Faythe 19 months

Faythe Scrapbooking

Faythe going to turn 19 months in 3 days time. I’m blogging this earlier as I might forget or busy on that day. Haven’t been blogging bout her progress much.

Vital Stats:

Weight: 9.8kg

Height: same as last month, 85cm *I think*

Teeth: 8 top, 6 bottom

Shoe size: 4 (we just changed all her shoes cause she no longer can fit into her old ones)


Few weeks back, I blogged bout her speaking some words during my confinement. Now she speaks more. She has started speaking 2 syllabus words of late and catches words real fast. All you need to do is speak once, next minute she will follow you. Here are some words that she speaks:

mati – oopsss..she learned from Mommy, when Mommy was talking to maid on the tv series

can tik – pretty…she repeated this when we went to one shop the other day looking at baby’s clothes

ba ju – clothes

blan kit – blanket

chut chut – pacifier

bis kit – biscuit

ah dee – daddy

mah mi – mommy (only calls me when I hold her on ransom and don’t give her biscuits :P)

ah ma – grandma

shim ming – swim



cha – tea

pin pin – pain

got – her favourite word, whenever we ask if she got anything she will nod the head and say got

soup soup

mos to – mosquito

and alot more which I can’t remember…


Wearing shoes

She will place the sandals nicely, then stand holding the chair or table and put her feet in, then squat down and stick the velcro strap. But sometimes can wear terbalik and still walk hahaha….


She will sit in potty and do big biz when we ask her to. And the funny thing is she will ask for a book to read while doing a biz!!! If she accidentally poo-ed in the diapers, she will hold the diaper and show her gesture.


She’s learning how to jump. If we put her by poolside and put our hands out, ask her to jump she will just jump. If not she will stand there and wait.


She can feed herself pretty well, with little mess using both fork & spoon.


She can drink direct from a cup and hold it herself with pretty good control (no spillage). Mommy will be beside her telling her slow slow…


Now when she’s sleepy, she will come grab your hand, and point to bring you upstairs to the bedroom..but she still needs Mommy to tuck her to bed though


When we have dinner, she wil know how to request for soup, for water, for rice and dishes. She’s like an adult. She will scoop her rice and eat. Then half way she will drink her water. After that continue eating, then drink some soup. If there are dishes that she hasn’t try, she wil insist we let her try it unless we tell her it’s spicy.

Cutting hair

We went to the saloon to trim her frinch 3 weeks ago. She behaved so well. She just sat on the chair, let the hairstylist put on the robe. Didn’t move an inch and let the hairstylist snip her hair. We finished the whole job within 5mins!!!


She discovered something new called drain. She won’t dare to cross the small drain, she will just stand at the side. But she will grab my hand then she will walk across the drain and very happily smile at me.



sometimes she tries to do things which is within her limit, if she’s not able to do it she will whine and scream *sign of frustration*

Doesn’t Listen

when she wants something, if we don’t give it to her and try to explain to her, she will not listen and start to whine as well


sometimes she likes to pretend she didn’t listen to what you tell her to. she will just walkabout pretending didn’t hear what you say. There’s an incident, I asked her to keep her shoes, and she just stood there looking at me and didn’t bother. Next thing I did, I took one of the shoe and flling it out of the house (still in the garage). She was shocked to see that and almost wanted to cry. I told her you better keep your shoes or Mommy throw away. She quickly went to take the other shoe to keep in the shoe cabinet.


Mo – Finding Nemo cartoon. We’ve been watching this everyday, Mommy gonna go cuckoo soon!!!

Snacks – she loves snacking in between. When she watch cartoon, she will go to the kitchen to look for snacks. We will give her biscuits, yoghurt drink, ice cream, fruits…whatever we can find in the kitchen!!!

Swim – she loves to swim or rather play water. When we tell her lets go swim, she will quickly grab her swimsuit, ask maid to take off baju and get ready

Imitate – she loves to imitate things we do and sounds. When she hears di di burps, she will make burp sound. Last week, I asked her, how Daddy do big biz. She actually do a half squat and said ng ng…so funny, we were laughing our hearts out.

