Our Anniversary Lunch

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In the previous post, I mentioned that we booked lunch @ a Japanese Restaurant. Actually we’ve wanted to go to Umaiya Japanese Restaurant during my birthday back in February, but it was fully booked :(. Hence we postponed it till this round. Good thing it was not fully booked.

Why I booked this place, I’ve heard so much bout it from my dearest colleague that I must go try myself someday. Moreover it’s just 10mins drive from home :).

There are actually 2 Umaiya Japanese Restaurant, 1 in Damansara Perdana, 1 in Damansara Uptown. I booked the one at Uptown.

We were there at 1130am, 2 adults & 2 kids. Yah..not a romantic lunch :P. The buffet starts from 1130-230pm.

Being 1st timer, we were actually unsure how the ordering go about. What I liked about this buffet is it’s ala carte, and they only prepare the food when you order. So it’s freshly made :). Nice right!!

We ordered so many sushi that we stuffed ourselves silly. And I must say all of them deserves two thumbs up. Even Daddy keeps saying it’s yummy kekeke..he seldom say this whenever we eat Japanese food. And because of that, we didn’t manage to order any grill fish, which I saw another table did. We only ordered the beef on the hot plate and boy that was delicious. I finished almost the whole plate :P.

Another thing to mention is the sashimi. Each qty you order comes in pairs of 2 pieces of thick sliced fish. So juicy, slurp slurp. We saw this table, they ordered a giant bowl of sashimi (mix of salmon, tuna & white fish). Giant as in like 30 pieces of each fish :|.

Oh not forgetting free flow of beer for beer lovers hehe…

As for the kids, we ordered Garlic Fried Rice for Vyktore. Faythe had Chawanmushi, some sushi, a whole bowl of edamame and or course macha ice cream for them.

Kids below 3 pays RM10 only, for kids above 3-12 pays half the price. Adult is charged at 45++.

I am sure I’m going back there again as the other day actually I haven’t finish eating, but cause the kids were turning the restaurant upside down and Daddy was already full, so we went off at 1pm.

25 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Lunch”

  1. look so yummy …. hmmm… i love Jap food too … but now i cant really fully eat Jap food… so hv to hold on for sometime 😛 & the price is not Exp lei … Will go there for try one day …

  2. We went to the same restaurant during CNY for old frens re-union. I say the same thing too, 2 thumbs up!!! Happy anniversary ooo ~~~

  3. ahhh the last time i’ve been there was June last year!! I was not too happy with the service tho cos I felt that they like sort of purposely respond quite slow to delay the time…

  4. Hey, dunno what happened to my comments…if you see duplicates, please delete yeah. I was just saying the food looks great, and RM45++ ain’t expensive at all, if you can order one giant serving of sashimi.

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