Of Bru, Grin & O-vin

Scrapbooking Vyktore

Like 1 month ago or so, 1 fine day. Vyktore told me, “Yerrow, Yerrow” while pointing at Faythe’s mini colour pallette.

At first I thought it was a fluke, so I ask him again, what colour is this? He repeated Yerrow. Whoa…little did I know this boy been learning colours in the school. Then he went Bru pointing at the blue colour pallette.

Then I went Pink, he repeated Pink, I went Yellow, he repeated Yellow….and since then, naming colours is one of his fav pass time till now LOL.

This is what he usually do:

While holding the transformer DVD Cover:

  1. What colour? Yellow…… pointing at Bumble bee
  2. What colour? Bru (Blue)….pointing at Optimus Prime
  3. What colour? Brack (Black)…pointing at Megatron

And he repeats this a gazillionth time till we start repeating after him to assure him the colours are correct. O.o.

While flipping the book:

  1. What colour? Purple…pointing at some purple colour picture
  2. What colour? Pink…pointing at the pink colour car

Funny thing is he ask the question himself and answers back himself haha…..

Sometimes I’ll test him and ask him:

Mommy: Vyktore, Mommy’s baju what colour?
Vyktore: Grin (Green)
Mommy: Mommy’s watch what colour?
Vyktore: Why (White)
Mommy: Jie Jie’s baju what colour?
Vyktore: Look at Faythe….Purple!!
Mommy: No, jie jie’s baju is pink.
Vyktore: Purple…..*giggles* Purple *giggles* – I think he did this on purpose for the fun of it

I’m getting quite good in deciphering his gibberish language nowadays and I understand 90% of his words :). The colours he knows very well:

  • PInk
  • Purple
  • Rid (red)
  • Bru (blue)
  • Grin (green)
  • Why (white)
  • Brack (black)
  • Yello (Yellow)
  • O-vin (Orange)

He makes alot of mess when we do painting at home, cause he likes to mix colours together. He’d go:

  1. Yello & O-vin
  2. Bru & Grin
  3. Bru & Yello

And the list goes on…..

Another milestone for Vyktore :).

20 thoughts on “Of Bru, Grin & O-vin”

  1. Hi, its fun and exciting when kids at this age learning their words and meanings.
    Enjoy these times, kids grow real fast….
    and one day will be asking you for the keys to the BMW to go on a date, ha ha.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

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