Faythe was having fun time there, roaming around the new place but was tired by 11am+, so Mommy put her to sleep and we had our lunch, Mee rebus from another place (hubby’s cousin tapau). We left to check-in to hotel about 12+, staying at Northam. Very nice hotel, it comes with a jacuzzi hehehe…so Faythe enjoyed her first bubble bath!!.

After check-in and shower, we waited for my brother to come over, we left @ 2pm went to Chowrasta to buy salted fish. MIL bought so many salted fish, whole boot filled with it. Then we went to Sua Tow Lane for tea. Had some ice kacang, char kueh teow as well as curry laksa. Don’t really fancy the Laksa though, it’s less *santan* in Penang. Then we went back to hotel to take a nap before we head for dinner @ Lorong Selamat. It was pork porridge. Yum yum…And we ordered the famous Fried Oyster (oh-chien). So much of oysters lah!!! And Daddy ordered some *chut tan* and ermm..got knows what shell is that. Not forgetting the yummy Umbra drink. Mommy had 3 cups, some gave to Faythe.

Next we went to MIL’s auntie’s house again..a lot of chit chatting going on. Faythe as usual, since this her 2nd time there, becomes her ownself and was very happy playing with the piano, writing by herself and playing with Mommy.

Next day morning, we went to Pulau Tikus for breakfast. They’ve got yummy Mee Goreng Mamak there. My brother introduced us to try the food. We also ordered some Curry Laksa (again!!) and Nasi Lemak Penang Style. Then we went to the different graves for Cheng Beng. It was an easy ritual since we are Christians. Just get some flowers and put it on the grave, that’s it. Very fast LOL. Myself and Faythe skipped 2 of the graves as they say pregnant *pantang*. So we stayed back in the car to wait for Daddy & MIL.

Then we went lunch @ Jalan Bahari (I think). Teochew food, pretty nice too..didn’t take photo, was too hungry hahaha…After that, Faythe took a trishaw ride with MIL and she was so tired, she fell asleep after the ride started just 5 mins!!. We went back to hotel, Daddy and MIL went to buy tea, so Mommy and Faythe in hotel. Faythe refused to sleep and she was hungry. Fed her with a pau and some milk while Mommy watch National Geographic. Then gave her a quick shower.

Earlier, Daddy bought her a stick from the market @ Pulau Tikus, so she was playing with it, like a Shaolin kid. Daddy and MIL came back around 4pm, and the next plan was swimming!! Daddy’s cousin came over too with 2 of her kids. They all went swimming. The swimming pool has a very nice beach view of Penang. Mommy busy snapping photos, Faythe busy getting up and down the pool. At first she was pretty afraid, and it was cold too. But after a while, she got warmed up. She even decide to go without float!!! SO daring. Of course we didn’t allow, since it’s an adult pool.

After swimming, we all went to SOHO for their sheperd pie. SOHO is nearby Cititel. Their lamb sheperd pie is yummy, the chicken taste a bit sour though. Daddy says is like that wohh…After dinner, MIL went to get some stuff with Daddy’s cousin, whilst we went to Gurney Plaza with Mommy’s brother and gf. Nothing much there, just another shopping mall. There were Aussino sales, Mommy managed to grab 2 fitted seats for the price of RM29.90 each haha…then we went to Tower Records to have a look at CDs, Faythe was so busy posing for Mommy’s brother to take photo. Aiyo so hiao lahh..Must get those pics from him later on.

Then we bought a mini blueberry cheese cake for Daddy, since it’s his birthday on Monday. We ate the cake on Sunday night, couldn’t wait hehehe…Faythe had her fair share of course. She also had the leftover chilled cake on the next day :).

Before we head back to KL, we went Pulau Tikus again for breakfast, but this time it’s a different shop. MIL and Daddy had *prawn paste* chu cheong fun. Yucks!! I can’t imagine eating that, tasted once and it’s real weird!! Then we bought some nasi lemak and ate over at MIL’s auntie’s house (last time paying her a visit) before we leave. We left Penang about 11am+. Faythe was so tired, she slept as soon as we start the car engine.

