We have M.O.V.E.D recently

Et Cetera

Some of you might have noticed that this lil blog of mine been:

  1. Spotting a few viruses here n there for the pass month
  2. Loading particularly slow
  3. Comments not able to load

And probably a whole long list of issues…no thanks to my ex-service provider, Netonboard.

When I first spotted the virus, together with Dinah, we notify or host, but they didn’t do a good job and the virus came back.

The one thing that really P-I-S-S-E-D me (us) off was that they even had the guts to ask us to upgrade to 2 yrs package, so that they can migrate us to another server. WTF…kinda answer is this.

To cut the crap shot, I’ve (we) finally decided to ask Netonboard to fly kite jauh jauh…and we’ve moved to Exabytes.Yah..I moved mine on Thursday, then Dinah also did the same LOL…

After the move, there were some hiccups over at my blog, some of the folders permission went a bit cranky, but rest assure that it’s all over and done.

Some people also told me that Exabyte has their problems too…lets hope I don’t get another virus issue from them. So far I’m pretty pleased with their support.

9 thoughts on “We have M.O.V.E.D recently”

  1. Yalor.. Neton asked me to upgrade my package too so I could upgrade to the lates WP version. I was so disappointed.

    So I also switched to Exa and thank goodness for Julian to help me with the smooth transition.

    So far so good…

  2. Hopefully no more issues 😀 . Each hosting has their own problems, but its a matter of how they handle the problem and support. So far Exa support quite good and will never ask you to upgrade and will solve your issues. Just ask Shannon ehheheh

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