Bath Time Nightmare…
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Vyktore used to love bathtime. He’d happily walk to the bathroom, can’t wait to take his clothes off and sit in the tub, wait for the water to be filled. He loves to splish n splash the water, and play with the bath toys.

But of late, I’m not sure why, he’s resisting to take bath *roll eyes*. When we tell him, go bom bom(bath), he’d shake his head and scream if we continue to bring him to bathroom. This reminds me of Faythe when she was that age, she also acted like that. My tricks is, pretend to chase him from behind, get him all excited…then he’s OK with it.

I hope this is just a passing phase.

2007 Magic Moments

Oopss…laundryamah reminded me on the concert post :P. Yes!!! Anyone interested to go for Leo Ku? Peggy and myself is planning to go and gonna get the tickets. I think Leo Ku should be quite OK too, though not as fantastic as my favourite singer Jackie Cheung. I do like some of his notes and the other day when we went to Jackie’s concert, we were saying if Leo Ku come must go watch.

So now it’s the chance!! Concert will be held on 23rd Nov 2007, in Stadium Merdeka. The only downside is Stadium Merdeka arghh…apparently all the seats except the cheapest ones, are on the ground, flat. So it’s either we go cheapest, or go for the more expensive one. No point getting those smack right in the middle, can’t see lerr.

Anyway, those interested do let us know. We want to sit together mah…not that I can get discount though. Maxis users, if you are One Club member, got 20% discount!!

> Super Bowl <

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It’s time of the year again. NFL season is starting!! Have you got your season pass? Or even if you are not a great fan, why not just watch one game? Go get the Super Bowl tickets. Bring your family and love ones to watch an exciting match. It’s the final game against the top 2 NFL teams, that’s for sure a game you and your family don’t want to miss. If I were in USA, I’m sure to go get the tickets. I’ve always loved NFL!!

The Predator

Another post on the family pet. Last year, Daddy trade in the one of the cheapo Arowana (we have 2) with this expensive RTG (Red Tail Gold) Arowana. It cost about RM1.2k. Whoaa…and the size is only like handphone length.

It has grown to quite a substantial length now one year later, matching the size of the other arowana (both swimming side by side, separated by the glass). This fella has a very beautiful blend of colour. Sometimes it looks pinkish (when we on the red neon lights). Sometimes, it gives that shimmery gold colour, with the perfect scales. Unlike the other cheapo Arowana, the colour a bit sucks LOL. What you pay what you get right :).

And 1 day, this fella got very aggresive. I suspect the maid forgot to feed it. It actually went and attacked the sucker fish!! It bit the fish by the tail and wouldn’t let go (see the smaller pic, the sucker fish hanging there). So fierce. But sucker fish being so hardy, didn’t give up too. The skin too thick for the arowana to penetrate. And his size a wee bit too big for the Arowana to swallow him alive.

The arowana infact let it go few times and bite it again, in the quest of swallowing it. We finally moved it to another tank and quickly fed the arowana with 2 frogs.

Belly Hon…
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This is not about my 6 months pregnant hubby. Yeah, he has a big belly, thanks to the beer in his younger days. Most of you that have met him might have notice his belly hehe…But I seriously don’t mind the belly, nice to hug mah :) (like a bear LOL)

This post is about my lil’ Hon junior, who also has a big belly. Sometimes when the weather is pretty hot, he sweats alot. Even wearing a singlet, he sweats. I usually put on those singlet with holes for him. More airy. But when all fails, we would put him top-less.

And he loves toddling around, tucking his hands in the diapers and walk around like a big boss. Sometimes he will pinch his own tummy too LOL. bloggers meet

We had yet another bloggers meet. This time it’s for Sweetpea & Aidan that just landed in KL few days back. We were there a bit 12:30pm. Most of the bloggers were already there feasting.

I ordered Carbonara Spaghetti, shared within myself, Faythe & Vyktore. Good thing Faythe was pretty OK today and ate quite a bit, though this morning she wasn’t too happy when I went to pick her up from MIL’s place. Vyktore had milk instead and only ate a bit of the spaghetti. Then he was sleepy..and he pooped..arghh…so we went to change him.

Overall it was great to have meet up. I think the last meet up was when Yvonne left, but that round didn’t have much chance to chat. And today’s group wasn’t that big, so it’s pretty nice and we get to chit chat.

