On Friday Nite,

Et Cetera Faythe Jazzmint Vyktore

(this is Frank, full time marathon runner)

Frank invited me for Durian Buffet @ SS2. It took me a while to decide, since I had to bring the kids along and the place where we eat the durians are not very child proof (by the roadside). But then again, my temptation for durians need to be satisfied. Hence we went. I took Vyktore & Faythe along, and Lawrence & my brother went along too.

Met Frank, William & Andrew at SS2 by 9pm and boy, that place was packed to the brim. We could hardly find a seat and most of the stalls told us the buffet has finished. So we need to settle ourselves with ala carte (select the type and get them open up and serve you).

We only had 4 (2D24, 2Udang Merah) and that’s it for us. Prefer the D24. No more Raja Kunyit :(. Here are some of the photos taken. Only Faythe had some durians, Vyktore refused to try, though I vaguely remember that he used to love them when he was younger.

Andrew – busy eating & sms-ing

Faythe – refuse to hold the durian, but wants to eat

William – so fear the durian will slip off, had to hold with 2 hands 😛

Lawrence – deep in thoughts, looks like the durian expert

Vyktore – only drank water and keep telling us “Want go home”

King of all Fruits

No we didn’t eat that much, just a photo. And that’s Faythe, D-R-U-G-G-E-D by durian LOL

Enough of durian for rest of the year. I love durians, but I guess age is catching up, hence can’t eat alot.

22 thoughts on “On Friday Nite,”

  1. Yummy…. I love durian too but it’s the same here, not sure if I want to bring Sean there.

    HOw did you manage to eat durian and take photos at the same time?

  2. i’m drooling over durian…but like u said, due to health reason, i forbid myself from eating….sigh & sad !!!
    D24 flesh looks so yellow….

  3. I want to eat durians. And I want them NOW!!! huhuhu… Dunno how to buy good durians. Maybe ask my bro to buy when we go back Pg… soon. *happy again*

  4. I went there with my colleagues two Fridays ago too, after work. We tried so many different species that I can’t remember what each one tastes like. YY had a blast too, coz she lurves durian. Now I can see the four photos 🙂

  5. My Lucas is like Faythe too LOL Wanna eat but feel ‘geli’ about holding the King of Fruits!

    Oh boy…we can’t wait to get home to get some of THAT

  6. U know what, i’m so jakun. I didn’t know there is durian buffet thing till last week when i passed by SS2, and i saw the banner i got so shock!! Durian Buffet!!hahhahahhahahahhahahhahaha

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