Hanoi: 1st – 4th Feb 2010

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Before CNY, I had 2 business trips, one to Jakarta & one to Hanoi.

I didn’t take much photos on both the trips, especially Hanoi cause the schedule was so tight & there are alot of jobs to accomplish.

When I was in Hanoi, it was during Winter. But the weather didn’t even show a single sign of Winter. I think even Genting is colder than Hanoi O.o.

I stayed in Intercontinental Hanoi @ West Lake. Known as one of the best hotel in Hanoi (apparently only Sofitel Metropole can match Intercon – according to Mr. Hon, cause he stayed in Metropole before). But to local Vietnamese Intercontinental is the best.

Yes, this place is incredibly beautiful. A resort hotel built on West Lake itself. It looks more like for leisure than for business. As usual, I don’t really spend alot of time in hotel, so it’s like a bit of waste. But I told myself, last night before I leave, I must take some photos. It’s really stunning. Of course room rates are also stunning LOL.

I took these photos on my last night before I check out the next day.

From far, the Pavilion on 2nd from left is where I stay. The one in orange is actually the bar, where they serve drinks at night.

I so happen to stay at the furthest most Pavilion, hence I get a chance to see the whole resort everyday by walking in and out.

This is the hotel block where it’s joined to the Hotel Lobby as well as other facilities e.g. Swimming Pool, Cafe, Restaurants.

Another view of the hotel block connecting to the gym on the right side. Behind you can see Sheraton Hotel, which is facing West Lake as well. Mr. Hon stays there when he’s based in Hanoi. Good life huh…

This the path I walk everyday while I get back to my room. As it’s quite a distance, you can also opt to take a buggy if you decide not to walk.

This is how my opposite neighbour looks like.

View from my room at night.

And here’s a view of what I see in the morning. That’s Pavilion 3. It looks pretty gloomy due to the winter weather.

Here’s how the room look like. They even have different types of pillow material to suite your needs O.o. TV also bigger than my house TV..haiyooo…

Lastly, the nicely decorated bathroom which I barely touch anything apart from taking shower & doing my businesses LOL.

Well, don’t get mistaken, I don’t get to stay here all the time. But because this trip was decided so late, I barely had time to book the hotel and wonder why, the other hotel in the list was fully booked O.o..so had to stay here.

If you have all the money to splurge when you go Hanoi, definitely should stay here :).

I stayed in Intercontinental in Jakarta too, but it’s definitely not as great as this one. Probably the lake was the deciding factor LOL. Oh…but Intercontinental SG is on par with this too…will upload some photos when I have a chance.

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  1. Looks more like a condo than hotel.. 😛

    Your company also good huh, stay in the best places always. Not like ours.. choose the cheapest!

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