Christmas 2006


OK, there are lots of backdated post..lets start with Christmas.

We were not in KL for Christmas, so we celebrated Christmas 2 days earlier on the 23rd Dec. That was the only day Daddy is not working.

We went to the Curve in the afternoon to meet up Daddy’s friend from Guangzhou. We only took Faythe with us since Vyktore boy was still recovering from his UTI (I’ll blog bout it later). I really like the deco @ the Curve, very nice. My favourite colour of course took the opportunity to snap pics :).

After lunch, I was supposed to meet up with Egghead to get some work done, but since it was still early, we loomed around the flea market at the Curve. Then we saw this tattoo stall and Daddy wanted to get Faythe one. So we let her chose the picture she wants and the artist did the work.

She was very good, didn’t move an inch…and when the work was done, she kept staring at it LOL…We asked her if she wants one more, she refused hahaha…

Later in the evening, we went to MIL’s house for christmas dinner. Since there are only so few in the family (SIL & family went to Singapore), we invited some friends as well and we had carolers like last year. MIL ordered alot of food, there were 2 roast turkey, roast lamb, roast beef, cold cut(from us), fried beehoon, nasi lemak, desserts, cakes…(sorry no pics, too busy eating hahaha).

And just for the occasion, MIL bought Santa Claus baju for the grandchildren. She got it from UK during her trip there in Oct. And they fit just nice on the 2 lil fellas…hahah…both of them looks so cute esp Vyktore (who looks lost, dunno what’s happening)

Vyktore in his Santa suit…his looks tells us that he’s confused why is there so many people and he’s dressed in this suit hahaha…

Faythe in Santa suit…happily eating sausages that came with the roast turkey. She had so much of food that night!!!

Later, the carolers came at about 8pm+. After the carolers left, Faythe happily opened her Christmas present. We call it off early on that day since Daddy had to work the next day and we also have to pack for our trip.

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  1. Hello – those Santa costumes are so cute….and yeah – I feel the same way, too much to do with too little time. No time to read blogs as well. Read your line about Vyktore with UTI??? OMG!! Hope he has recovered by now.

    Re: Organic Rice Cereal : I buy from this organic shop in SS2 (same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar) called BMS Organics. They also have branches in Subang. The brand is called Earth’s Best (recommended by Chanel and most of my friends are using it). If it is too bland, then try to add carrot or pumpkin to sweeten it.

  2. echoing others – the kids look so fab and so santa!!

    Btw, I read your back dated post and somehow able to relate to your panic when Vyktore has high fever. I guess most parents has such experience, so don’t blame yourself.
    i noted that you have some research on sponging already and probably know about this. However, I would like to share that always use tepid water in sponging. Tepid water causes the blood vessles in the skin to dilate, therefore aiding heat loss; cold water causes the blood vessels to contract and reatin heat.

  3. Really can’t wait for your posting on all the juicy news of your Christmas and the 2 little fellas. U must be busy lately. seldom see you online. How are you?

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