Just for the record those whom were present:

  1. Annie Q & her twins
  2. Laundryamah & her kids
  3. Elly & Mika – she looks so stunning in her new hairstyle…very chic & sharp, but she avoided my camera altogether
  4. Sweetpea & Aidan
  5. Shireen & her two girls
  6. Mom of 2 Angels & her 2 girls
  7. Barbara & sleeping Ashley
  8. Myself of course, with my 2 kids
  9. Who Is baby’s SIL – sorry I forgot the name :(

And while I was busy eating, someone carrying a child came to me. Introduced herself as Pinky. Another blogger which I blog hop too…Wahh..what a small world huh.

> Golf Cart KO-ed <

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Due to the many times of lugging the Golf Cart from North to South, it has finally gave way last week. I think it’s about time to change a new one. It’s been with us for more than 10 years. But due to sentimental values, someone has decided to fix it instead of disposing it and getting a new one. So now we have to practically hunt for golf cart parts to replace the broken part. And see if after replace it works and how long that’s gonna last. If not, I think it’s time to say goodbye and get a new one!!

Bora Asmara Night
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OK…look at the title twice and I can tell you, this post is not about me *ber-asrama* with my Mr. Hon OK :). It’s a restaurant name that we went. Actually we’ve been here once, but didn’t bring camera. So today when Daddy decided to bring some friends there, I made sure I lugged my camera along.

Only Vyktore, no Faythe cause she decided that she prefer to stay at MIL’s house…This restaurant..I tell you, if you don’t go inside Penchala, you will never know!! It’s a hidden treasure. Most of the patrons were Malay, except us and some Ang Mo. It’s a very nicely setup restaurant. The moment you step into it, it’s like you are in Indonesia!! Yea…my maid told us it’s like Rumah Bali *Bali House*.

We ordered the food (Daddy & another friend), whilst myself and another photo kaki busy snapping photos. I love the setup there cause it’s like a place of it’s own. You can choose to dine in air cond, or open air. Sit one teak table…or in the hut. Very cool.

Their signature dish, is the fish. One is called Dancing Fish, the other one starts with B…sorry I can’t remember, was too busy snapping pics and eating. For desserts, we had fried banana with ice cream. Yummy.

And it was around 9pm+, they started the live band. It’s a percussion band. Pretty interesting and the songs they sang were pretty good. Got thai, got english..a bit like salsa stuff. And the musicians were pretty good in gelek the bum bum LOL.

And boy who enjoyed it most? My Lil Vyktore!! He was so amazed with the musicians. And there was one part they made some funny noises, he was laughing his hearts out. They even passed him one of the instrument and let him shake it LOL. He instantly became entertainer among the crowd. Running up and down, shaking the instrument. Then on and off he’d clap hands when everyone else claps haha…

Left the place close to 10pm, Vyktore konk-ed out after his night dose of milk. Want to see more pics…click HERE. I manage to compile some shots into album :). Enjoy. No map available, buzz me if you want to go here.

Google PR Punishes Paid Post Bloggers

Lately there’s been alot of cerita about Google PR. I’ve seen some went down from 5 to 3. At first I didn’t really bother, cause mine still didn’t move, until last 2 days, I found out that mine dropped from 4 to 2!! Amazing huh…

To my surprise, I did some checking and finds that most of the bloggers that doesn’t do paid post gets higher ranking!! For instance, I went to see MomofCairo’s blog, she went up from 0 to 3. Cool eh…Then Cheryl, who blogs and write paid post like me, dropped from 2 to 1.

This is madness…I think it’s time to write less and concentrate more to get back into position. What is their purpose of punishing the bloggers? I seriously don’t understand. Well, lower ranking, less paid post…just earn less side income, no big deal :). Won’t die rite.

> Loosing My Pens <

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I used to tag my pens in office with my name. Reason is if I don’t, there are alot of people that likes to take pen from my desk, and not returning it after use. So by tagging it, the likelihood of finding it is much higher chance. I’m very particular with my pens, as I buy them myself. I don’t use what company provides. Hence I want to make sure it doesn’t go missing after I use it for just few days!!

Are you as particular as me when it comes to stationery?