05 Jan 09

Faythe Motherhood School Scrapbooking Vyktore

I must admit that I have alot of backdated post, which I’m gonna post it up later..to the correct date (time travel LOL). But this has to be the most updated…

First day of school today and how did my 2 precious children fare? I’d rate it as 80% not bad…well at least they didn’t cry 🙂

Faythe was all ready for school as usual after much psyching from me. I bought her a Princess Bag which has little mermaid and she loves it (she’s very crazy over little mermaid now). I’ve wrapped all her books and brought it along. Got those books during the orientation on Sat.

Vyktore, since he’s only joining the 3 yrs old class, there aren’t any books, so we still use his old bag, which he didn’t like it last time, but he likes it now. He actually asked me to put on for him and ran around the house with the bag at home (probably he saw Asimo had a bag, so he was OK with the bag LOL).

When arriving school, they were both OK. I left Faythe with the class teacher and she was fine and started playing with toys. She didn’t even look for me.

As for Vyktore he froze when he saw so many children. I brought him to the class and stayed there. Got my maid to stand at the side and watch him. He settled down and started playing toys.

The school very cool yah..1st day so many toys LOL.

Faythe was OK. She followed the class to wash hand and had her bread. I was there for a while to make sure she was OK and reassure her I’m around, just watching over Vyktore.

Meanwhile, Vyktore got restless and he even attempt to open the classroom door and runaway. Teacher manage to catch hold of him hahaha…He got pretty restless for not able to runaround towards the end he wanted to escape from our maid.

Class was dismissed at 10:30 and I showed the kids the auntie that’s gonna fetch them tomorrow after school. Fingers all crossed and lets hope everything is OK on 2nd day.

23 thoughts on “05 Jan 09”

  1. wah! Vyktore starts schooling already!!! Not bad for first day; at least he didn’t cry. Mine kept telling me that he is not a baby and he wants to go to school with his sisters. 🙂

  2. wah – you wrapped up all her books. Harvynna’s kindy does not give us their books – we only collect them back at the end of the year. School is really fun for kids these days. Harvynna asked me to leave when i dropped her off! Sigh!

  3. very good le! my boss showed me pics he taken today at his’ son’s kindy, so many kids crying! well done Vyktore! i like Faythe’s hair la, so cute 🙂 like doll…

  4. Woww..they did very well for the first day in school. Great!! Now, we are scouting around for a new school for the kids after their first day in their current school….very upset with the school management :(.

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