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When it comes to cooking creativity, I don’t think anyone can beat me hahaha…Nope, I’m not saying that I’m very good with cooking, I’m definitely a so-so cook.

I was very tempted to try cooking Darrius Mom’s Stuffed Squid. So one weekend, I went to the market and bought 3 long squids. Maid cleaned it very nicely and stored in the freezer. I took it out the next day to defrost (didn’t check the inside). And of course I did all the preparation as instructed by Darrius Mom. When the time comes to stuff the squid…OMG..I almost fainted when I saw the squid.

My maid slit open all the 3 squids when she cleaned it!! So it’s now all wide open and I can’t stuff anything. Boy…and Daddy is on his way back from flight.
So I came up with a brilliant idea. Sorry lah, house no toothpicks, I couldn’t sew it together with toothpicks. I sew the squids with thread LOL.

Then I quickly stuff the ingredients into the sewn-squid and sew the top to prevent it from spilling.

This is how it looks after steaming…it taste very delicious. I gotta cut the thread and pull it out before I eat it.

My only regret..why didn’t I buy more squids??

16 thoughts on “I sew my food…”

  1. hahahaa..b4 I read your post, I saw the squids, I was wondering why got black color thread…but after I read I really laugh out hahahaa..funny and creative and look yummy..

  2. Wuah seh! “Kam dou tak ar?” (like dat oso can ar?). Did the colour of the thread fade or not? And found any ADDITIONAL colours on the squids?

    Aiyo, the stuffed squids look as they are going ‘pau zha’ (burst). U stuffed in too much fillings?

  3. Wah, use black thread somemore. not scare the colour run? It’s so long since i made that sutff squid mainly cos i’m too lazy to clean the squid. lol. I’ll cook that someday.

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