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Bath Time Nightmare…

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(credits & details here) Vyktore used to love bathtime. He’d happily walk to the bathroom, can’t wait to take his clothes off and sit in the tub, wait for the water to be filled. He loves to splish n splash … Continue reading

2007 Magic Moments

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Oopss…laundryamah reminded me on the concert post :P. Yes!!! Anyone interested to go for Leo Ku? Peggy and myself is planning to go and gonna get the tickets. I think Leo Ku should be quite OK too, though not as … Continue reading

> Super Bowl <

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this is a sponsored post. It’s time of the year again. NFL season is starting!! Have you got your season pass? Or even if you are not a great fan, why not just watch one game? Go get the Super … Continue reading

The Predator

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Another post on the family pet. Last year, Daddy trade in the one of the cheapo Arowana (we have 2) with this expensive RTG (Red Tail Gold) Arowana. It cost about RM1.2k. Whoaa…and the size is only like handphone length. … Continue reading

Belly Hon…

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(credits & details here) This is not about my 6 months pregnant hubby. Yeah, he has a big belly, thanks to the beer in his younger days. Most of you that have met him might have notice his belly hehe…But … Continue reading bloggers meet

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We had yet another bloggers meet. This time it’s for Sweetpea & Aidan that just landed in KL few days back. We were there a bit 12:30pm. Most of the bloggers were already there feasting. I ordered Carbonara Spaghetti, … Continue reading

> Golf Cart KO-ed <

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this is a sponsored post. Due to the many times of lugging the Golf Cart from North to South, it has finally gave way last week. I think it’s about time to change a new one. It’s been with us … Continue reading

Bora Asmara Night

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(credits & details here) OK…look at the title twice and I can tell you, this post is not about me *ber-asrama* with my Mr. Hon OK :). It’s a restaurant name that we went. Actually we’ve been here once, but … Continue reading

Google PR Punishes Paid Post Bloggers

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Lately there’s been alot of cerita about Google PR. I’ve seen some went down from 5 to 3. At first I didn’t really bother, cause mine still didn’t move, until last 2 days, I found out that mine dropped from … Continue reading

> Loosing My Pens <

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this is a sponsored post. I used to tag my pens in office with my name. Reason is if I don’t, there are alot of people that likes to take pen from my desk, and not returning it after use. … Continue reading