Hello Kitty House

It’s Friday night!!! No meetings, Daddy’s got late flight and maid cooking in the kitchen. So Mommy was entertaining Faythe, playing with her toys. As I sat on the chair, I took the Hello Kitty Pillow and ask Faythe, where’s the zipper. She pointed at the pillow’s zip. 

Suddenly Mommy had this crazy idea. I opened up the zipper, and the pillow became a big blanket. This is actually a travelling pillow+blanket, when it’s zipped up, it serves as pillow, when it’s not, it serves as a blanket.

So after that, I started flipping the blanket in the air and Faythe got so excited…but because the blanket was quite big for her, she couldn’t do it herself.

Guess what lazy pregnant Mommy did. I built her a temporary house (only roof lah, no doors/windows) with 2 rattan chairs and 4 clothes peg!!!

And Faythe enjoyed playing *IN* her house for the next 15-30 mins. She was practically amazed with the roof..hahahaha…and walking in and out of her house :P. Even pose for photo for Mommy.

 The 5 minutes Hellow Kitty Blanket house. I used to play like this at home when I was young, but only with towel, no blanket


 Faythe entering to the house…She’s too tall for the house actually, head already touching the roof hahaha..


Taking her wooden bus and play in her new house…So syioklah, wish I could join her too 😛

Posing for Mommy with her *O* shape mouth, reading her book outside her house.

Later I asked Faythe, where’s your house? She pointed at the Hello Kitty house hahaha…Little Things that amazes kids

13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty House”

  1. Hey, I have that travel pillow-blanket too! Whenever I zipped it & keep, notti Wien like to unzipped it!
    Have u manage to get a big carton to make hse for Faythe?

  2. so cute. i do that too…i open up her comforter and cover half her cot when she is in it…it’s a good way of distracting her and to let her enjoy the temporary house……they will get tired of it very fast…that’s why..the more creative you are..the more baby has to gain eh?

  3. Did this once for Justin when I hanged my curtains between sofas on a rainy day, but he only plays hide-and-seek with the “house”. After that, no more “house”. Hey, agree with Michelle, can get a playhouse for her.

  4. haha, this pregnant mummy quite creative woh! Ask daddy to make a playhouse for Faythe using empty boxes! 😛

    I am planning to make one for Yee Ching too!

  5. the last pictures with the O-shaped mouth looks really cute! must be saying “Ooooo… that’s what our house looks like from the outside!” 😛

  6. jesslyn: hehehe..very good hoh that pillow :P. Hmm..no ler, never go source for box oso

    michelle: later when got time

    mom2ashley: hehe ya…good ideas is very good for short distraction 🙂

    shoppingmum: hehe..u hide he seek isit :P.

    lazymama: must go get some boxes first, then can do a playhouse

  7. Hey, I also have played like that.. Nice isn’t it. We even used the doeble decker bed as our house, and went visiting,, upstairs and downstairs.. me and my bro 🙂

    She’ll learn to be imaginative. We didn’t really have so many toys, but made do with what is at home 😉

  8. Aiya, u ‘dai tou por’ couldn’t join Faythe with her ‘house’, if not lagi syiok, could play together. Kekeke.

    Destinee used to build the roof with the pillow-blanket too and I was always ‘invited’ into her ‘house’ (heehee).

    Now she likes to hold the two edges and ask me to hold the other 2 edges and we’ll flip it as high and let it drop like a parachute. Another way to play with it is she likes to wrap her pingu up and carry it like a baby.

  9. Fun mah.. They like to play under need such thing b’cos gives them a feeling of ‘camping’.. 😛

    My nieces still play this game even when they are 7, 12 yrs old. 😛

  10. yaya i have these travel pillow too. bought it in thailand. can you believe it, i actually played this mock-up doll house with my younger brother when we were kids. aiyo, those were the days we would play mama and papa. i will always take mom’s cooking utensil to play in our little tent! ha ha

  11. egghead: hehe yah..probably she wanted to comment on her new house :p

    contended mum: yup, totally agree with u

    geetha: hehe yah…good old fun at home with the basics that we have 😉

    zara’s mama: then i bet zara will join in the camping also with king’s kids

    mylittlechampion: wah play mama papa somemore hehe..really miss those days rite

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