A Blog Break, A Wedding Anniversary & A New Header


I went MIA for 2 weeks as I was busy…super super busy…in the office, we are busy planning for our HUGE project. Which translates to some traveling requirement to be done soon O.o.

At home, I’ve been busy, trying to meet the deadline and manage to submit a photobook with discount 25%, and still gotta pay USD140!! Yay, finally after being married for 6 yrs, I finally burn the midnight oil and whip up 90 pages of photobook for my wedding photos!! I nearly pengsan by the time I finished it. Not forgetting it took me over 2 days to upload the book. That was during Raya!! I’m now waiting for it to arrive.

In conjunction with our 6th wedding anniversary(chinese ceremony) last week, we went for a trip (just 2 of us) to keep ourselves away from the kids *nyek nyek nyek*.  What present did I get? Nothing lah, the trip lorrr, in his previous trip back home, he bought me a sapphire & ruby ring in replacement of the stolen one *muaks muaks*….And what anniversary present I got for Mr. Hon? The much awaited photobook haha…Imagine he gotta wait 6 yrs to finally have a wedding book, but since we are still waiting for the book to be delivered, he will need to wait for another 2 months to view the book as he’s leaving KL soon :P.

And a fresh new header of Mr. Hon, photo taken during our recent trip. We both like this photo very much. It more or less resembles him away from home and so looking forward to come home and unite with us one day.

More about the trip once I sort out all the photos. I’ll be back soon :). Have a great weekend ahead and happy Mooncake Festival.

28 thoughts on “A Blog Break, A Wedding Anniversary & A New Header”

  1. Welldone Jazzmint.This photo let me feel like *flying without wing* (Westlife song)Great job & I like the blue sea.*Amazing*

  2. Nice header…can’t wait to see other photos from your trip. Must be sooo lovely. Haha…Mr. Hon has to wait 6 years for your wedding photobook? Mine waited 4 years 🙂 My next project is one photobook for each year of Yiu Yiu’s life – so that’s four that I need to complete 🙁

  3. OMG 90 pages??? Salute!

    Love the new header.. looks like some movie poster.. Will be good if both of u were on the rock eh 😀

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