Jogjakarta: 27-30 Mar 2010

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Terminal 3 CGK. This side of the airport looks so much better than Terminal 1 & 2.

After my 2 weeks ordeal-biz-trip in Jakarta, I extended my stay and flew to Jogjakarta. I’ve initially plan this earlier in Feb when I was planning my Jakarta trip, so I couldn’t cancel it last minute although my stay in Jakarta was pro-long. My very own self-trip to Jogja.

Took the earliest flight, departure at 6am O.o. Yeah, it’s crazy…I arrived in Jogja at 7am. My hotel was only a stones throw from airport, by 8 I’ve already check in. But since the room weren’t ready, I can’t go refresh myself :(. And hotel staff suggest that it’s still early, I can probably finish visiting some of the places today instead of waiting for tomorrow.

On the way to Ratu Boko, you can see paddy fields…I love paddy fields, beckoning against the clear blue sky.


Hence I rented a taxi to bring me to Ratu Boko Temple. This place apparently it’s really good and everyone around me tells me I have to go (those hotel staff & driver). But I tell you, the moment I walk pass the entrance of the Ratu Boko, I felt that I was cheated. They charged me USD10 for entrance. So I thought it must be something good lah right. But seriously, it’s not worth USD10. USD5 also I think more than enough.

The entrance looks so grand, but behind there there’s nothing..sigh…

From the ticket counter, you have to walk up hill for about 500m I think, before you reach the entrance of Ratu Boko. From where I can see, it looks great, cause there’s a huge entrance greeting you. But the moment I step my foot at the entrance, what I saw was just a piece of empty land, with some ruins here n there.

When I say some, I mean just some stones & rocks here n there, partially restored…There were also some area like Candi Pembakaran, which is fully restored, but there’s nothing to see inside. Adui…Almost terpengsan for paying USD10 for this!!

Top left: Wideangle view from the shrine, that’s Ratu Boko!! So empty right.
Top right: some stones…reminds me of stonehenge UK
Bottom left: VIew of the entrance from the inside
Bottom right: More stones…incomplete ruins

Then I walk further in to my left, there was a shrine up the hill under some shaded trees, and that’s all.

Seems like the only interesting thing to photograph was the entrance LOL. I took side view, front view, back view and even sun flare view LOL.

When I came down, there’s another trail on the right and you can walk very far in, to some other parts of the ruins, but like I say, this temple is not fully restored, hence there’s nothing much to see. Even the stones are lack of carvings to talk about the rich history.

Top left: Steps coming down from the entrance.
Top right: More runis at the other side, but I didn’t go to see, just took pics from far.
Bottom left: Spotted some lalang and decided to take a pic of that.
Bottom right: Prambanan Temple, taken from Ratu Boko.

I only spent about 30-45mins there, then went back to the ticketing area, where I got my free drink (part of the USD10). I think the most breath taking part of Ratu Boko is the location of it. You get a very good view of Jogja, can even see Prambanan Temple from there!!

After that, I head to Prambanan Temple, which is not far from Ratu Boko. My driver is supposed to bring me to these 2 places, but he kept on persuading me to go to Borobodur together on the same day and just charge me 650,000Rp. Still considering while on my way to Prambanan Temple.


This is a Hindu Temple, which I read from internet, known as one of the most beautiful Indian Temple in the World O.o *eyes big big OK*.

So I was thinking, it better not be disappointing like the Ratu Boko.

The entrance fee for this place was pretty cheap, Can’t recall how much though. But was definitely cheaper than that Ratu Boko.

photo taken from far, sky was great I tell you!!, side view

From far, before I came near to it, I already can spot the greatness of it…erm, I feel more worth it OK :P..Cause I see the whole 5 temples there and there are alot of people. 1 thing about their temples, they are always located in a big garden/forest/park or whatever you call it. So usually you spend sometime walking around the garden before you reach the actual temple itself.

Taken from the walkway heading towards the entrance. I waited for at least sometime here for the crowd to clear so that I have minimal human in the photo. You can see the right side are the collapsed parts of the temple due to earthquake.

As I approach the temple nearer from the front, only 1 word. AMAZING!!! SPEECHLESS!!!

