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So much so I’ve seen crocs accidents in the net and circulations in emails…I’ve never thought that this would happen within my family. But of course, I’m extra caution. Whenever my kids takes the escalator/lift, I’d make sure they don’t go too near to the side, too near to the inner side of the steps (where the yellow line is), walk out of lift properly. Yes…I’m very caution.

I’ve also told my MIL about this to be careful. And my SIL, being a paed, has always reminded us to be careful. But accidents do happen when you least expected with careless of the MAID!! I’m not gonna blog bout her…she’s going back soon, so probably attention is no longer there, she’s gonna get a pep talk one of these days…you bet :).

So what happened? Last Friday, while I was at work, I received this SMS.

Vyktore foot got caught in escalator. Shoes sticky. Got a superficial cut on leg. Took him to MC (my SIL).

When I saw that superficial…my first thought was OMG!! Sorry, but I’m not very good with medical terms, to me something with a word super means…of great impact….so superficial was like *jialat lor*….the toes are gone :|….

So I picked up my phone and called MIL. I could hear Vyktore wailing behind the phone (as though bringing down the whole clinic). And MIl told me it’s a minor cut, all toes in tact and he can still walk around.

What a relieve. I spoke to SIL as well and she reassured me that he’s alright. No big damage.

I went to MIL’s house during lunch to check on my poor boy. He must be traumatized by the lift now.

He just woke up from his sleep and when he saw me….ou…..he was so manja!!

Vyktore: *hands pointing at the leg*….hmm…hmm..whining at the same time.
Mommy: Ohh poor boy, pain pain at the leg….
Vyktore: He just lied on my shoulder, and then he kept pointing at his leg, He wants me to blow lah…

Sigh…and the poor fella, cause he thought the damage was so bad, he’s limping around haha….and it looks very funny oops…then he go about to everyone in the house showing his painful foot.

My silly MAID, showed me the damaged shoes…my gosh…I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that. Totally ripped off.

So, what we did next. Threw away all the crocs (ori or fake). And we went to get some new shoes for Vyktore & Faythe at night.

He still has the trauma. He didn’t allow us to put shoes on for him :(. Then I found out the other leg, he has blisters all over and the skin is cracking…aiyooo….I feel really bad. That I’m not taking care of him properly. I never notice this when I shower him at nite. Sigh….And this is definitely inherited from Mr. Hon’s foot!!

As for Faythe, she keep chasing Vyktore around with a plaster in her hand. She wants to put plaster for him…hahah….

Faythe is very careful when it comes to escalator. The moment she steps onto it, she will warn everyone don’t step on the yellow line. I’m glad that she always remember this and she reminds everyone. But Vyktore is too young to understand the danger of yellow line.

He didn’t learn his lesson well, no phobia on the escalator still. But now we will hold on to him real tight or even carry him when we come to escalator. Crocs or no crocs, accident can happen too.

So Mommy out there, please watch out for those lil feet and toes. We do not want more accidents like this happen.

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  1. i heard 2 incidents abt crocs in escalator, thats why both hubby and i never bought any for kids. when i wanted to buy one for myself, he even said dangerous for me to wear to shopping malls, and he find crocs ugly!! he rathers i buy Birken !!,

    luckily vyktore’s foot is alright.. yup, throw away even its still in good use! hoi choi, hou choi mou si…

  2. Oh dear….can’t imagine the Crocs were totally damanged!!!

    Though I did hear that Crocs is not that safe for kids after all!

  3. poor vyktore! hope he’s lil foot is ok now. the condition of his ripped off shoes look so scary! thank God his lil toes n feet r ok.

    Mika’s crocs, the strap, got pulled in n snapped too whn he was goin down the escalator. he stood a bit near to the sides n it got hold of the straps! luckily it snapped and his foot is not pulled in together as well! it was scary! now… phobia!

  4. So scary to hear about Vyktore’s foot… and it shd be painful too as I saw the skin was ripped off a little on the big toe :S Now I’m wondering what to do with my kids’ Crocs… Ivan’s slowly outgrowing his, Izac never really walked well in them.

  5. I know exactly how “sum-tong” u r feeling…
    my son fell off the bed with a big knock and i m sobbing about it…:(

  6. i can feel your pain too!!

    crocs still can wear at home, at house compound. for kai kai just wear outing shoes lor…

    i am very very scare of escalator too, i will carry lyon whenever need to take escalator.

