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Lets rewind to 3 weeks ago right before the kids break for the 2 weeks holiday. They had a party in the school. The theme this year is Noah’s Ark.

When I told Faythe about this and mentioned that she can pretend to me some kind of animal, guess what she wanted to be.  A STAR FISH *roll eyes*. Then Daddy said cannot, cause StarFish sea creature, didn’t go on Noah’s Ark..kanasai…

Eventually MIL managed to convince Faythe to be lady bird. MIL & SIL brought the 3 kids to costume shop to try the outfit and Faythe chose LadyBird.

As for Vyktore, from Day 1 he’s not aware what’s happening. And he refused to wear any of those animal costume. And this lil boy of mine lurves chicken and bird. So I thought, why not sew him a chicken suit LOL.

So presenting the chicken suit boy & the ladybird girl.

That chicken costume is sure hard work. I bought boa feather that came with yellow & white colour and sew them onto his old pyjamas overall back n front. The reason why I use his old pyjamas cause it comes with buttons in front, easier to put on.

I cut off the sleeves and that’s how he looks like. For the pants, I borrowed Faythe’s sports attire LOL. I also cut some felt like a shape of chicken feet and used blue tac to stick to the shoes so that it looks like chicken feet hehe…

It’s not easy, but it was fun. And with some psychoing job from Daddy, Vyktore wore the chicken suit without any issue.

When he reached school and saw so many children dressed up in animal costume, he was pretty happy and after that he didn’t mind wearing the suit after all.

A pic of Mommy with the chicky boy.

That’s the 2 children together with the cousin, Gabriel & Yiu Yiu.

And this my lil princess, sitting down waiting for the party to start. I think the ladybird head looks a bit heavy for her LOL

I’m sure they had fun during the party, though didn’t win best dressed.

27 thoughts on “Rewind: School Party: Noah’s Ark Theme”

  1. ahahahahahhaha LOL at cute n mummy..thumbs up to u for all the hard work put in to sew the costume.

    I’m sure both daughter n son had a great time at Noah’s Ark.. ehehe:o

  2. wah!!! your chicken suit is so nice leh!!! can recycle for halloween’s day *hehe* both faythe & vkytore look so cute in their outfits. it will be nice if shan leo’s kindie organized the same

  3. lol! the chicken head is really too big on her head!!
    where u got the boa feather from? u very gd mummy la, spent so much time sewing.
    i like their kindy. very colorful!

  4. clap clap clap to mummy’s effort in making the chicken suit! so cute, and memorable for the kid … you look stunning in the photo, Jazz … All in all great photos with beautiful people!

  5. hi – my son Evan is in the same class as Faythe! wow – you are really a very creative mommy! i took the lazy way out by just buying a costume (online somemore and not even making a trip to the shop!)

  6. I love the chicken costume on Vyktore, all the more impressed with the mummy for bring so creative, got chicken feet somemore. And all the additions (wings, etc) on Faythe’s lady bird. I wouldn’t even dare think about doing it myself.

  7. hi Jazz, when did you become a costume designer? I tot u r a photographer only, hehe, juz kidding…

    Sigh, have to retype again coz forget to fill in the spam protection 🙁

  8. Adoi mak, that one call chicken feather meh? LOL. No wonder I have a tough time imagine how you sew chicken feather on the baju. Anyway, you dem creative also but a bit dissapointed cos this chicken tarak wings. rofl…

  9. E? Where’s the chicken head? Kepak leh? Noticed dat he had a pair of nice chicken feet? Hahaha. He definitely looks comfy in the costume.

    When did ladybird curi into Noah’s Ark?

  10. Wow.. the whole family turned out for their party?

    The chicken boy suit is nice.. Don’t throw ah.. next time can pinjam. 😛

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