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Faythe Scrapbooking

I’ve not been putting down diligently Faythe’s lil coversations with us since many many moons ago. So this is gonna be a long one. I usually store these conversations as draft, but never had a chance to publish them.

(photo taken recently during our PD Trip in August 09)

Being a 4.5 yrs old, she’s ever so talkative & at times challenging you with her wittiness. Sometimes we’d just go speechless with her sense of bluntness and innocent.

While I was bathing her the other day…
Mommy: oh no, how come there’s a red bump on you, who bit you?
Faythe: Mosquito.
Mommy: Oh, why do you think mosquito bit you?
Faythe: You know the mosquito likes to bite me cause I’m all honey & sugar & everything sweet inside my blood. That’s why they like me.
Mommy: O.o

Some guest came to MIL’s house and commented that she doesn’t talk, she tried defending herself…
Faythe: I can talk, Dog cannot talk one

When she refuse to go to school, I was trying to coax her…
Mommy: Faythe you must go to school OK. You see Ivan, he’s so clever. He goes to school never cry. His teacher also says that he’s a clever boy cause he never cry. He’s so clever right. You want to be like Ivan?
Faythe: NO
Mommy: Why NO?
Faythe: Cause I’m a girl, I don’t want to be a boy
Mommy: Oopss…*mental note, gotta use girl as example next time*

On her toy dog…
Faythe; Mama, you see my dog can line up one (like everyone else while purchasing movie passes)
Faythe: Mama, you see my dog can eat one (pretending that the dog is eating with us in the restaurant *roll eyes*)
Faythe: Mama, you see my dog can watch movie also (sat the dog next to her while watching movie)

In the quest for a sweet…
Faythe: Mama, can you give me a sweet?
Mommy: OK here you go
Faythe: Thanks mama. Now I feel much better
Mommy: *huh…*

She adores me like a…
Faythe: Mama, you are my pillow to hug, I miss you…
Mommy: melted. You are m bolster 🙂

When she’s lazy…
Mommy; Faythe, can you on the fan for mama?
Faythe: OK. But now I’m going up…and sitting down on the chair, so I cannot on for you. You on yourself OK.

Mommy: Faythe, can you help me to get some tissue from the toilet?
Faythe: Mommy, I don’t know what you talking about…
Mommy: Huh..I think tonight I also don’t know how to tell story
Faythe: (she quickly ran to the toilet to get some tissue for me LOL) Mommy, here’s the tissue

On the phone with her Godmom…
Faythe: Happy Birthday Kai Ma (Godmom)
Godmom: Thanks. Can you give me a kiss or not
Faythe: Cannot…
Godmom: Aiya, why cannot? Can la..
Faythe: Cannot, cause this is a phone, not you..
Godmom: O.o.

Hogging the toilet…
Daddy: Faythe, can you please hurry up, I want to use the toilet
Faythe: *still sitting on our toilet* Daddy you go the other toilet OK. I want to use this one (pointing to the toilet at the other side of the house)
Daddy: O.o *speechless*

While driving home, I picked up the phone and talk, after putting down the phone…
Faythe: Mama (sounded like pretty fedup after nagging so many times), you are not supposed to talk on the phone while you driving!! Afterwards police catch you
Mommy; OK, sorry, I won’t next time OK

When she wants a share of Vyktore’s toy…
Faythe: Vyktore…you must share your toy with JIe JIe OK. Jie JIe share with you my masak masak, my barbie doll. So you must share your robot with me, cause I don’t have…

One morning when she woke up…
Faythe: Mommy, you look like a chicken LOL
Mommy: huh…..*went to see the mirror* wahh……my hair all standing up, memang like a chicken LOL

While we were reading a book…
Faythe: Mommy, tittt…*pretend to press a button on the book*
Mommy: What’s that?
Faythe: I pause the book first, I have to go take something, you wait for me OK
Mommy: O.o

During shopping…
Faythe: Mommy, lets go here and see…
Mommy: I’m not buying anything OK
Faythe: No buy, see only..see only..(but see see a few times, then end up buying and got conned O.o)

One night while we were sleeping…
Faythe: *Knocking our door* HELP ME HELP ME!!
Daddy: *thought what happen* (Opens our room’s door) What happen Faythe?
Faythe: Help me Daddy, help me!! My nose is bleeding HELP ME!!!

She refused to clean her toys one night, but I reprimanded her to stay upstairs till she finish cleaning. After a while she came downstairs…
Mommy: So have you finished cleaning up all your toys?
Faythe: Yes…
Mommy: Good. That’s my girl.
Faythe: No Mommy, not good. You must say EXCELLENT
Mommy: O.o. Who tell you that?
Faythe: My teacher in school say excellent, it’s better than good
Mommy: *fainted* I need to be a teacher soon to counter back all her words 😛

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  1. Faythe’s a smart girl in which she knows how to defend herself by giving u good & reasonable answers to ur questions. U’ve to learn from her lor. Hahaha!

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