Rewind: Teluk Kemang Trip, 30-31 May 09

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More rewind story hehe…

So the 1st weekend of the school holiday, so happen Daddy is also back. We made bookings at the apartment at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson. Making use of the timeshare points which has been paid for.

This is the 2nd time we are heading to PD. We went to PD last year, but stayed elsewhere. This time round, it’s purely the 4 of us plus the maid (we brought the maid cause there’s alot of work to do, like fanning the charcoal, etc :P). If not for all those work, I think I would have dump her at home.

We arrived close to 12pm as we took off late and there were massive jam at the highway thanks to some accident at the opposite lane (typical Malaysia). We went straight to check in to the apartment. The outside looks pretty rundown, but inside was still OK.

Then we went to the private beach behind the apartment and had a look. Recce for the place where we gonna setup the barbeque pit. Yes, we brought along our BBQ pit all the way from KL LOL. We even brought ice box, marinated meat & fish, cold drinks, etc. Daddy prepare all these since he was so free. I’m only in-charged of driving :).

Daddy decided that we should visit the lighthouse. So off we went hunting for the lighthouse only to find that it’s closed. DUH!! The hike up the lighthouse is pretty killing. I’m glad that the kids made it after some ranting along the way.

We then stop by a restaurant for late lunch comprising of yummy seafood. We ordered like 6 dishes, only cost us RM96 or less. Simply worth it!!

Around 5pm, we drove to the beach behind the apartment. Daddy & the maid were busy setting up the BBQ pit and starting the fire. Faythe already all geared up with her beach toys and started playing sand. Vyktore was a bit skeptical (as usual, he takes some time to warm up), but after a while, he got used to it.

By 730pm, the whole place was dark & deserted. Only our car was there and we were still trying to finish BBQ-ing the meat and bring back to the apartment to eat haha..(cause alot mossies).

The kids knock off pretty early cause they were way too tired.

The next day, we went to hav breakfast near town centre and stop by the Blue Lagoon Beach. The sand is pretty clean, but there were plenty of people. So we decided to go back to the apartment.

At the apartment, there’s actually a water slide for the kids. Both of them thought it’s very fun, they went for the slide. But after the 1st round of thrilling, they were shocked hahaha…and refuse to go for 2nd round :P. Though I was there to catch them at the end of the slide, they are certainly not ready for such adventure.

We check out at 11am and headed home. A short holiday which all of us enjoyed.

And here are the remaining of the photos.

Daddy sitting on the tree branch with Faythe. Vyktore was too afraid to join in.

Faythe, coming down from the Lighthouse.

Vyktore coming down from the Lighthouse.

Daddy with his pipe, waiting for our lunch to be served.

I love these 2 shots of Faythe. 1 showing her tongue (not very co-operative). The other one posing with the big leaf as an umbrella.

Vyktore slowly venturing himself at the beach. He’s not very comfy with the sandy feel.

Faythe’s lil palm holding her bucket. She uses this to collect broken shells…

Getting ready for some sand castle?

Vyktore and his pail. He’s practically just holding the pail and some cups, that’s bout it. Not totally enjoying the sand as much as Faythe.

Examining his pail. Maybe to see if there’s any crack?

Hubby’s comfy slippers which he bought from China.

My sore feet…It was low tide, hence we could walk out pretty far and yet it’s pretty shallow and can see thru to the bottom.

Faythe enjoying herself dipping by the beach during low tide.

Daddy and his kungfu position. This is the FAT-GRASSHOPPER Style.

Another kungfu position. Crane perhaps?

Vyktore running about by the beach and enjoying being splashed at.

See, he loves it now, he even attempt to sleep on the beach!!

After the beach session, quenching his thirst with 100 plus. Do you think this photo I can submit for Tesco Choice Advertisement :P.

One of my favourite shot of both my children after the beach fun. One concentrating and eating her snacks, while the other one concentrating in finishing his drink.

Faythe, trying to ask Vyktore to give her some drinks.

They were changed and clean up. So they sat in the car to enjoy their snacks. Lucky fellas.

A very rare sunset shot. Why rare? Cause I’m not a silhouette person haha..But I just like this one, where the trees came from the side and the sun in the middle.

Another rare silhouette shot before the sun sets.

Before we put off the fire, Daddy suggested some flare shots with the BBQ Pit and here are 2 photos.

Faythe writing on the sand @ Blue Lagoon.

She’s trying to bury Daddy’s feet.

Daddy & Son, waiting for Faythe to come down with the swimming apparels at the apartment.

The boys having ME time together. I always love Vyktore’s big eyes. I admire his stare alot…

That’s all for the PD Trip.

24 thoughts on “Rewind: Teluk Kemang Trip, 30-31 May 09”

  1. i love to see ur pictures…. ur kids is so adorable… daddy is so funny too …. by looking at the pictures, really make me laugh and happy ….
    Thanks for sharing those nice nice pictures …. oh yes, i love ur boys big big eyes also.

  2. I really enjoy to read your blog..really interesting so many nice picture here:) well done ya..thanks for sharing

  3. pic i like most: faythe lying on the black fine sand. her baju makes the pic standout with the black background. she has really a pretty smile la….

    pic i like 2nd, haha…yur boy on the sand. lovely lovely!!

    drooling on your pic and wonder if i can take pic like you one fine day 🙂

  4. hey…i adore yr boys’ eyes too….basically his hansem face lar, from who ahh, LOL!!
    yr kids r lucky to hv such beautiful collection of photos….

  5. very beautiful photos jazz! great job and great holiday! i see ur hubby, like a very funny person and i agree, vyktore has beautiful eyes and it does show a lot of expression from there and faythe! she is just beautiful, love the leaf photo! and u, i see a very independent woman and mummy. i salute u la!

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos. ALL OF THEM !!

    i am so excited that i booked you … haha …
    must keep some of your work for our own! ^o^

  7. Aiyo!!! I so love your photos. So many nice shots. Can you plezzzee give me a tutorial on how to use my dSLR? 🙂 I love both the photos of F&V lying on the sand, and yes, the one with Faythe and the huge umbrella.

    Hey, I notice you do most of the driving even when your hubby is around yeah. Hehe…better not let my hubby finds out, coz he always complain that he has to drive 98% of the time when we go out.

  8. I love 2 pics, faythe dipping herself during low tide and the leaf umbrella. She is such a natural poser.

    Btw, what lens are you using? Teleport lens? The photos are really sharp. I love the colors.

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