Rewind: Mid Term Review

Faythe School Vyktore

(photos taken the weekend right before school starts)

School started like 3 weeks ago after the end of 1st semester. Right after the semester break, the kids school had Parents Teachers Day. Being a part time single parent, I was there to listen to 2 teachers and go home to report to Daddy what’s going on with the kids.

I must say that I’m pretty happy with the current school they are attending. Albeit a bit far from home, but it’s certainly worth all the traveling time. Mind you, my parents sent me to school which were like 25km away from home and if they can do that, I don’t see why I can’t (no lah, their school not so far, but the jam just makes the experience not so pleasant).

Here’s what I’ve managed to write down during the 1-1 session with each of their teacher.


  • controls & writes very well, but her chinese writings are like cendol dancing around LOL
  • she prefers english than rest of the subjects, but her fave being art & craft
  • not very confident with numbers especially 4,5,6.
  • she loves to draw and scribble
  • not very attentive during Mandarin lessons, at times she even fell asleep in class *slap forehead*
  • she follows the rules during games
  • sometimes quite talkative
  • not bossy – she used to be very bossy in her previous school
  • during snack time sometimes she doesn’t eat the food brought from home
  • enjoys devotion time (bible story) & super fun time
  • when she first started, she likes to disturb people when everyone was praying. But now she’d ask her friends to keep quiet LOL
  • very persistent
  • needs to brush up in her Mandarin

Faythe scored 100% for both English & Mandarin, 92% for Maths & B+ for writing.

Overall, she’s considered very mature (oldest in the class) for a 4 years old.


  • he loves numbers and would sit down quitely during numbers lesson.
  • able to recognise 2,3,4,5,6, occasionally 8.
  • he’s showing more interest in alphabets but not recognising them yet.
  • loves singing especially fast tunes.
  • not interested with motor skills activity
  • very scared of dirt LOL
  • sometimes picky with his food
  • his strong point: he’s a king at the playground during PE time LOL. He can jump, walk up the slide, all sorts of stunts *shakes head*

Overall, he’s slower compared to his peers and only started talking recently. But can see he’s picking up alot lately and talking non stop.

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15 thoughts on “Rewind: Mid Term Review”

  1. They did very well. Keep up the good work!

    It’s quite hard for 4yo kids to write well in Chinese. My boy even cried every time he had Chinese homework but at 5 he started to get used to it.

    As for Vyktore, can let him explore the, my gal loves it very much. Now she even knows how to spell the words at her story books. She learns all by herself!

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