Vyktore turns T-H-R-E-E!!


Over the weekend, we celebrated Vyktore’s 3rd Birthday with a big party bash (mainly adults attended, only a few children were invited). Like we did for Faythe’s birthday, we did the same for Vyktore. We ordered a GOLDEN PIGGIE.

Cake, we ordered from Swee, a friend of mine, which we ordered a cake from her as well during Faythe’s 1st Birthday. It was yummy!!

I must admit that this round, the preparation was pretty last minute. Good thing that I was off on Friday, and my brother’s GF, Joni, came over to help with the last minute preparation. We also prepared some of the food on Friday (those which can leave overnight in the fridge).

I also setup a photobooth, whereby each guest that comes need to pick a prop and snap a photo hehe…no scrapbook page as I just finished editing the photos, so let the photos do all the talking. Long post ahead with photos!!

Fruits Platter in mini foil cuppies (Grapes(Vyktore’s Favourite), Pomelo, Peaches, Green & Red Apples)

Vege sticks in mini foil cuppies (Sengkuang, Carrots, Celery)

Homecook Macaroni with cheese (I didn’t get to taste this (duhh!! cause I cooked it), but Sue was telling me it’s so cheesy!!)

2 types of dips (salsa for the tortila bread & thousand island wassabi – the wasabi taste weren’t too obvious though)

sausages decorated with custom-made toothpicks of thomas & friends (Vyktore’s latest craze)

egg & mayo sandwiches (Chin Nee’s recipe), cut into bento shape. Faythe did a great work in helping me with the cutting into the shapes and arranging them.

Pickled cucumber to go with the main course, ROAST PIGGIE (recipe from Chin Nee too!!)

Tortilla bread and the various dips. I actually wanted to do tortilla chips, but couldn’t find ready made ones and I didn’t have time to fry it.

Kitchen wall decorated with polaroid prints. I didn’t print scrapbook page this round, but printed polaroids instead. I so so love this wall. Even Vyktore loves it too!!

Liquor section. 2 giant portraits of Vyktore. The one dressed in red is oil painting done in Vietnam. The one dressed in blue is canvas print. They will be hang in the our photo wall after the birthday.

Our birthday boy got all excited when I opened up the box and presented the cake!! I decided to put real thomas & friends toy trains on the cake instead of using sugar paste/fondant to make the train. At least he gets to play with the trains after the cake cutting ceremony. More worth the money lah!!

The kids with Cheryl, Vyktore’s Godmother

Birthday boy toddling in the house waiting for guests arrival

The kids with my brother & his GF, Joni

One for the family. Notice those horns growing on my head..cheeky Faythe

Daddy showing off his butchering skills

Photobooth Snaps: Fearles & Cruz

Photobooth Snaps: Cheryl & Annie

Photobooth Snaps: My brother & ME (sorry for that tongue LOL)

Photobooth Snaps: My brother & GF, Joni. Daddy cutting the pig.

Photobooth Snaps: Cheryl & ME

Photobooth Snaps: Cheryl (Daddy’s friend) & BF

Photobooth Snaps: Paik Ling & Brandon. Bryan just woke up from his nap.

Photobooth Snaps: Yvonne & Alycia

Photobooth Snaps: Daniel & his 2 lovely daughters (Daddy’s friend)

Photobooth Snaps: Lil Ashley & her family

Photobooth Snaps: Selva, Monica & family (Dadd’s Friend)

Photobooth Snaps: Harry & family (Daddy’s friend). He looks like our former PM, Tun Mahathir don’t he 😛

Photobooth Snaps: Peggy & her lil ones

Cheryl trying to be a butcher.

Photobooth snaps: Sue & Jolie

Photobooth snaps: Taekwondo Sifu, Andrew & family

Photobooth snaps: Daddy’s friend

Photobooth snaps: Adeline & Jessie (Daddy’s friends)

Photobooth snaps: Alan & Rachel

Vyktore just can’t wait to cut the cake, Daddy had to ask him to wait until we finish singing the birthday song.

He was so soft in blowing off the candle, he did it 1 by 1!!

Cake cutting with the help of the WHOLE family

Paik Ling kidnapped Jolie. Faythe wanted to cut the cake as well.

Time to distribute the cake.

Vyktore with his toys from the cake. See told you it’s better than having the sugar paste/fondant deco!!

Emily & her daughter. We did a preggers photoshoot for her last year, time really files!!

Photobooth snaps: Evelyn, Faythe & Eelaine (Mommy’s BB friends)

Presenting Faythe with moustache LOL.

Photobooth snaps: Celebrity Snapshot of Vernon & Pei Lee

Gifts from the guests. Thank you all!!

