Cycling Backwards

Faythe Scrapbooking

(credits & details here) I bought a simple 3 wheeler for Faythe sometime ago…cause she’s been eyeing on it for sometime. She was very happy, same goes to Vyktore. But since Vyktore is still young, he doesn’t know how to paddle. He’d just sit on top…enjoy the seat LOL. Faythe instead..loves the bicycle. She’d take …

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Tag: Of the 2


Got tagged by Sweetpea to write all about the 2-2-2 Two Names You Go By: Jas Jasmine  Two Things you are wearing now: My security tag for office access My clothes of course!!  Two things you want (or have) in a relationship: my own breathing space co-ordination  Two things you like to do: Scrapbook marathon LOL …

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