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I’ve been on a travelling spree seriously.

After my previous trip to Phuket, then 2 weeks later, I went to Jakarta – for work.

Two weeks after my Jakarta trip, I went to Phuket again!! Yes, we booked our flights & hotel instantly when we came back from our 1st Phuket Trip. But this time round we brought the kids and MIL along.

Daddy left a week after that, and in 2 weeks time, I travelled again O.o. Thank God it’s a short trip to Singapore.

It’s been a long time since I last set foot in Singapore and it has changed so much. I was there for work and it was crazy. The moment I touch down and check in to hotel, I logon to the internet & my boss skype me. Hey, I’m preparing the winter plans, can you get these stuff up for me…and next thing I knew I slept at 3am.

And that continued for another 1 day, before I finally decided that I need a break and spend my night enjoying the beautiful skyline of Singapore.

I’m finally home last Saturday, just to settle down for another 3 weeks, before my last trip of the year, Work & Holiday Trip.

Tell me where to find time O.o. And with the workload that is coming in, I bet I have to plan my next travel probably early February before the Chinese New Year, then resume travelling again in March. *Sweats*

This is probably the best time to clock more Kris Flyer Points :).

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  1. yea yea kris flyer points. 🙂 its been many years since i last been to singapore actually. was planning to go for the christmas but changed plans. sigh.
    haf a great holiday. 🙂

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