Tag: Mother’s Day Fantasies


Got tagged by Karen & Ruth. Been quite long since I did any tag hehe…and since it’s mother’s day this weekend, gotta do this before it berbau basi *stale*.

Hmm..come to think of it, though I’m a mother since 3 years ago, I never thought of celebrating Mother’s Day for myself, but more for my MIL only haha…funny hoh…maybe I still think I’m not a mother O_o. So no fantasies lah. It’d be nice for a surprise though hehe…but Daddy is not giving a surprise this year, 101% sure!! Cause we have plans this year..yahoo!! At least he remembered I’m a mother haha…I want, I want….a camera lense muahahaha…..

Gonna pass this tag on to:

Chin Nee



and all the mothers out there…do this tag if you like :).