26-28Feb: Weekend Rajin-ness

Faythe Household Jazzmint Vyktore

It was a long weekend last week. And it’s a pity that Daddy had to leave on 25th, just missing the long weekend, sigh.

And I have 1 photoshoot scheduled on Friday. So I thought I must be a bit rajin since it’s weekend. And I did :). On Friday night, we had dinner at Lala Chong with Jayden & Family. Hence I didn’t cook.

On Saturday, did a whole list of stuff. Early morning went to do marketing. So I actually woke up at 6am to plan what I want to cook for the kids for the weekend. Yeah..I seldom cook, so whenever I need to cook, I have to dig out all the recipe books & go thru my feedreader (read those cooking blogs LOL).

After marketing, I packed my PC and went to digitalmall to get it inspected as the Display is giving me problem :(. And it still is right now *fumes*.

Then went to SP Setia to cancel off the house that we booked 2 months ago. No no, we are not moving, but someone itchy somewhere just went to book 2 units of houses in SP Setia for investment, then decide not to take it later. So I had to go cancel it off.

When we got home, all so tired…apalagi..nap time :P. Woke up at 4pm and did a photo session for Faythe.

Seriously, when I start taking photos for my kids, I realized how much they’ve grown before my eyes. Their feet are no longer wrinkly like the ones of the newborn babies. They no longer like to pose in front of the camera (cause they get so sick of me pointing the camera at them LOL). I even have to negotiate with her to take photos.

And here are 2 photos which I like most.

Yoh..so young already got eyebags O.o.

After that, I drop Faythe off to art class & went home and cook up a storm :).

Vyktore is a picky eater. Sometimes I really don’t know how to describe him. He’s not those type that refuses all food, but only certain food. Since I had plans to cook Spaghetti, I had to think of something for him, cause he doesn’t eat Western Food. But he eats Nuggets though :P.

So I cooked Pumpkin Spaghetti for Faythe & rest of us. While for Vyktore, I fried Nuggets. Yes, we had homemade Chicken Nuggets!! Simply delicious..slurpss….We had so much that I even manage to freeze some uncooked ones for this coming weekend.

The nuggets were a hit for Vyktore. He easily polished off at least 10 pieces. Faythe ate like 5 pieces and she finished her spaghetti as well. She told me that the Spaghetti not nice haha..but she still finished it. She wants me to cook the bologna spaghetti next round.

On Sunday, I woke up at 10am :P. Why? Cause at 1am, Vyktore had a very horrible nose bleed. So I had to clean him up and put him back to sleep. After that I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to finish up 2 photobooks to rush for the 40% off. Yes!! Then after I woke up, continue to finish up another photobook (shiaks..got addicted to making photobook O.o).

  1. 40 pages book for Eelaine’s baby
  2. 136 pages book for my Australia Trip back in 2008
  3. 40 pages book for Phuket Trip in 2009

This also means I’m so so broke..even with the discount I still had to pay RM600 for book 2 & 3. Gotta be more rajin to paid post :P.

Then we had simple lunch, Lotus Root Soup & Rice.

Later on, put the kids to sleep for their nap while I do my own stuff.

Sent Faythe to art class at 5pm, then cook up a storm again. This round I cooked Mustard Cabbage Rice. It’s a 1 pot recipe. Just dump everything into the rice cooker and cook. Simply delicious. I got the recipe from Women’s Weekly Magazine. Will share with you later when I have time to put down the recipe hehe..

Didn’t take any picture cause too lazy liao.

With so much of cooking & eating, I wonder when I’m gonna find myself diets that work for me.

So that was our long weekend. And here’s a photo of Vyktore, pretending he’s listening to music :).

He’s slowly loosing his chubbiness and getting taller by the day.

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  1. Pumpkin spaghetti sounds really healthy. I wish my kids would eat pumpkin. I almost couldn’t recognize Faythe’s pic in your header. She’s grown prettier and Vyktore has grown more handsome!

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