It’s a pity that the recent earthquake (few years back) affected this amazing temple. Some of the smaller temple collapse due to the earthquake & they are still working to put the pieces back together.

See, me standing on the viewing/photographing deck. Good idea!! On the top bottom photo are the stones they need to rearrange back O.o.

Another highlight of this place is the viewing/photography deck ;). They actually built a deck (some stairs up to a platform) for you to be at the same level as the temple and you can take photo..muahaha…cool right.

Of course I must get a photo of myself with this temple behind me, as a proof that I really went there :P. Got a angmo couple to snap the photo for me.

(some of the stones with carvings)

There’s a total of 5 temples, the biggest is Shiva Shrine. There’s a cow inside the temple itself. It’s pretty dark, can barely see. You can go around the outside of the temple to admire the stones that are carved. I didn’t have a tour guide (budget mah), so I just did my readings about this Shrine via Internet.

details of the temples really amazing. I seriously can’t imagine how those people carved such a thing on the stone with bare minimal tools.

The remaining shrines are for rest of the Hindu God. Two of it tourist are barred from entering as Restoration is still in progress. The other 2 you can enter, but I was too lazy cause it was so hot O.o.

took a photo of Prambanan Temple from another view. Nice!!

More stones & gargoyles

The various temples found at Prambanan Temple Site

The Hindu God, made of stone on the temple wall itself.

After I finish the Prambanan Temple, there’s a Candi Lumbung & Candi Sewu at the same park.

Candi Lumbung still in restoration progress.
Bottom right: Candi Sewu. Bet it’s gonna look awesome too once the restoration is completed.

I took a walk to Candi Lumbung. This is still restoration in progress, hence can only view from far. Then it started raining :|.

Good thing, they also provide shuttle service (Indon-version-golf-caddy) around the park, so I hop on it and took a ride to Candi Sewu.

Again, part of it is still restoration, not sure it’s because of the earthquake or it’s newly discovered. Since it’s raining, I just took some shots from the caddy itself.

I finished these 3 places at the same park about 12pm. Quite fast eh…so I met the driver at the exit.

He asked me if I want to continue since it’s still early. Borobodur is rather far from Prambanan, in the opposite direction. Heck, since the weather is so good, might as well.

So off we head to Borobodur. It took about 1hour odd and I feel asleep as I was freaking tired from the morning flight!

Stopped at one of the restaurant for a quick lunch. Since I’m all alone, I only ordered ala carte, no chance to sample all the good food.


After that, we continue our journey and finally arrived in Borobodur Temple. Again, this place is located in a huge park. You can walk there, but I reckon you take the in-house caddy..It’s quite far to walk!!

Top left: From far, the Borobodur look so majestic sitting on top of the hill.

Oh, not forgetting, the entrance is another rip-off..If you can pull off as a local, you only pay like 35,000Rp. (USD3). But if you accidentally blurted out your country of origin, you are charged USD15!! So it better be good right…I almost sneak in as local, but I blurted out I’m a Malaysian (thought we kawan with them, can get discount), but heck I had to pay the USD15. So be pandai pandai OK.

At the bottom of the Temple, got someone to take a photo of me as proof LOL. There’s a board explaining the detail of each level and how many stupa there are all together.

On my way to walking up to the temple, I could feel the sun burning me. I didn’t put on any sunblock, I didn’t have any umbrella. I look like a lobster after my Jogja trip :P. *Sweats*

I really admire how they preserve their UNESCO Heritage. You can really feel that they feel so proud and honoured about this. No vandalism at all, no rubbish. You know they have speakers installed around the base of the Temple, they can even spot you trying to climb on the sides of the temple to take photo. They will sound you nicely when you do that LOL. They don’t even need to place a person at each level, but everyone takes good care of it.

Borobodur is a Buddhist Temple.

The monument comprises six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. A main dome, located at the center of the top platform, is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated inside perforated stupa. – Taken from Wikipedia

When I’m almost at 6th level, I took a peek at the main dome. Waited for the humans to clear to take this photo.

Another one word: AMAZING!!! AWESOME!!

There’s also instruction given how to walk thru this temple so that you understand all the stories carved on the walls of this temple. But I didn’t get a guide, so on and off, I just stood next to some tour group to curi dengar some cerita LOL.

