A poison attempt by my MAID?


I’ve not blogged about my maid for sometime. Not because she has gotten worse or anyhow better from the last I wrote about her. But I rather not pollute my blog with all maid dramas. But this round, I simply can’t help to write about this, just to serve as a reminder to all readers who has a maid at home.

FYI, my maid is a Cambo, and she has worked for me for 1.5yrs. She understands English perfectly, she can even answer me back sarcastically.

On 2nd day of CNY, I had friends over at my house. After dinner 2 of them continued to lepak around my house and we decided to play some dice game (a game which requires you to drink when you guess it wrongly). So Mr. Hon asked the maid for some ice to chill the diluted Whisky.

Our maid told us that we ran out of Ice. Fine. It’s never a practice to make ice cubes at home, we usually buy them from 7-eleven in a bag.

Few minutes later, she said got ice, and passed us a cup with ice inside. So Mr. Hon happily drop those 4 cubes of ice into the diluted Whisky.

Then my friend spotted that the Whisky looks weird, like a slurpee texture. So I told her wow..our Whisky turned Slurpee…yummy. And I asked Mr. Hon to add some water.

As we continued to play the game, it was my friend’s turn to drink. She took a sip of the drink with the ice, and she immediately spotted that something is wrong.

Then Mr. Hon tasted his and it tasted like jelly in whisky O.o. And we all tasted it, it is definitely not ice!! It’s either Bird Nest, jelly or something else. But 101% sure not ice.

It can’t be Bird Nest, cause I’ve not been boiling Bird Nest for sometime. And I don’t freeze my Bird Nest.

It’s definitely not Jelly, cause I don’t make Jellies as well. The only possible Ice I would have made was Ribena Ice for the kids!!

We instantly call the maid and ask her what was it she gave to us. And she proudly acclaimed that “It’s ice lah” (Can say lah somemore O.o)

Mr. Hon: Where did you get the ice from?
Maid: in the fridge lah
Mr. Hon: Where’s the plastic bag?
Maid: Throw already, outside the house.
Jasmine: Go search the plastic bag where it’s used to store the ice you gave us and show us.

She went to dig for the plastic bag (with a face black as Pau Ching Tien – that’s her usual expression when she gets scolding)

While she was digging, we already suspect that she gave us some Desicant/Silica Gel as Ice. I have those “Techni Ice” in my freezer, been sitting there for 3 yrs. Ever since I stop transporting BM from office to home, I just kept them in freezer. Only 4 cubes. And I notice it was missing from the freezer!!

Minutes later, she came back, don’t have….

Jasmine: How can don’t have, you just threw the wrapper outside, not 10yrs ago. It has to be there.

So I asked her to bring the rubbish in and pour everything on the floor and search again.

She pretend couldn’t find, cause I was there searching with her thru the smelly rubbish. But I saw!!

A plastic like Ice Wrapper.

I took it out and inspect.

She quickly claimed, “Ya this the ice lah” (Somemore so confident, you silly woman)

Seriously, she opened up the Techni Ice and gave it to us as Ice for us to consume!!

I can’t imagine if she opened it up for my kids to consume O.o.

Those 4 cubes, I’ve actually put it at the door of the freezer so that the kids would never spot it. Also, for so many gazillionth times that we organise parties (be it big or small), we always use ice from 7-eleven. Never never that we use ice in cubes or any of such that is found packed nicely like Techni Ice. So who on earth did she learned to use Techni Ice as Ice for us to consume. God knows!!

She personally told me that, “I tell myself this is ice, so I give it to you lah”.

Wah liao eh…I shall not explain further what happens next, as all employers who has a maid at home, you’d probably do the same as what I did after I found out what was actually THE ICE!!

Good thing I don’t bake at home, if not she would have mistaken my night cream as icing for the cake!!

21 thoughts on “A poison attempt by my MAID?”

  1. Wah some more take turn to drink it??!! If poison, all kenalah.

    I think the only mistake in this case was the maid didn’t ask you whether it can be used or not. Not many ppl know what Techni Ice is and how to use it. Unless you told her in the past.

  2. maid from hell?? pretending or purposely??? heard so many horrible things about cambo maids, are they worse than indo maids?

    luckily nobody drank the contaminated fluid.

  3. Your maid memang siao 😐 From the outside, she looks normal, but from the things you told me, scary man…. that’s why I will definitely not get a Cambo!

  4. OMG!!!
    my guess is you send her back to agent right away! this one definitely cannot keep. I’d also decided not to employ anymore stay-in helper after my current one goes back in April. I can’t wait for that day to come.

  5. You think she did that on purpose or pure stupidity?

    But Cambodian maid, I always think got mental problem. Can’t blame them, their revered leader Pol Pot used to torture them, and it’s just like 20yrs ago.

    So some of these maids probably have nightmarish childhood that made them behave the way they do today.

  6. i agree with zmm. cambods not fit to be maids. abit siao wan. what they think is right – then it gotto be right. luckily u all never mati. You see la. leave my kid alone also she said she is right. mampus la. i no eye see edi. now she is someone else’s problem

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