We stopped by at one of the Plus R&R and she woke up, she’s hungry. Gave her some Milo since we didn’t have any warm water to make milk. Then gave her some chocolates too..after that she fell asleep, right up to our doorstep.

Finally arrived in KL @ 3pm.

We went dinner with the family at night @ Paris Restaurant SS2. Ordered *Sau Mien* since it’s Daddy’s birthday. After dinner we went home, all so tired, luckily next day not working hehe…As for Faythe…Oopss..what happened to her? Bandage on the cheek and forehead :P.

Actually it’s nothing lahh…Daddy was playing with her, so stick some plaster on her forehead and cheek and tell her pain pain…she looked at the mirror and gave us a weird look, but didn’t dare to touch her face et all hahaha…..

As usual, Mommy and Daddy had a good laugh at it, esp. Mommy.

From the trip, we also found out that Faythe now understand more things that we say. When we were @ SOHO, she was so active and didn’t wanna sit down, Daddy beat her hand. She cried out so loud, after that just sat quitely and eat up the green peas.

At night when we ask her who beat, she pointed Daddy. when we ask her where pain, she pointed her hand. After that we ask her, cake nice or not, she knodded to show agree. But when we ask, Daddy sayang or not, she shook her head hahaha…still can remember Daddy beat her hand I guess 😛

14 thoughts on “3D2N @ Penang”

  1. Wah! So happening. Didn’t know u went up to Penang leh. How come didn’t go and kacau-kacau Michelle? Kekeke.

    I really like the pics of Faythe trying out the shaolin stunts with the stick and the ones with her ‘choot choot’. She looks so cute with the ‘choot choot’ covering her mouth.

    Aiyo, Faythe looked so pitiful with the plasters. Thought she hurt herself. Aiseh, dat Mr. Hon’s really nakal betul.

  2. Jess & Tracy: She busy busy eating, me also wondering why no call. Wanted to take the family to Tambun Seafood but no chance.

    Yeah I also hate the prawn paste G cheong fun.

  3. arrived Penang @ 9am?? What time did you leave huh?
    Wow.. really lots to eat huh Penang.. Oh-jian, I really love it la..
    Chee-cheong-fun with har-gou is also my favourite.. why you don’t like?? Sedap ler. 😛
    Your hubby huh, always like to kacau kacau Faythe one huh?

  4. Really fun loh. I wish I had a holiday like you guys.

    I got shocked when I saw the picture of Faythe with plasters.. only after I read, I was relieved. Phew!

  5. jesslyn: didn’t lerr, MIL say tak mau seafood :P..haha yaya..samurai kid

    mom2ashley: hehe sexy towel wrap

    lazymama: daddy always so cheeky one ler

    shoppingmum: yaya must go, shepherd pie delicious lehh

    tracy: didn’t manage to meet up michelle :(. Yah, I think Faythe will *kenakan* Daddy next time 😛

    hmom: yup..i think she enjoyed the most

    michelle: hehe..sorry ohh..yaya, taste darn funny rite

    zara’s mama: we left at 5am!!! hmm..i guess it’s the sweet taste n the black colour which makes me reject that food :p. Yup, he’s the culprit whenever Faythe cries

    geetha: hehehe…it’s foul play only 😛

  6. hi was reading your post… wow good trip to penang la. the last time we went to penang also we had lots of fun. but i couldn’t download the photos. so couldn’t do any posting. yeap, i am a great fan of the har gou chi cheong fun. i even know there is one stall in PJ that sells the same chi cheong fun… haha. oscar also like to eat his choot choot la… how to kick off this habit leh??

  7. mylittlechampion: hehe..yaya the stall is in paramount rite :P. My hubby goes there too!!

    hmm..maybe put some chilli or ginger over the teat haha..I’m thinking of that

  8. Oh wow, that was a one action packed activities you guys had. Looks like all of you had so much fun.

    Ouch! She must have afraid after touching the bandage, her face won’t look nice anymore….hahahaha she looks so blur and don’t know how to describe but cute…..

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