Penang: 11-13th June 2010

Travelogue Vyktore

A sun, drawn by Faythe

Apparently alot of bloggers went to Penang during that weekend. But Penang must be so big…cause none of us bump into each other despite the fact that some of us went to the same foodie place to fill our stomach :).

We were in Penang for some family gathering on my in laws side. We’ve not been to Penang for almost a year, since Mr. Hon is also back, so I took off 2 days to go Penang, but we only went 3 days, came back on Sunday…big mistake, should have come back on Monday, cause it was so jam!!

Took me 6.5 hours to reach PJ :(. Legs all aching, somemore I’m driving a manual car..yes ME, not Mr. Hon. He’s either dating with chau kung 80% of the time, or listening to his songs on iPod with his sound proof (dunno what expensive) earphone he bought from Japan till I had to shout and waive at him whenever I needed him to help check the kids etc. Occasionally, he’d asked if I’m OK or not. I prefer to drive, cause I can’t sleep in the car, and I have nothing to do as well, didn’t load my iPhone with movies whatsoever. I can’t read map either, so usually he’s the navigator, I’m the driver.

Anyway back to the trip:


Woo Kok is also a must.

We left at 630am on Friday, very early. Made our usual stop at Bidor for Herbal Duck Noodles. This trip, we drove 3 cars. SIL & MIL 1 car, our car & Lawrence family. Both of them enjoyed the noodles, especially Faythe.

That’s how much my breakfast cost :).

Jayden with his Ironman sign

Herbal Duck Noodles

Vyktore, looking a bit worried cause he has to eat noodles

My nephew nick named: Samson. He has curly locks, how cute.

Then we continued our drive to Penang, finally arrived at around 12pm, just in time for lunch. MIL brought us to eat somewhere, don’t know what Jalan lah…makan only. After that, went to Northam and helped MIL to check in since it was booked under Mr. Hon’s corporate rate. We didn’t stay at Northam cause Mr. Hon wanted to go to beach, so we stayed in Flamingo by the Beach Hotel together with Lawrence’s family.

Part of the hotel room. Quite spacious I’d say, with a nice view too. Only thing is bathroom is a bit small, no bath tub. Only shower.

View from the balcony…clean beach, phew…

Kids watching the fishy swimming

We got a pretty good deal online, RM190/night. Refurbished hotel, sure very spanking new musty smell :). So after check in and freshen up, we went to pick up MIL & SIL and drove to Bukit Tambun for seafood.

Bukit Tambun Fishing Village

I got pretty p!ssed off with Mr. Hon as he was giving directions in the car how to get to Bukit Tambun, but he never give warnings, all a sudden turn left, all a sudden U-turn, and we kept going wrong directions thanks to him. MIL knows the direction, but he insist to use the bloody GPS, which sometimes is slow to get signal, so by the time signal recover, it’s overshot…arghh…Also driving in Penang is not easy, the drivers there are 100 times worse than KL ppl.

After braving the storm & rain, we finally reached Bukit Tambun, with my face black like Hokkien Mee. Luckily, Mr. Hon quickly made up for it, if not I think he will be eating Hokkien Mee fried with Horse Shoe Crab at that restaurant courtesy of me.

Monkeying around while waiting for food to be served.

We had tea there, MIL ordered some steam mantis prawns, horse shoe crab and a few more dishes. First time Faythe eating steam mantis prawn, she sapu 3!! Vyktore didn’t eat, he wants rice, but we didn’t order, cause we have dinner at Nyonya Breeze later on.

Thanks Daddy for the shot :).

The restaurant which we were dining at is also next to a fishing village. The kids went up the boat and took some photos there. We also saw monitor lizard on the other side of the river bank.

Seriously, they look like some China people just successfully smuggled down to HK (back to those days)

After the tea break, we drove back to Penang again, this time thanks to the not so great GPS, we reached Northam avoiding traffic jam & drop MIL off. Then went back to our hotel to shower and change.

The night before, was actually Vyktore’s Birthday. I thought since we are going to Penang, might as well celebrate there. Hence I ordered a chocolate cake from Shervone. Thanks Siew Hooi for the contact :).

Shark Image cake

Vyktore wanted a Shark Cake. Hence I downloaded a shark picture and sent it to Shervone to get it done. He was so happy when he saw the cake. He said, “Mommy, I want to cut the shark’s tail and eat it” O.o.

I got Shervone to send the cake and asked reception to keep it, so when we check in I’ve already checked to make sure the cake is there.

One for the family. Everyone was busy trying to do something instead of looking at the camera LOL

So we left for dinner, heading to Nyonya Breeze, to meet up with SIL, MIL & MIL’s friend’s there. We celebrated Vyktore’s birthday there and he had 2 pieces of cake. He’s a cake lover, just like me :).

