This Year on Valentine’s Day…

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it’s probably the worse ever Birthday I ever had in my life.

To start with, this year my birthday is very special. Not only it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s also 1st day of Chinese New Year. Very cool yah…

And what I did on that day? I spent half the day sleeping at home as I was down with cold & fever…huhuhuh….

Early morning, we went to MIL’s house to pai lin. Then we watched DVD there till 1pm. Weather is freaking hot during CNY. Must be global warming effect. I can feel adult acne popping out of my face anytime with such freaky weather!!

After that we went home and I slept from 2-6pm, and Mr. Hon went out to his ex-colleague’s house.

He came home at 6pm and asked me to go upstairs to sleep as downstairs was pretty hot. I purposely slept downstairs and just on the fan so that I sweat and recover faster.

After going upstairs, I continued sleeping till 9pm at night O.o…when Faythe came in and told me, “Mommy, Daddy’s friend downstairs”.

I finally went downstairs after taking my shower and chatted a bit with his friends. Then had my dinner.

What a pathetic way to celebrate my birthday LOL.

Nevertheless, I still receive my present from Daddy & Faythe.

Mr. Hon got me a *special edition* Iphone from Vietnam. Why special ah…you see the phone, it has got pink design LOL…In Vietnam, it’s very common they skin their phones and laptops. And they do it very professionally. Nice or not :).

Faythe, she drew this for me @ her art class & she made this shopping bag for me so that I can go shopping during CNY with it :).

This is supposed to be a tiger sitting on a horse. But looks more like a pig sitting on a horse. Those Chinese words are written by her teacher.

Front & back view of the paper bag. Again the words are written by her teacher & the tiger too. She only drew, coloured and cut all those cute little paper shapes and stick on the bag.

4 thoughts on “This Year on Valentine’s Day…”

  1. yooooo… that ifon cantik le. i saw some kiosk in midv, they can do the skin also. hmmm… but tat $$ can buy nice cover le! anyway, hope ur all better now 🙂

  2. I think Faythe did a lovely job on the painting and drawings as well as painting on the paper bags. She definitely has talent.

    Btw, Happy Belated 4th Birthday to Vyktore. Could not find the comment button in that post, sorry.

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