Bird Park Revisit, 31st Aug 09

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Over the long weekend, we didn’t travel out of town, knowing that there’ll be major traffic jam due to school holidays & National Day. We stayed at home and lucky enough, we didn’t rot ourselves up at home LOL.

I brought the kids to bird park on a Monday morning after anticipating that the roads will not be blocked after 10am since the National Day Parade has been cut short thanks to H1N1.

It weren’t too crowded on that day. I guess nowadays most people are staying out from public areas thanks to health concerns. We were there by 11am, got our passes and went in right away.

Though it’s Vyktore’s 2nd time, he refused to wear the wrist band provided. He insisted on taking it out throughout the whole trip, but at the same time he kept reminding himself “Cannot take out”. Talk about confusion :P.

The last round when they came with the school, Faythe told me she fed the parrots. I didn’t believe she was that daring O.o. So she’s all so excited to proof me wrong during our 2nd trip.

I must admit that I enjoy myself more at the bird park more than Aquaria KLCC haha…I’m really not a fan of the birds family, but I figure that the way this Park is designed is much better than Aquaria. Ooopps…I don’t think I should be comparing apple to apple, since one is indoor, the other is outdoor.

(Faythe with the parrots, Vyktore the closest he gets to the bird for a photo)

The first stop, there was this guy holding a polaroid camera and going around asking people if they want to take photos. It was RM10/photo, not too exhorbitant I think. Faythe instantly jumped up and offered herself O.o. Vyktore, though he loves bird, he refused to get close to the parrots..sigh…

The man was also kind enough to allow us to take photo with our own digicam. Look at my lil girl, so daring right. Even I dare not hold the parrot like that.

After that we went for lunch at the hornbill cafe. I opted to sit outside to catch a glimpse of the Hornbill, and yes we did spotted 1-2 flying from tree to tree. But I didn’t manage to get close enough to take photos. No zoom lense mah…

After lunch, we continued the walk in bird park. Good thing was it was pretty cloudy that day. Then we came to another area where they offer photo sessions again.

(An eagle behind the cage)

And again, Faythe was tempted to take photos, this round with owls and eagles O.o. I didn’t allow her to go though, as those 2 are from the wild, I’m pretty skeptical if they’d be safe enough for photos. So we just watch some other children taking photos with the birds.

After that, we came to this area where there were plenty of parrots and you may feed them with the kuaci provided by the bird attendant with a fee of RM2. Faythe offered herself to hold the container of kuaci. The parrots started pecking and peckign non stop.

Look how she enjoys feeding the parrot LOL…Vyktore were a bit scared as there were too many, he only touched them gently.

A parrot spotted in the cage. It doesn’t look too happy to me. We then pass by this giant man made waterfall where it leads to the playground. Both of them got excited and they spent some quality time at the playground while I took some time to rest. It was huge, it has like 6 slides of different heights. Vyktore enjoyed himself so much sliding and trying out all the slides at the playground.

We then saw some bigger birds like cassowary, emu & ostrich before we went to the nursery where they had chicks and ducklings. The photo above is our dearest Faythe. She says the ostrich walks like that LOL.

And the photo below, is a cassowary. Faythe look at it and said, “Mommy look, this bird wears a red tie”. hahaha…I lurve that remark.

Vyktore enjoyed squeezing the chicks at the nursery and didn’t wanna go off *roll eyes*. I didn’t take a picture of him doing that as there were quite a few children there as well.

We stop over at the souvenir shop and got 2 lil gifts for their own and we finally left the place by 3pm. A rather satisfying trip. They say next round they must bring Daddy along.

By the way, if you have a MyKad & MyKid, you pay like 1/2 the price of normal rates. Very worth it. I didn’t bring their MyKid along, but I think they still gave discount. I only paid RM40+ for 2 adults & 2 kids.

9 thoughts on “Bird Park Revisit, 31st Aug 09”

  1. very, very nice pics!! faythe is so brave.

    we love the birds park too, and if you have jusco card, they will give you rm5 off the total (not sure if that still applies)

  2. ooh…yr little is such bravo with the parrots on her head & hand, i’m sure my boys would have no gut for that 😀
    yr colorful & sharp photos are awesome !!

  3. Lovely pictures. I’m sure F&V enjoyed this trip much much more compared to the rushed trip with JC. And yes, Faythe fed the parrots during the JC trip. I had a photo of her doing that but as I snapped, the caretaker stretched out his hand so that spoilt the photo.

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