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..have time to blog about something before I depart for my trip last week. But I’m totally wrong! I was so so so busy preparing for the trip, co-ordinating for training that is happening to KL, and many other things that at 1 point I asked myself. What’s going on MAN. Why is there so many things happening at the same time?

Seriously, I’m pretty much exhausted at times that I can’t even think straight. Workload is up to the neck (or maybe up to the head). Each time I take off or travel for work, the email just get more n more. Each day I’m getting like at least 50 mails, which 1/2 of them needs my attention.

Where did I go last week? I was at Jakarta & Bandung to pay a visit to my service partners. It’s really an eye opener. If you think KL is jam, wait till you see Jakarta. You’d probably die sitting in endless traffic jam there LOL. The jam starts right from the morning till late night. Even during weekends, there are cars everywhere.  Don’t forget the high security at all places all time, thanks to all the bomb threats. I shall post some of my photos from Jakarta/Bandung soon, lets hope it’s not gonna take long.

So where did we left last? My Phuket trip still…..Gosh….I have so much to catch up, including our last weekend Halloween Trick or Treat Celebration. Yikes, photos still in the camera!! I think even my camera is feeling the stress cause he’s working day in day out like me LOL.

OK, I’m pretty exhausted with words for now. I’ve been awake since 530am to catch up with some office work. I’m pretty done with it, thought it’s best to post this up before it becomes too *OLD* to be posted.

Here are more photos of the buildings & architecture of Phuket. If you look carefully, it reminds you alot of Penang & Malacca. I didn’t arrange them in sequence (too lazy).

love the contrasting door against the pink background.

an old shop selling clothes or was it a tailor

a temple we visited

another temple we visited. There are plenty of Chinese Temples in Phuket. That’s why it feels so like in Penang.

Signboard in the temple.

I took this photo cause of the contrasting banner against the white washed wooden house.

Bridal shop.

Something that we can never miss when we travel in ASIAN countries…Hawkers on bike selling food/drinks.

I can’t recall if this a restaurant or boutique, but I like how the windows. Look, both sides are different LOL.

Another view of Classic Barn.

A shop selling 2nd hand books.

Aged windows

On On Hotel. Would you stay here?

Seat for *raja sehari*?

Window grille. Looks like design from the 70s. My parents’ old house has quite similar design as this.

Anyone wants to buy a Honda Civic here :P. Nah…they only sell bikes over here. I didn’t spot any car.

Love the outstanding lime green shop against the rest of the old shops.

Soi Romanee. I lurve all the arches, the door….simply everything lah..

Soi Romanee…colourful right!! I must go back here again to take some photos in my next trip cause I didn’t have enough of it arghh…

Grille….very old style.


AND more locks…

more aged buildings

different designs of buildings

and more…

and more…not forgetting the lady selling feather duster 😛

Contrasting effect of the buildings. The pic on my left is one of my favourite cause so happen the monk is there and it sort of matches the colour of that shop.

On the left, a restaurant. That picture is so so so old, probably taken like 60s?

Another temple we frequent during our visit.

more buildings in Phuket

Clock tower in Phuket town.

Need I say anymore…

Ahh…I’m so so so in love with the architecture of each building. I couldn’t get enough of it man. In the end I have to give up, cause Daddy says it’s all the same.

Daddy decided to leave me behind cause I’m too slow LOL.

A few more buildings to go.

A shop used to sell Panasonic products I supposed?

Soi Romanee. Nice ya this street!!

I think the one on left is Soi Romanee. The one on right isn’t.

Whoa….finally it’s the last photo. If you spend a lot of time admiring the architecture in Phuket, you probably can’t finish the town in 1 day. We took like 1/2 a day to comb the whole town.

Guess what, we are going back to Phuket this month. This round with the kids. Lets hope I won’t be taking more photos of the buildings.

10 thoughts on “And I thought I did…”

  1. jazz, while viewing ur photos, u remind me of my time while i study architectural, one of the assignment had to seat on the street and draw those historical facades … is almost the same as ur photos, but urs is more detail and unic … nice pictures!!

  2. you have very meticulous eyes … many details would be taken for granted for me …

    i guess only a true photographer would have such strong instinct on rich composition …

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