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Mommy is definitely not a good cook as Daddy has often show his funny look when tasting Mommy’s homecook food. Well, what to do, my Mom died so early, all her secret recipe didn’t pass to me. I only manage to learn soups from her. The rest I do trial and error from all sort of sources. Most of the time, it fails..dunno why also lah, maybe never put the heart to cook haha…Last month, I decided to *request* for an oven, after looking at all the yummy recipes Twinsmom made with her oven. So I told Daddy, I want an oven for my belated birthday gift. Of course I slotted in some good words to make him buy for me :P. So he actually went to get it. Very good bargain indeed, RM90 for a Pensonic oven. Since I’m a beginner, better not get something too fancy. I’m really happy with the gift. *Muaks* *Muaks*Ever since then, I started using the oven day in and out. I would say, at least 2 times a week. And I find it so so convenient, of course minus the oily floor too!!I’ve tried many recipes, some are self creation, some are modified from recipe book, and some from blogger Mommies too. 

So here’s what Mommy been baking for dinner @ home. As for Daddy, he still show his OK face!! Everytime I ask him, he would just answer…OK lah…that’s all his comment on the food *kik sum*. But I can see that at least he’s more willing to eat my food haha….


Eggplant bake with Dory Fish…top up with cheese

Recipe: ownself > posted on cookblog

Tomato bake with Dory Fish…top up with cheese too..

Recipe: ownself, actually it’s the same as the 1st one, just change the toppings.

Portobello mushroom with onions and cheese topping

Recipe: 5xMom

Salmon with lemony cheesy sauce

Recipe: improvised from internet

Hong Xiu pork ribs

Recipe: Rachel, she braised the pork ribs, I bake instead 🙂

Garlic pork ribs

Recipe: ownself
Recipe: twinsmom


sausages and carrot with cheese

recipe: ownself

why it failed: the cheese got stuck to the aluminium foil!!!

There are a few more hall of fame, didn’t took pics though :p

Tomorrow’s dinner: Bake threadfin (I think it’s mai yau) with banana leave and lemon slices. Lets hope I can get banana leave, or else will be back to aluminium foil.Next in line, shepherd pie. I’m going to get a proper oven-proof casserole dish first (from IKEA), then I’ll try it out hehehe…

16 thoughts on “Baking”

  1. I noticed most of the recipes have got cheese, cheese and cheese. U really love cheese dat much, rite? Wow, u really went all the way to try out the recipies hor? *clap clap clap*. I only tried twinsmom’s creamy cheese fish puffs.

    Took my trusty oven out and put it in a nice place in the kitchen oredi. So, I guess I’ll be trying some of the recipies soon.

  2. wa, want to taste la me. i also now in the midst of conning, no no, coaxing my hubby to buy me one oven. eh, pensonic over good also ah. my house is real small so cannot get big gadgets

  3. tracy: yaya…i love cheese!! That time bought 2 block of cheese mah, so everyday cook cheese heheh..happy trying, I’ll post my self-made recipe up soon I hope

    lazymama: pregnant woman *wai sik* mah what to do.

    mylittlechampion: hehe yup, pensonic is good. and fits nicely on a little corner 😉

    chanelwong: yah, must agree with u, delicious

    jess: hehe..yah I’m a cheese lover :P..then u do smaller portion lor

  4. I was about to comment what Tracy said.. you like cheese a lot huh??

    Cheese cheese here cheese cheese there.. 😛

    But looks good ler your food.. You bought those small ovens and can still roast ribs ah?

  5. Emm…how to say good words to hubby in order to get this oven??

    You can start to bake cake lo…as easy as baking fish. Buy the custom mix cake powder, easy job and yummy too.

  6. zara’s mama: haha yah..I love cheese :p. Yup, the oven can roast, but gotta chop in pieces lor..and can’t do big volume

    huisia: i told him i want an oven so that i can make healthier food for him. And since he owe me my birthday present, he need to get it kekeke…Wah wah..not so adventurous yet, shall try one of these days 🙂

    michelle: hehe..cheese is good for bones mah. I used mozarella and cheddar, it comes in a block, then I grate it

    mom2ashley: maybe it’s the preggy hormone that makes me like to cook!!

  7. Wah, you really got time to try all those recipes.. and you’re pragnant some more. I sure very tired out after work already! Good for you.

    I am sure hubby loves all those new recipes.. silent admirer.. not just OK 😉

  8. geetha: luckily got maid, so she does most of the prep work :).

    I’m quite sure he’s not a silent admirer cause he told me he doesn’t like my cooking style, but no choice haha

  9. Was searching for “good oven” and found ur blog at There I see your Pensonic oven. Apparently, even google thinks it’s good…haha

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