S-E-X-Y Legs

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Mommy love to shoot lil toes.

Mommy love to shoot lil fingers.

Mommy love to shoot those big fat thighs.

Now Mommy got a new obsession………those pair of chubby fat legs…slurpppss….

Yeah, one day, after shower. My kids refused to wear clothes. They ran off to the living room and stood at the table and played their toys. Then it caught my attention that I’ve not shoot their n@ked legs before, hence I grab my camera and lie on the floor behind them. Quickly took shots of their fat, chubby legs before they started running.

Then my maid came and dress up my girl with her fav skirt, so I manage to snap her skinny legs with the skirt on. Notice the difference in terms of chubbiness. I think Vyktore win hands down over Faythe. And Vyktore is so fair, Faythe is so dark. Vyktore takes on my genes, Faythe takes on Daddy’s genes.

19 Responses to S-E-X-Y Legs

  1. huisia says:

    wow wow…i can see a fair and fat legs here…mum mum.. LOL

  2. sue says:

    WAH…. kai pei *slurpsss* heheeh…

  3. beckysmum says:

    Muahaha… vyktore legs very cute lah!!

  4. lemonjude says:

    yeah, I also love those chubby leg too. Faythe one so “xi men”, dark gene also nice for girl… 😉 healthy look..

  5. Jesslyn says:

    Michelin’s hands & legs very cute cute ler….*pinch pinch your son’s dai pei! 😆

  6. wen says:

    where got skinny… girls legs no need to be big big ler, u want a snooker table leg for faythe..??? hehe..

  7. JO-N says:

    I love to see shots on legs and hands and fingers and toes. LOL. Those two pairs of legs do look different but I think children change a lot. Take another shot a few years later and then compare with this.

  8. chinnee says:

    damn chubby your Vyktore boy, hehe…..

  9. laundryamah says:

    hahahaha…if it’s me i will usually grab my kids’ legs and say eat kai pei (eat drumstick!)

  10. blessed mum says:

    Vyktore sure grown up to have vy beautiful legs like mommy. Luv Faythe’s chubby legs…so cute!

  11. blessed mum says:

    Vyktore must have inherited mommy’s beautiful legs. Faythe’s legs so chubby…so cute!

  12. Nice shots!!! The chubby legs are so cute!!

  13. Mamalina says:

    Vyktore is still a baby.. I’m sure as he grows older he’ll slim down and grow taller. Faythe follows your body type, yeah? Slim and tall.

  14. Yvonne says:

    Boys being boys, Girls being girls.. see the way the stand….

  15. mumbojumbo says:

    cute… I just did a similar post too:)

  16. Irene says:

    sooo cute chubby kai-pei o.O hehehehe…

  17. Julian says:

    hehe really look like michelin baby legs hor…

  18. chooi peng says:

    aiks.. got censor tim!!

  19. Paik Ling says:

    I also feel like eating Vyktore’s legs……..he still has some baby fats yah……..so cute!!

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