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I cooked porridge for Faythe on one of those weekend. Just a slice of pork with porridge. It was cooked for more than 8 hours in the crock-pot. But doesn’t taste good still after 8 hours.

Went to dig for marmite, thought wanna put in some for flavouring, but I couldn’t find it. So this is what I did. Faythe finished the whole bowl of porridge hahaha…

One piece of cheese..tear into tiny pieces
Handful of raisins…sprinkle as you eat

Sprinkle the tiny pieces of cheese onto the porridge, and then stir. You will find that the cheese melts and gives the porridge a creamy look, but not chewy like pizza :P.

Once I announce CHEESE!!! Faythe instantly looked at me and came to me to take her first bite. She loves it LOL. Then I top it up with some raisins to give her some texture to bite. Yum yumm…I tasted it, err not salty, just creamy, but kids love it I guess..at least mine does hahaha…

So east meets west recipe = happy Faythe :). Try it out, who knows your kid might love it too….

13 thoughts on “East meets West recipe”

  1. Zara also wants everything with cheese.. but now.. she likes Ikan bilis.. so if it’s porridge.. she’ll ask for little fish with porridge..

    But must try to mix rice poridge wtih cheese for her.. see if she likes.

  2. This is creative…
    Should taste not too bad also leh, they have steamed cheese rice also mar, right? hehehe
    The porridge looks good… haha… Must try liao…. 😀

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