School Excursion: Bird Park

Faythe Motherhood Scrapbooking Vyktore

(seen in the photos: Vyktore, Yiu Yiu & Faythe)

Last week before the long weekend, the kids’ Kindy organised a trip to KL Bird Park. It took a while for me to decide whether I should tag along this round. The last round we went to Butterfly Farm (previous school, didn’t blog bout it!!), I went together with my ex-maid as well. This round I was very sure I’m not bringing my M-A-I-D, cause she might just probably gimme more vomit blood scene than the kids. So I did eventually tagged along, with Vyktore. Faythe as the older child will have to take care of herself.

They were all very excited in the morning as they knew they were heading to bird park. Vyktore kept saying, “bird bird”. Faythe as usual ask me 1001 questions, including why our M-A-I-D not coming. She remembers last round our ex-maid did tag along.

Though we were supposed to be there by 830am, we waited quite long to finally gather everyone. Then the vice principal gave instructions and we proceed to the bus. I must say they are pretty well organised, except that when everyone reaches the bird park, the kids were a bit out of control. Some walking faster, some slower. I’m glad I followed Vyktore. Occasionally we will bump into Faythe’s class as well.

There were a bird show which they put on during the trip. After that it was time to go home. Overall I feel that we were there more for the bird show than anything as everyone kept rushing us to make sure we don’t miss the show, then after that was rushing back to the bus *duh*. I didn’t even manage to stop and take a pics of those beautiful birds!! And the weather was so so hot although it was partially covered.

This week back to reality, here’s what Vyktore says:

Mommy: Vyktore, we go school OK.
Vyktore: No No No (his fav word now). Bird Bird…See Bird…
Mommy: No, no more bird…back to school
Vyktore: No No No…bird…bird!!

As for Faythe, I ask her if she wants to go again, she didn’t give me a Yes or No, but she mentioned that she enjoys feeding the bird (she’s very daring!!)

30 thoughts on “School Excursion: Bird Park”

  1. oh, a rushing one hoh, think they should have arrange more time for it, the kids will be happy to watch the birds. For adults, this might be a bit boring, but I guess for kids, they are happy to go on field trip, with all their frens and teachers.
    My son the same, he didn’t want to go to school on Monday morning as we went to a school field trip on Friday too! ^_^

  2. We chose the Aquaria rather than the birdpark for our brats 2nd birthday – dont wanna die under the sun while carrying him cos my brat is a brat – he only wants to be carried – by ME alone. Aduh . so tiring i tell ya!

  3. Bird park is not bad, especially when the peacock open its beautiful feathers…
    by the way, where did u get ur beautiful scrap booking elements? There are so nice…

  4. i love the bird park. went there last oct..
    did u take some nice photography over there???
    or were u busy taking care ..opps running after the kids?

  5. Faythe and Vyktore look really cute.

    I think it’s really fun for the kids that they get to go with their school mates. It must have been very exciting for them =D

  6. A fun day for the kids, go for an outing with the friends!
    My boy is going to visit a chocolate factory today, he was very excited until could not sleep, hehe!

  7. XY’s kindy oso organised a trip there last yr. But not for parents to tag along. Good that the kids enjoyed the excursion. Guess u’ll hv to make another trip there, for them to c birds n for u to take pics. 🙂

  8. My 6 yr old son is in the same kindy too. Tlhe kindy organised a trip to Beryl Chocolate Factory last year and I tagged along. As for this trip, my son went alone as I knew he would be in good hands.

  9. hey jazz….time to ” pai fong lei “….thou been hearing, seeing u around & emailing too!! me super lazy…paiseh!!
    emm…..KL bird park, i remember going there when my kids r still sitting in the pram…. that was like 3-4 yrs ago & all i could remember was the mosquitos, LOL !!

  10. Kids excursion are like that wan ma. Make another trip there lor. 4 yrs ago I was there and we managed to cover half of the park only. We plan to go back there again very soon.

  11. Hi, it’s been so long since I’ve last blog-hopped!!!!

    Your kids have grown! 🙂

    And thanks for sharing about the Bird Park! I will know where to bring my Angels the next time we drop by KL! 🙂

  12. Hi there! This layout is so cute!! You found the best way to use those cutie birdies on your two cuties’ layout! 🙂 It was fun reading your various short posts of bits and pieces of life observed. Funny thing in Singapore even in the downturn people still shop like crazy during the Great Singapore Sale that jsut started! Like no need money! Btw we postponed our plans to visit Vietnam due to the H1N1, now we going Langkawi in a week’s time instead. Just remembered that I wanted to ask if you could let me downlooad the layouts using my template- the hot air balloon one and the Japanese food one – I like them so much! Thanks! How do you disable right clicking on your blog? Maybe I should do it too. THanks! Yni

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