  7. Thank goodness he’s okay. That’s the reason why I didn’t buy Crocs for Belle…but no choice..we have one kid size 8/9 at home ‘cos it’s a christmas pressie from a close friend.

  8. aiyo, wen i 1st saw the pic, i tot “apa new style croc shoe nie” then wen i read on… OUCH! keksim oh…

    thank God his feet are ok… phew O.o

  9. Wow! that’s scary. I have those shoes for my boys too. I must make sure they don’t use these shoes anymore!
    Glad that the accident didn’t cause any big injuries…

  10. Phew.. luckily Vyktore is not too badly hurt. Escalators are just scary!

    I’m the same with Jesslyn. I let Sean wear crocs at home in the garden. I or hubby always carry Sean on escalators, unless it’s those flat walkalators. I think at his age, he still doesn’t understand the dangers of escalators.

    My bro-in-law’s foot was ripped off when he was 10 yrs old in Genting’s amusement park on something like an escalator. He had to go throw many surgeries and until now his foot is still mis-shappened because they had to use flesh from his back to patch it back. He needs to go though more surgeries to correct it. It’s why my husband is super careful with Sean.

  11. Poor fella…pray he fully recover soon. You should have not let them wear crocs. when you seen crocs accidents in the net and circulations in emails. Now when accident happen then only though of it & blame the maid. I hope you learn a lesson sis. from this incident. When there are sign or warning about something bad take notice & prevent it not wait till it happen then take action. By the way don’t blame the maid, she going off soon, thank her for helping your family, take full responsibility for your own kid you the parent the maid just a helper…… my 2 cent though!

  12. Oh dear…. lil Vyktore must be in real pain.
    I did not know the shoe can be in that state when you told me
    about the accident.

    Now I’m scare…. I have a few more pairs in my store room… throw them away kah? 🙁

  13. OMG! When I saw the layout, I was shocked, pitiful of the little one and thankful that despite the bad condition of the shoe, he was only a little hurt… And well, not your fault lar, dun feel bad… accident happens…
    *muacks muacks* Vyktore boy..

  14. Thank goodness Vyktore is alright. I only allowed my children to wear fake croc shoe in church. By the way, the one that was torn, issit real or fake one?

  15. we were thinking of getting a croc for brandon … and after seeing your pictures, i don’t think i want to invest such a huge money for things so ‘fa hok’. better use the money to buy a real pair of shoes.

  16. Sorry to hear about Vyktore and his Croc shoes. Never though that is is possible that these accidents can happen. As my two boys are also a croc fan and have lots of it, I guess it’s time that we pay more attention to them when it comes to lift.

  17. My gosh! So glad that Vyktore is ok. Bryan also have a pair fake crocs but we only let him wear around the garden, never out, coz afraid of accidents.

    kids love their design but those shoes are really no good.

  18. Luckily nothing serious happened. But I’m sure it was vy painful for his lil toes. Poor thing. *whooo whooo* (aunty help blow blow a bit ok) Now I really mustn’t let the kids wear to places with lifts/escalators.

  19. I’ve heard of many Crocs accidents too and hv received comments from other bloggers in my blog on Crocs accidents to their kids.
    Thank GOD Vyktore’s foot is ok and not badly injured.
    BTW, I saw your story with your big name and photo in the Straits Times on 5 May 08. Wah, u r famous now! Congrats!

  20. Aiyo!! Pengsan!! So bad the crocs…. Luckily nothing serious happen to V’s feet! If not! Sue untill Crocs ‘fu lat’. And I just bought Caitlyn a pair. Aiden will never wear anything else…. sigh!! How la?

  21. Poor Vyktore. Luckily it’s just a superficial cut. Though I’ve read about accidents with crocs on escalators, I’ve never figured out how such a big shoe could be trapped in the escalator?!!

  22. So sorry to see such incident happen to Vyktore. Hope the cut recover soon…I still relunctant to buy Crocs for my boy, may b if have it only let him wear in the park and not to shopping.

  23. Oh Gosh! Lucky no big cut on Vkytore’s feet. Hmmmm…I better don’t let my boys to wear their fake croc shoe to shopping mall anymore.

  24. Scary scary…how come this company never got sued one….I know in Malaysia cases like this hardly go to court but in the U.S. and Europe ler….so sakit hati. selling at da*n high price but not safe to wear…

  25. stay away from side of escalator
    i had my slipper pulled into side of escalator. i only had deep cut on my toe and it was so painful that i cried a lot. It was swollen and limped. the tissue was damaged including the skin was also gone with the whole nail

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