She must be thinking…

Faythe Scrapbooking

seriously, I don’t know what she was thinking, when she put this on her head.

Can you imagine my shocking face when I saw this…LOL

It was on a saturday noon, I was busy typing away on my computer and they were playing in their room (which is just next to each other and joined by the toilet).

Suddenly, Faythe hop over and said, “Mommy see”

So I turn around and that was what I saw LOL. Couldn’t contain my laugh, I quickly snatch my camera and took a photo.

She found a good use of the Tarzan paper bag from Wendy’s, but I’m just curious why she put it on her head.

She told me it’s a mask.

Then she pretended walking like a blind back to her room.

Do you have child like this at home?

Wait till I show you a picture of her sitting on the broom pretending to be a witch :P.

21 thoughts on “She must be thinking…”

  1. you let her watch too much harry potter movie issit? the broomstick thingy sounds like she is game for a quiditch match, and this looks like she is tryin gout the sorting hat.


  2. LOL…. I think most kids are like that. Sean likes to pretend sleep walking.

    I like the way you cut Faythe picture and make her hold the frame. I don’t know how to do that.

  3. U’re a real cool Mama. If I c the kids putting a paper bag (or anything, for that matter), I’d freak out. And ask them to remove it immediately. :p

  4. Hmm.. you still went to take photo. I’ll freak out, and give a good lecture. What if they used a plastic bag next time and suffocated?

    I know.. I’m a fun spoiler.

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