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Faythe Scrapbooking

Faythe has a very weird sleep position. Yes…it’s like the above!!! She looks as though she’s praying like Muslims. She can sleep hours like this very comfortably. The funny thing is when I try to put her to sleep nicely, after few minutes, she will curl up into this position again.

Other than weird sleeping position, she also likes to give kungfu kicks while sleeping. This is why she’s banned from our bed. Sometimes middle of the night, she will wake up, hands crawling all over you, looking for her pacifier with her eyes CLOSED. If she managed to look for it, she will put it back to her mouth, continue sleeping in this position. If not, she will start to nyek and wake us up :(.

Because she sleeps like this, when she wakes up in the morning, her hair usually looks like a peacock :P…

16 thoughts on “Sleep Position”

  1. Hahaha, seems dat Faythe is not the only one having the ‘weird’ position of sleeping. Destinee sleeps like dat too! Put her back in the lying position, she would (don’t know when) go back to her ‘comfortable’ position. Funny hor? Maybe they feel it’s more comfy and secured sleeping in dat position kua. I always like the hairstyle when they get up from their sleep! Hahahahaha!

  2. Mine almost the same. Prior, slept on his tummy and then on his side and now everywhere and all positions. Mine also likes to kick and what more sleep right next on my body like there is no space in the bed – it’s a King size bed and it’s just him and me on the bed…still he must lie next to my body and even after moving, he still moves and lie next to my body. So at times I have to shift places from the bed to his tiny mattress and up again to the bed! Nowadays I ban him from the bed and chuck him to the floor with his own mattress next to mine. Seems pleased and so am I !

  3. comfortable one meh?? Looks so uncomfortable to me. But I guess it must be for her.. or else she won’t be choosing this position over and over again.

  4. Actually that position is comfortable, I think it’s called the foetus position ler. I like to do that when relaxing during my pregnancy. Haha…it’s one of those yoga pose. I bet kids find it safe and secure sleeping in that position.

  5. Jo also sleeps like this even now is 2+ years old. Actually it is not good for the bone development, so everytime i have to pull its straight.

  6. Yah my kids also do kungu kicks during their sleep. In fact my son turns like the clock’s hands! That’s why they are not allowed to sleep with us but if he insists, then we will move him back to his bed after he falls asleep..

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