Mommies Night Out: 29 May 2010

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Sometime ago, Paik Ling wrote in her blog about a night out (without kids, without hubby) and asked if anyone interested.

After checking my schedule and arranging for babysitter aka my bro, so off I went for the night out (dinner + party) last Saturday.

Syn Nee, Jaccs & Barbara. Sorry ladies, I set my camera to highest aperture, hence only Jaccs is clear.

We all arrived around 630pm and ordered our food. Dinner was at Apartment @ The Curve. Food was so so only, but the company was great.

Elaine & Patsy. My 1st time meeting Elaine after heard her name so often :). My 2nd time meeting Patsy.

As usual, when Mommies meet, without the kids, we’d be yakking till cow comes home ;).

Paik Ling & Wendy, 2 sexy Momma. Paik Ling has slim down alot!! Way to go…

Dinah & Marlina

Dinah, Marlina & Me. Yohh..I really hate my hair. In the process of keeping long, sob sob..looks like shaggy dog O.o.

At 930pm, we proceeded to karaoke session @ Red Box. Only a few of us went, Elaine, Marlina & Barbara left earlier. Hey people, next time must join the karaoke session ya ;).

Starting of karaoke session.

We sang our hearts out till 2am+ if not mistaken LOL…Must thank Wendy for the Red Box session ;). Not only sing, but dance and laugh and pose somemore!!

Later part of karaoke session, went a bit gila already LOL

To all you ladies who joined the dinner/karaoke, thanks for the great company, I really had great fun, next day hangover sleep till 11am hahaha…

Our star of the night, Paik Ling.

To our dearest organiser, Paik Ling, you are one hell of a Momma!!! Thanks for organising the session. When is the next one coming ^.^.

There’s a lot my undisclosed photos…censored from public viewing.

To all attendees: I’ve drop you an email on the photos, check your mailbox ya.

Paik Ling/Wendy/Dinah: I was editing the *mei siu lui* photo last night and OMG!!! We can be that crazy LOL.

27 thoughts on “Mommies Night Out: 29 May 2010”

  1. Thanks for the photos. It was nice to see everyone that night. I can’t help laughing at the Karaoke photos. Looks like all you ladies sang your heart out that night 😀

  2. hi.. greetings from Ipoh..
    Coming by via someone’s blog (forgotten who, hopping here and there) and reading your karaoke night out with the hot mommmies.. this is what i love too.. dinner and singing!
    hope some blogger will organize this in ipoh.. LOL..

  3. very nice gathering … and i love all ur photos … … and the star of the night too .. what song ??? wow… look pro …:P
    btw .. i think ur hair look cool ar ….

  4. Wuah ! uwah ! uwah ! dinner alone already laughed till stomach cramps, i cannot imagine karaoke. Thumbs up to out sexy organizer (must butter her a bit and she’ll organize more of such)
    Nice meeting you too !

  5. wah, you so fast blog already. hehe….the suspense you put in the post sure will make many mommies regretting for not joining us. lol!

  6. WOW!!! Phewittt!!! All pretty mummies!!!!! So much fun!!! How i want to join you all, but but but….

    Mummies without kids can all go “wild” and “sexy” ya. LOL!!

    More to come “girls night out”.

  7. Great photos!

    I see that I missed a whole lot by leaving so early. Next time got to make sure that I got the whole night out. =P

    Btw, I like your hair. It’s really cute and cool. =D

  8. Phew! I was worried there was going to be wild photos of me but thank goodness, I look so innocent and demure here :-p Great night, ladies! I need at least 2 months to recover, I think……who wanna organise dinner/movie nite to SATC2??

  9. uwa uwa uwa……I miss this!!!!
    what was the hit song for the night??? Gosh….was anyone dancing on the table too????

    The photos speak it all…can have access to via to XXX ar?

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