The Mega Birthday Party!!!


We went to a mega birthday party & mega blogger gathering today. It’s Ashley, Kylie, Cruz & Fearles’ birthday party bash at Burger King. The crowd was awesome. In fact when I first arrived there (we were late), I was like OMGoshh……who is who. So many parents & kids haha..

Immediately go look for the 3 hostess and give present first like Santa Claus. And not forgetting passing stuff to other parents. Everytime blogger meet is like gift exchange LOL.

There was a clown entertaining the kids, but Faythe didn’t quite liked him. So most of the time she stayed in the playroom, chilling herself with Vyktore.

I managed to take alot of photos and meet up with most of the parents which I knew. Too bad we gotta leave early for family dinner, so we skipped the cake cutting ceremony.

A Happy Birthday to the 4 kiddos…..and some selected photos here. I’ll be uploading the rest of the pics in a day or 2 time and send out the link ;).

My fav pic: Sue with Ivan and her future DIL kekeke…but that pic looks as though Faythe is very blur, dunno what’s happening and try to negotiate something with the MIL.

My fav pic: LSS, for the first time he’s not shy with me and requested to have a look at the pic I took.

My fav pic: Of course the one with all the blogger Mommy…except who is missing…hmm…Ally, Tracy, Esther, Shannon (half only LOL), Mei Ling…and of course the photographer, that’s ME :P.

P/S: Sorry Mommies, you all gotta squeeze in that pic, cause my camera lense can’t do much zooming…not for this kinda pic, but more for close up shots.

28 thoughts on “The Mega Birthday Party!!!”

  1. Wah, so ‘yuet lau’, how i wish i was there too. Next time, count me in any bloggers’ parties too lar k? I tak malu wan, I love attending parties, ha ha…

  2. jaz…all your photos u always miss out one…ask someone to capture next time mah….so at least u could see yurself in future…

  3. wei, so nice la the photos… haha ya lor too bad you have to leave early no time to yak pulak. next time ok… eh yr faythe must give chance my oscar also la.. oscar also very ‘lum’ faythe wan you know…

  4. Wow very happening, and the kids look vy fun

    (psst psst ..wei you dotter so fast been book edi ka, aiya…my son no chance edi lor :p)

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