Faythe & Vyktore’s Sports Day, 22 Aug 09

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Sorry, went MIA for sometime. Was busy rushing out photos for our customers over at TwoPixels.

Right before the 1 week break, the kids had their TJC sports day in Yuk Chai Primary School. I was all excited as this is the 1st ever sports day for both my children. Anxious, whether they know what to do, worried if they’d cry if they see me at the parents tent. Basically all sorts of feeling.

(her fav pose without looking at the camera)

Faythe knew what she had to do as she has been practicing that for 2 weeks. She told me briefly at home that she has to catch a fish. Then balance herself by walking slowly, then feed the fish to the shark and run back.

Vyktore, as usual, he doesn’t know what’s happening.

On the day itself, I prepared sausages for both of their class as per request from the teacher. The weather looked cloudy and I was pretty worried that it’s gonna rain.

Vyktore didn’t want to go to school at first, but when we reach a different *school* he started to warm up. I left both of them at the children’s tent and headed to parents tent. Since I was late, I didn’t really get a good seat.

(this photo reminds me so much of myself when I was at her age. I was also dressed in yellow during sports day)

Then I left my stuff with my brother, and I went to take some shots of them prior to the event.

(score chart, love how they name each game)

The day started with 6yo students marching out. Then followed by 5yo, 4yo & 3yo. They all look so cute, marching out, waving at the parents tent. Faythe spotted me, but not Vyktore though I did call out to both of them.

(Vyktore and his class, preparing to march out)

Then there were speeches given by pastor, principle & CES’ director before they flag off the start of sports day.

(Faythe waving at the crowd)

Faythe’s event was 4th. I sat at the line from far and took photos of her waiting for the event to begin. Thank god I borrowed a zoom lense from my friend, it was really helpful. I didn’t have to runaround, just sit at 1 side and I manage to zoom in close to take some shots.

She was so cool walking after catching the fish. Balancing herself very well. Then drop the fish into the shark’s mouth. Then she ran as fast as she could, like Dash (of Incredibles). I told her to run fast so that she can finish fast LOL.

Her team came in 3rd overall.

After that it was Vyktore’s turn (or was it he first then Faythe, can’t remember). They were suppose to hop on the hoola hoop then collect 2 rings, run and go around then come back with the rings. Pretty easy, they even cut short the route for the 3yo.

Nevertheless, this boy of mine is pretty blur. So there was a teacher standing next to him to tell him what to do. If not, I bet he’d run all over the place haha…..

His team came in 2nd overall.

It started raining when the prize giving ceremony started. So they had to present the prize at the children’s tent.

The whole event ended by 12pm and it rained quite heavily when we got into our car.

I must appraise the teachers for organising this event. It was really successful. They even had games for parents. They gave medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd runner up. 4th had some parcel like gift (not sure what’s that). Then each kid is also given a party pack too :).

More photos taken during the day.

Faythe waving at me after she march in & saw me at the parents tent.

Vyktore marching in. He look so so serious LOL.

Vyktore lining up after the march.

Gosh, look at my sleepy princess. And that boy behind LOL.

This is Vyktore, the only one still standing.

6 YO students doing a cheer with the instructor.

They didn’t have enough chairs & tents for the parents. But nevertheless, we as parents wouldn’t mind sitting on the grass. Afterall, nobody wants to miss their kids in action.

Vyktore waiting for his turn and busy biting his naisl….grrr……

Vyktore doing the bunny hop.

Faythe waiting for his turn.

That’s her feeding the shark.

Then she ran as fast as she could.

I tell you, she sure has long legs, just like me :P.

She spotted me from far.

And she showed me how fast she run (like Dash from Incredible) LOL.

Faythe & Nathaniel

Vyktore, trying to point at my camera.

Busy eating nuggets.

Vyktore posing for me.

Faythe & Nathaniel eating snacks prepared by parents.

Daddy tug-of-war.

Mommy tug-of-war.

Vyktore receiving his medal.

Faythe & Vyktore with their medals.

Faythe, Vyktore (posing with his big tummy) & their friend, can’t recall what name.

Faythe, her buddy, Yiu Yiu & their class teacher.

Faythe & Yiu Yiu. Faythe & Gabriel (cousin)

That’s all for the day. I think I’m more tired than them for the sports day…

15 thoughts on “Faythe & Vyktore’s Sports Day, 22 Aug 09”

  1. team jasmine! hehehe…these pictures brings me back to school day memories. i’m red team! shannon is yellow 😀 kids are growing so well. it’s nice to have sports day for little ones. sara will be starting pre-k in 2 days…kids kids kids…o dear…can’t live with our w/out them.

  2. Good thing you had the zoom lens, and your photos are all sooo sharp and nice. I was telling hubby how his photos pale in comparison to yours…LOL!

    I also love the way the name the games too, so creative.

    Faythe actually told you what they were supposed to do? Sigh! My girl doesn’t tell me anything, but then again, I also didn’t ask…hehe. Next time everyday must ask what she did in school 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I went to the JC school today to check it out for my daughter. Recognized Faythe when a teacher called out to her. Was so excited to see her though didnt tell anyone about it. Small world. 🙂 Liked the school. The only problem would be transportation to Bangsar. They dont have any transporters till Bangsar. 🙁

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