Trick OR Treat on 31 Oct, 09

Faythe Scrapbooking Vyktore

Last weekend was Halloween. Usually I don’t celebrate Halloween. But this year, MIL bought some costumes for them to dress up for Halloween. Since she’s staying in apartment temporarily, it’s fun to bring the kids around for a trick or treat at the neighbours.

Faythe were dressed as skeleton jack. Her all time favourite character. In fact she’s been practicing her trick or treat at home. But when the day comes, she’s a bit shy and dare not greet the neighbours.

Vyktore, actually we got him a bumble bee costume. But on that day he went berserk and refuse to wear *roll eyes*. So he wore his Thomas & Friends Shirt. That’s it.

The cousins each wore a Thomas & Friends Top & Skeleton Jack as well.

The kids for sure enjoyed themselves giving out treats to everyone. How did you celebrate your Halloween?

Oh, and on Sunday, we went to 1u, there were Halloween Deco as well. And there was a witch walking around. Faythe took picture with her, with my phone camera.

9 thoughts on “Trick OR Treat on 31 Oct, 09”

  1. last min dun wan to wear .. its lidat … kids always change their minds. 🙂 was meaning to blog bout halloween too .. guess it gonna be another backdated post for me … so many many … gonna haf a tough time updating all .. prolly i’ll just add a few into one then i can finish it faster. 🙂 nice scrap .. really nice.

  2. Have always wanted the boys to experience Halloween.. Couldn’t do anything this year (had to care for #4)..

    May be next year..

    Would surely be fun if the neighbourhood did some activities for halloween huh?!

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