3rd weekend of May

Faythe In the Kitchen Motherhood Vyktore

they are absolute darlings when they are not fighting…

Recently, my personal life have been quite fulfilling as we have slow down shooting to the extend of only having 2 shoots this whole month. Fulfilling as in I get to walk my life more laid back and spend more time with my kids. I also need not rush photos for customers. No pile up of photos to be edited. I even had time to sort out my photos of last year!! Keng!! I’ve also resort not to turn on my laptop when I’m at home, just use iphone to limit my time spent on the computer. Basically, I’m enjoying myself :).

So what we did over the weekend?

Vyktore’s all time favourite stunt at home…joined by Faythe

Friday night, we went for movies: Furry Vengence. Introduced by my colleague, it’s a movie worth watching if you need some laughter to breakaway from office stress. More worth watching this than watching Malaysia got thrashed in Thomas Cup :P. Both of them enjoyed the movie and laughed so loud!! Nowadays, I usually bring them out myself or with my brother since they are old enough and easier to control. Don’t need to bring my black-face maid along.

doing her Chinese homework, sometimes can take up to 1 hour O.o.

On Saturday, I went to wet market late. After that went lunch with both of them behind the house. Then we spent our saturday noon finishing up their homework. After homework session, had the chance to play with my camera and took some photos of them.

Then we made jellies before we proceed to our art and craft project.

I’ve been procrastinating to start our craft project but at last we completed our mini crafted aquarium. No photo as we still have the frame not completed yet. Faythe was the big contributor to the aquarium. Vyktore was only drawing the eyes n mouth of the sea creatures and requesting for all sorts of creatures to be featured in our aquarium.

After that I drop Faythe off to art class and slave myself in the kitchen for 2 hours. Our dinner menu:

  1. Fried chicken fingers
  2. Honey baked chicken wings
  3. Friend noodles

My 1st time successfully fried noodles. Faythe was the biggest supporter.

When it comes to fried noodles, tell you the truth I’m a total failure. For as long as I’ve lived, I have never once successfully fried edible noodles. It’s either it’s too much noodles & lack of ingredients or vice versa. But last weekend for once it’s just nice. I goreng until my hand also pain.

2nd time frying these. A hit for Vyktore. I knew he won’t *hiu* my fried noodles, hence I made these for him. He finished close to half of this plate.

We had jellies for dessert :).

On Sunday, I sent Faythe for art class again in the morning. I’ve signed her up for lifetime member, so she gets to go to class as often as she wants without additional fee hehe…

They wanted KFC for lunch, so when I fetch her we packed KFC home as well.

Sunday was more lazy, watched some TV after lunch. As for dinner, we had:

  1. Lotus Root Soup
  2. Honey baked chicken wings – again
  3. Fried rice

This the honey baked chicken. It’s a bit burnt at the tip and the alu foil cause my maid supposed to help me watch the api and glaze the chicken don’t know doing what and went missing halfway thru. Nevertheless it’s tasty!!

That was how we have our weekend. How was yours?

Here are more photos of the 2 of them taken over the weekend.

Erasing her homework

Whilst busy at work, sometimes she’d post for me as well.

Another pose from my willing model

After completed homework, Vyktore came by and show us his feet 😛

Photo session turned violent LOL

Vyktore, posing for me rarely. He’s very impatient when it comes to taking photos, not easy nowadays.

2 of them again. I heart this ;).

See my poser LOL. I don’t know where she learned to pose like this, but if you notice this whole post the photos she’s been tilting her head. Does your 5yo does that too?

Have a nice week ahead…

13 thoughts on “3rd weekend of May”

  1. Superb quality time spent with the kids. Doing crafts n playing masak-masak samo. Vy fulfilling indeed.
    They r a vy handsome n pretty pair. I esp like F’s layered hairstyle.

  2. I still remember the most dreadful part when my boy was in JC was to finish his Chinese writing. He could take as long as 2 hrs to finish 2 pages. Now he is in Std 1, things have got better. Hahaha..

  3. i LOVE fathye’s hair! yoooo…. so yau yeng wan! just like mommy’s hair ni. next time i wanna cut my lil missy’s hair like this! yeng le!

    what a nice wkend u guys had. so next movie is shrek3 & toy story3! yeeehaaa!

  4. nice bro and sis photos … and ur girl hair just look like u lei … 😛 … nowsday very hard to captured Jeremy photos too …. hv to wait and see his mood… so better shoot on Jareth more now 😛

  5. Faythe is so pretty with her new hair style! I think she can go be a child model lar!

    Vyktore is getting more handsome too! YOu have a great pair at home!

  6. what a fruitful weekend, altho not going out but at least you spent a lot times with the kids. 🙂

    Haven’t been here a while, Faythe and Vyktore look so grown up and i love Faythe new hair style, very nice!

  7. My… How they have grown… have seen you guys for the longest time!! We should have a play date or whatever they call it. And I remember I’ve actually booked a photo session with you but it never happened.. How leh?

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