Nyonya Breeze is our usual stop whenever we go to Penang. Simply love the food there. My fav is the belacan fried with cashew nuts and pork/chicken. It’s so creamy!!! Really to die for.

After that, we all head back to our own hotel and went to the beach.

Mr. Hon brought home many kung ming lantern from Vietnam, so we brought 2 to Penang to let go. I know it’s illegal :P, but for the fun of it…why not. We are not near the airport anyway.

So we all went to the beach, light up the lantern and watch it float away. Then we all head back to our own room to watch World Cup match and went to bed….


Someone para-sailing by the beach. Did this many years ago.

Had breakfast at the hotel…boy it’s so crowded!!!

Beautiful butterfly

Then hang around the beach till 1030am, then we went to butterfly farm with Lawrence’s family. MIL & SIL didn’t join us. Had fun in the butterfly farm especially Faythe. She went around trying to make the butterfly stand on her hand. The last time we went there, she was only 2years old, she barely remembers that trip. Vyktore didn’t really like it, he only liked the Scorpions which was in the pit.

Her few successful attempt getting the butterfly

We spent a good 2 hours in the farm and Mr. Hon declared, “This my last ever trip to butterfly farm, no more LOL”. We even bumped into his primary school friend. Talk about coincidence.

Vyktore’s favourite section

We were supposed to drive to Balik Pulau for some Durian & Food Fest (Lawrence saw advertisement banner along the road), so off we went, but half way, I think in Teluk Bahang (after passing the dam), we stopped by roadside where there were plenty of durian stalls and decided to just have our durian fiesta there.

After that all went back hotel to sleep. Evening, we went to grand auntie’s house where the family gathering was held. Everyone busy chit chatting till 10pm when finally all left after taking some family photos.

Faythe wanted to sleep with MIL, so Vyktore followed us back to our hotel.


Had breakfast in the hotel and sat by the pool for some couple talk while watching Vyktore eating his cereal.

Check out at 11am and went to grand aunt’s house for another round of chit chatting and makan. Grand aunt made fried oyster with eggs..yum yum…

We finally left Penang by 3pm and took us so long to finally reach home.

Mr. Pilot & lil Pilot LOL. MIL bought this lil pilot uniform for him. So cute hahaha…

We’ve learned that we can’t let both of them sit together cause they either keep on fighting with each other for toys, books, or whatever. So we came up with a brilliant plan.

I drive the car, and either 1 of them sit next to me. While Daddy sits at the back with the other 1. This way, they got less chance to interact and have their love-hate sessions in the car. So all the way back, either they were sleeping, snacking or occasionally playing games on my iphone. Very peaceful indeed :).

I was on leave still on 14th June, so we took the kids to KLCC (by LRT, another LRT ride) and watch Karate Kid there. TGV Cinema must be crazy…the aircond was freezing!!

That’s all for the trip, and some photos taken from the trip.

Like I was telling Agnes, I very envy her photos, cause I didn’t manage to do much in Penang. Makan je banyak LOL.

Faythe in the hotel, eating papadam (brought from KL) while watching Nat. Geo.

Vyktore getting comfy on the bed

Kids, trying to get them pose spells H3LL…

Naughty face

Another naughty face

the boat parked by the restaurant that allowed us to go up and take some photos

Vyktore, wanted his face to be painted with blue cream (like Avatar O.o)

My model posing for me with her killer pose.

Vyktore, so hot @ the beach he didn’t wanna take a walk.

Faythe, in her quest for more seashells

Vyktore with his pitiful look. He kept pestering me for water, in the end went to the bar to get some ice cold water for him.’s realll hot!!!

Got a butterfly 🙂

Some don’t know what insect crawling from the sunnies. We nearly had to bring it home as it was hooking itself on his hand.

Lovely butterflies

I guess I’ll be heading for a break soon unless I manage to schedule some post up these few days. Busy 3 months ahead…

21 thoughts on “Penang: 11-13th June 2010”

  1. hey i was in penang too but a week earlier. like u, we didn’t do much also…EAT is the ultimate plan but it was also for in-law family gathering, coincidence ehh 😀
    yr princess really has a killer post…love all yr photos lar

  2. Penang! Nearly 4 years i never been to Penang, yes, it’s that long! Must make a trip to Penang to enjoy the food la.

    Nice & beautiful pictures!! Especially your two kids, one grown up so pretty and lady like, and the other one so handsome, got the “killer” eyes!

  3. your girl really knows how to pose! i like! nice pics mah and nice family trip. i really need to go back there with my no. 2 since my inlaws will be moving back here by year end! have not been there for 2 years already!

  4. I can imagine the heat.

    Faythe looks so mature in the way she pose, and of course, her hair style makes her looks much older than her age.

    The Tambun place we ate before.. didn’t like the food there. And you guys drove to Tanjung Bunga, then came back out to Bkt Tambun to eat.. terror la.

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