Daddy turns 4-ZERO


My man turned 40 on 10th April. He’s been pestering me to check for roast pork price and he intend to celebrate it with style (he always have reasons to celebrate…actually he just enjoy the cutting pig thingy *seriously*).

But little did he know, I actually planned for a surprise party for him *smart wife rite*…AHEM.

I started the planning 3 weeks ago, while I was still in Jakarta. I requested Angie (close friend of ours) to help me check for dinner menu at Peranakan Place Restaurant in 1Utama.

Why this place when there are many other restaurants? Actually, this year is also our 7th year wedding anniversary, which falls on the same day as his birthday (our ROM). And this restaurant is where we 1st met 10 years ago, on our very first date. To make story short, I just arrange everything so coincidentally cause I’m really lack of time to source when I’m so far away LOL.

Once the menu was confirmed, I did a quick check on who are the people to invite. Good thing I have Yvonne’s (Bruno’s GF) MSN, so she could help me arrange the AirAsia side. Then I also sent a couple of private SMSes to his friends & my friends.

When I came back from Jakarta, I quickly went to the restaurant to confirm the no. of pax & paid the deposit.

I also made arrangement to sneak Whiskey to the dinner via Angie & Lawrence before he gets back from Vietnam.

Then I berpakat with MIL so tell him that she won’t be free on Saturday night for dinner. He actually wanted to have dinner with the family, then do the pig cutting thingy on Sunday @ Church.

On Saturday morning, he asked what are the plans for dinner? I pretended don’t know & asked him to ask MIL. He call MIL and asked her, obviously she also conned him into thinking she’s not free. He got pretty upset LOL.

Then he sent SMS to Bruno & Yvonne to ask them out for dinner, where he was turned down again. Bruno & Yvonne in charged on birthday cake.

LOL…very fun. I was actually trying very hard not to tell & pretend nothing is happening.

In the evening, he kept saying he wants to go downtown to eat Argentinian Food.

Seriously, I had a hard time trying to figure out how to trick him to go 1U. Usually he decides where to go for dinner, hence it’s very tough for me to convince him without any suspicion.

While I was bathing & preparing to go out, I suddenly thought of a brilliant plan :).

After shower, he asked again, where shall we have dinner?

I told him, lets go watch Clash of Titans @ 1U. I’ve booked tickets for 9pm, at TGV. Gotta be TGV not GSC cause the Restaurant is nearer to old wing.

He agreed and promptly mentioned that maybe we should have dinner @ TGIF (I hinted to him earlier that we should eat here since they give free mudpie on your birthday).

So we packed the kids & headed to 1U.

When we arrived there (luckily was easy to get parking…must be my day lah :P), I was busy sms-ing Yvonne to ensure the birthday cake arrives on time. The restaurant also called and signalled me that the guest has all arrived. Perfect timing :).

While we were walking to TGV, I told him lets drop by at one of the restaurant, cause I want to pass something to my friend. He believed and followed me.

At the time when we arrived at the Restaurant, suddenly he saw Bruno standing in the Restaurant. Then he saw MIL.

And he went, “What the….You guys are all conman LOL”

He was so surprised that there were 20+ of them there to celebrate his 40th Birthday.

So the night went on with good food & good company.

Of course he thanked me for giving him a great party (though small scale lah). Now he knows what I’m capable of..conning LOL.

Next day, Lawrence & he ordered a roast pork to treat everyone in Church. Lawrence’s birthday is next weekend.

So everyone enjoyed the roast pork in church.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Though he’s 40, I don’t see he has any wrinkles on his face at all O.o. Definitely do not need any wrinkle cream for now. If this the way he’s gonna age, I’m sure I’ll look older when I turn 40.

20 thoughts on “Daddy turns 4-ZERO”

  1. hhehehehe…it was fun just reading about the birthday surprise for Mr. Hon. Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Hon. I must admit, he does do a good job with the pork cutting and very ‘yau yeng’ too 😀

  2. That’s so sweet.. After all that dissapointment and thinking he would be celebrating his birthday small, I’m sure he was happy about ur great plans for his birthday!

    Happy birthday to Daddy!

    PS: Faythe looks cute in the last picture 😉

  3. That was a good one Jazz!!!
    Mr Hon is such a funny man! I hope my hubby is half playful as him… at least ditch the seriousness in office and be fun and jovial at home!

    Once again, Happy Belated Birthday to Mr Hon and Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary!

  4. Wowww…so sweet of you to organise a surprise birthday for your man…haha. Love reading your post! 🙂 Happy 40th Birthday to Mr Hon!!! He doesn’t look 40 at all!!! 😀

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