I took quite long going thru the 6 levels, I think at least 2-3 hours, that my driver started SMS me asking if I’m OK. LOL. Aiyo, of course I’m OK lah. But you know when a history freak+photographer comes here, she could spend hours just taking photos and admiring the beauty of it.

Countless stupas…facing the mountain

Finally when I reached the last 3 levels where the stupa was situated, I’m speechless. Not only the structure itself is amazing, the view from there is simply amazing too!! When I was at the highest platform, my eye to eye level is facing the Gunung Merapi, still active Volcano. Psst…I’m also a lover of Volcanoes haha..

By the time I finish taking photos, going wah wah for so many was already 4pm and my driver was getting impatient :P.

Took me about 2 hours to get back to hotel. Finally after a tiring but fruitful day, I got into my hotel room and terpengsan.

Next day I didn’t do much, just laze around.

On Monday, I visited Service Centre at Jogja to do some office work before I head back to hotel. Seriously, I would have left on Monday, but there weren’t any flight out, hence I have to stay till Tuesday.

I was too lazy to explore to other places and it was raining too.

Here are the remaining photos of Jogja (mainly taken at Borobodur). If you haven’t been here and you are a history buff, do visit this place. But I reckon 3D2N would be more than enough.

Some of the statues & carvings on the wall.

Some of the statues & carvings on the wall.

Some of the statues & carvings on the wall. All taken at 1st Level.

Each time I move up to the next level, I take a pic of my finger indicating the level no. This is so that when I process my photos later, I know that any photo after the finger is belong to that particular level LOL.

Some of the statues & carvings on the wall. At Level 2.

Some of the statues & carvings on the wall. At Level 2.
Back of buddha head vy yau yeng eh 😛

Some of the statues & carvings on the wall. At Level 2.

At level 3, there were some gargoyles spotted.
Bottom left: See, I spotted this on the floor. It’s made of gold i think. Don’t know what it symbolizes.

At level 3, more buddha statues as we go higher.

Carvings on the wall.

Level 4, almost at the top :).

Level 5, more gargoyles spotted.

Level 6…

FInally reach the top where all the stupas are…makes me think how they actually build this so structurally. Even the shape of the stones amazes me. It’s perfect shape!!

Closer shot of Stupa. In each Stupa, there’s a buddha. Supposingly if you manage to touch the buddha, you will be lucky. I didn’t want to be left out as well, hence I touched one of the buddha too hehe…

Close up shot of the stones used to build the stupa. Hard work to form these shapes man ^.^.

Between the Stupas, you will see Gunung Merapi. On top of it, looks like some snow covering haha..

Top rigt: Took a snap of the Buddha in the stupa.
Bottom right: Poor angmo, he must have been so tired LOL.

That’s me!!!
Bottom left: At the bottom of Borobodur. Look at the foundation, so solid and well kept.
Getting dark so I played with some settings to capture the yellowish cloud.

One of the stupa was taken out and the buddha head & body is exposed.

Another view of Gunung Merapi from the top. Breathtaking!!

One last shot of Borobodur, taken when I came down all the way fromt he top. Coming down was tough, cause the stairs are quite steep, like 60 degrees.

I truely enjoyed myself visiting both the places & taking loads of photos. I don’t usually get to do this when I travel with Mr. Hon.

Took so many photos, I think I need to do slide shows for this.

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  1. Beautiful!! Would like to visit it and see if it’s better than Angkor Wat. Angkor wat is amazing too, you should visit it!

  2. jazz thanks for the pics u know why? i know i’ll never ever go there, even if i did i dun think i can see the beautiful part of these places cos i’ll be too damn busy chasing after my kids.

  3. Very beautiful ler..

    Tuyam, my old maid, comes from there. She’s told us to visit that place then visit her as well on the same trip.

    We’d not made the trip yet. I think it’s high time esp after seeing all your lovely shots here.

  4. Your photos are breathtaking. I think you paid so much for Ratu Boko coz it includes entry into Prambanan. I remembered we paid USD10 at Prambanan, and Ratu Boko was complimentary. But even then, it was like 10x what locals paid.

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