OK lah, I guess everyone had an OD of photos :). Thanks to all that came and thanks for the presents. It’s really a memorable birthday for Vyktore. He’s still slowly opening his present 1 by 1 LOL.

49 thoughts on “Vyktore turns T-H-R-E-E!!”

  1. these are wonderful photos. love the photo booth! its so special! too bad i cldnt attend and missed those!!
    eh, i remember daddy oso chop chop chop the roasted pig on faythe’s birthday last yr right? itu piggy must be very ong, next time my birthday i oso want a pig for myself lor..

    happy belated birthday Vyktore!

  2. Great Party!! Thanks for having us ! Yes! The roast pork are so so yummylicious! I ate so much!!!!!

    I love the kitchen wall too!! The way how you arrange the food also look so nice, now i “steal” some idea from you. 😛

  3. Happy Birthday Vkytore.

    Hey you cut your hair. By the way, I love the vege sticks, if I am there, I sure wallop most of it…hehehe.

    The pig look huge!

  4. wow great party! love the photo booth idea hehehe.. and aint it geat to have a professional photographer for a mommy? :p

    showed cairo the pics (we’re both on mc today) and i think she remembers the pig & “the butcher” from faythe jeh jeh’s 3rd birthday party LOL

    so dats what she calls your kids now: the piggie’s vyktore & the piggie’s faythe LOL

    do hasten your trip to singapore my dear…. b4 she totally forgot who aunty KF is and calls u the piggie aunty instead :p

  5. Happy big 3 birthday to Vkytore boy! I agree with you too, the real thomas train deco idea is very good.

    Love the idea of photo booth shooting and the party food makes me drooling too…

  6. Happy Belated 3rd Birthday, Vyktore!!! What a great party!! Love your foil cuppies for arranging the food…nice and easy to eat 🙂 . Putting real toys on the cake….fantastic idea! Polaroids on the wall….lovely!!!

  7. happy belated birthday Vyktore!

    that was quite a party, Jazz. Well done! A big pat on your back, ya. No wonder you slept at 4am! Look at that party, it was awesome!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Vyktore. He is such a handsome looking boy.

    love your foil cuppies for arranging the food, great idea. And the real toy on the cake, another great idea.

  9. Wooeeeee ….. 3 years old oredi??? Really, really, time flies. Happy Belated Birthday Vyktore Boy!

    Wah! All healthy food leh … errrr … except for the piggie but who cares hor? Mr. Hon seems to enjoy and an expert at butchering the piggie. Hahaha!

  10. What a cool idea to set up a photo booth!!! Gald that all of you had a really fun time 🙂 Happy Belated birthday to Vyktore Boy too!!!

  11. happy belated birthday vyktore!

    jazz, you did a great job in organizing such a nice birthday party for your boy. love how you decorate all the food and especially the photo booth!!

  12. Hi, maybe second or third time to your blog. What a fabulous birthday party! The photos are great! You’re a great photographer 🙂 Do you go up to Penang???

    So many nice things to say here:

  13. I bet Paik Ling will love the pics of her and her boys – Bryan and Brandon look soooo cute! I love the pic of your Hubby on the roast pig LOL

    Lastly, nice to see another Thomas fan 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday Vyktore Boy. So fast so big boy liao.

    And you mummy really put in effort for your birthday.

    Btw, every guest must sit on the bench to snap photos?

  15. Happy Belated Birthday Vyktore.
    What a lovely party, so many things I like about the party – the roast pork (yum yum!), the photo wall, the real Thomas & Friends toys on the cake, the photo booth. Well done, must have taken lots of efforts to organise this.

  16. Wow 1st time not scrapping huh, jaz? U r a great photographer..seen your masterpieces in Chin Nees’s family photos in facebook. Thumbs up & way to go expert!

  17. wow jazz….that’s really a big bash, 1st time seeing whole roast pig in a bday party!!
    and that’s a lot of food to prepare, together with the decorations, polaroid, photo shooting….can’t believe how u managed this??
    such a great memories for yr leng chai….happy belated bday ya!!

  18. WOW!! What a spread!! I am so impressed!!!! How do u manage??? Salute to you la.
    Happy belated 3rd birthday Vyktore boy! You’re getting more and more handsome.

  19. Spotted a new hair style in you after no blog updates for quite sometime 😀 . Happy 3rd Birthday Vyktore!

    I’m impressed with the oil painting… looks so real like a photograph

  20. Happy Belated B-day Vkytore!

    Jazz, the cake deco is great with Thomas surrounding. Where you order this? I would like to order 1 for my son coming b-day. Pls let me know the cake house name & contact. Is 3-D cake. I like it!

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