Saturday: Eating Day

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What did we do last Saturday? Daddy was flying noon to Shenzen. So I thought, that’s a good opportunity to drop by at Peter’s Restaurant for some dessert. Why I have to wait when Daddy is not around, cause he don’t like dessert LOL. He doesn’t like sweet food and he thinks all those desserts & cakes, are not filling haha.

So Cheryl, myself, 2 kids & maid, met up with another friend and we had late lunch at Peter’s Restaurant. I’ve featured the yummy Mango Fettucini before and I wanted to try it again…and intro to my friends. So off we went, all with stomach growling. The menu had a great selection of which we couldn’t decide what to choose!! Peter’s wife recommended some chef’s specialty, and we made our orders.

  1. Steam Egg Custard – this is my favourite, but I took the wrong order. Should have ordered warm with milk, not cold with milk LOL. The warm one with ginger juice is not bad too
  2. Curry Fish Ball – yum yum…this is HK style curry fish ball. Reminds me of eating fish ball with curry sauce from the chu cheong fun stall at my house
  3. Fried bananas with chocolate filling (far right) – this is very yummy!!! Crispy outside, inside is soft.and the banana goes very well with the chocolate. Faythe likes it alot, she finished the whole plate (I ordered 1 plate just for her)
  4. Mango Fettucini – this DE CHEF SPECIALTY. If you like Mango, and a lil bit of jelly strips made of santan, you’d love this ;). Both my friends love it. Cheryl even took home 1 LOL.
  5. Rice – this new on the menu. A pot of rice, served with minced pork, half salted egg, and vege. You gotta mix all of them up, eat together with the salted egg…just heavenly!! I’m sure Daddy will love this kekeke…
  6. Fried crabstick – this is good too. Crabstick, wrapped with popiah skin, fried!! Very nice.

At last…my tummy was filled to the brim, so are the rest of them. We really appreciate Peter’s kindness, gave us a big bottle of Jasmine Honey Tea and also a lil’ bit of discount. This place is certainly worth coming back for. Faythe also enjoyed playing with Nicole, Peter’s niece, whom is almost the same age as her. She calls her, “kai kai friend”..haha.. Vyktore was busy drinking my honey sea coconut.

Where’s the place? This is in Old Klang Road, near Amah’s office, that’s why that day I asked Amah for the map to her place haha…..If you know where’s Citrus Park, then you will know, it’s just 2 rows of shop behind there.

For more details, visit Peter’s site. The shop is call, Sweet Deli Station.

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