Camera – she loves to look at the photos Mommy snap. After posing and snapping photos, she will run next to me and take a look at the pic. As though to check if the shot was good or not *slap forehead*

Sisterly – when she wakes up in the morning, she will climb onto our bed, lying next to di di (if di di is awake) and start talking to him in baby language while nodding her head. She also loves kissing the lil brother.

With Daddy

Carry big leg (in cantonese) – When she sees Daddy going off to work, she will go take socks for Daddy. Then she will take his shoes as well. When Daddy comes home from work, she will keep Daddy’s shoes in the cabinet!!!

Poky Poky – Daddy likes to gosok gosok his chin on Faythe and Faythe gets very ticklish. Now they’ve established a system. When Daddy says poky poky, she will take out her hands and let Daddy tickle her hands as she laughs.
With Mommy

Manja queen – she loves to pamper with Mommy. She will insist me to bath for her and push kakak away. Sometimes she wants me to carry, then she will lie on my shoulder and hug me.

Nen Nen 1 – she sees Mommy give nen nen to di di. She will stand beside me and point nen nen. Sometimes I will joke with her. I will let her sit on my lap, ask her you want nen nen. There was once she nod so I thought the wants. She lifted my baju, so I offer her the McB. She put her mouth and bit me!! ouch!!!..I quickly withdraw and told her no biting. She laugh cheekily *teruk*

Nen Nen 2 – whenever di di cries, she will come to me and say nen nen while pointing to the McB. She’s telling me di di needs milk, give him now…

Grab me – she loves grabbing my hand and bringing me all over the house. To the kitchen, to open the fridge, to upstairs, to our garage…sometimes when di di cry, she will go pat him, if he still cries after patting, she will come to me and drag me to attend to him. Aiyo..wanna be lazy for a while also can’t

So that’s our 19 months old dearest daughter. Full of surprises everyday. I’m gonna miss all this when I get back to work next week!!

12 thoughts on “Faythe 19 months”

  1. awww, muaaks muaaks for faythe…. she is so lovely… no-la… 2.5 mths must apply and HR said in big co., they might compensate with $$… so teruk. only governmt staff got 2.5 for sure!!! not fair!!!

  2. Heehee, Faythe calls her pacifier ‘chut chut’ too? Destinee used to call it ‘chut chut’ too.

    Envy envy ur Faythe who can feed herself. Des still wants to be fed by kakak or mommy else she will not be able to finish her bowl of rice or porridge ….. sigh …..

    Wah, how time flies hor? So fast going back to work next week. I’m sure u’ll miss the time with Faythe and Vkytore.

  3. My sons also will want to manja with me or hubby. Kakak cannot do anything for them!

    She is very matured.. Lucky that she can handle herself very well. Easier for you 😉

  4. Wow Jazz,

    You dot is great! Mine can barely say more than 20 words..and even so it’s not even clear. Wah ..holding her on ransom to be called `mummy’…sneaky but very clever! As for mine, he refuses to say `mummy’ and would say mama. He can say `e’ but still he prefers to take the short cut way to just say mama. Initially I thought I managed to get him to say `mummy’ and sounded like `money’…and ever since then he was obsessed over the real `money’ and says it non stop!

  5. angeline: wah only for gov!!! not fair lerr

    zara’s mama: yup, I notice that too, but taking off shoes she also cant at the moment, still needs our help 🙂

    chanel: hmm does boy speak slower than girl usually?

    mom2ashley: keke..yaya this mommy very teruk one :p

    immomsdaughter: hey mine sometimes does that too..she will pick the grain 1 by 1

    sue: hehe ya..weird habit hoh

    tracy: yalorr..now I wish i got 2 more months off 😛

    geetha: yup..sometimes parents are just better than kakak 😉

    huisia: haha acting only lah she, cause always see hubby doing that she also follow

    contended mum: yalerr..daddy kena angkat until so syiok liao :p

    flowsnow: hihi, thx for dropping by :). hey no worries, verry soon he will pick up words very fast ;). calling mama also nice mah, I tried asking her do that cause thought it’s easier, but she doesn’t know..weird…hahha..now he ask u for more money eh 😛

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