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So the school holiday has started, and thank GOD that Mr. Hon is around to entertain them before they drive my MIL nuts. It’s really such coincidence that he’s around at the perfect timing. So he can be a good daddy coming 2 weeks ferrying them around, bring them movies, send them for classes, etc…he even cooked for them yesterday!!

picture of our red indian gang

Before the school ends, they had a party in the school, as usual. This year theme is Wild Wild West. At first thought of dressing Faythe up as Pocahontas, Vyktore as red indian boy, then MIL told me that she and SIL went to investigate and found very nice headgear for all the 4 kids (2 of mine, 2 of SIL’s), so they told me, might as well dress them up like red indian, and Faythe becomes the red indian chief’s daughter.

So OK lah, I let MIL kow tim everything. MIL did a great job, she bought the white t-shirt from daiso and tie-dyed all of them.

Then rented the headgears and bought some chains, necklaces, bracelets to go with it. MIL also bought axes for them to carry.

The night before the party, I left the kids to overnight at MIL’s place as she’s gonna be doing face painting for them in the morning.

So Mr. Hon & myself went to the school early morning to wait for them to arrive.

Vyktore keeps playing with his headgear and covering his mouth ^.^.

When I first saw them, as if it was like a groom seeing his bride the 1st time LOL…wow, so nice!!

Upon them entering the school, all the kids were looking at them, somemore all 4 dress the same hahaha…and our whole family was there!! Mr. Hon, MIL, SIL, myself & 2 maids.

After taking some photos of them, they went to their respective classes and sat down.

We hang around till 845am, when we finally left them to enjoy their party. I sent my car to service, which is just nearby.

My not so lil princess looking cool :).

Faythe was one of the best dressed that day and came home with goodies bag. She’s very happy of course :).

OMG…i thick skin a bit, but he look so *yau yeng* in this photo!! He actually wanted his face painted blue, like avatar O.o.

Vyktore came home with 2 necklace missing O.o….we kept the headgear before we left since he didn’t want to wear it, luckily we did, if not that would have been added into the missing list too.

Here are more photos of them.

Vyktore trying to adjust his headgear

Vyktore & class teacher, Sui Fun. He likes this teacher more compared to last year’s teacher :P.

Faythe and her classmates, Evan. The other boy not sure what’s the name.

that’s the look of red indian chief & the daughter LOL

There goes another great party.

17 thoughts on “Wild Wild West Theme Party”

  1. wow .. i like it very very nice lei ….. ur MIL really done a good job on this !! i can imagine how the 4 kids go to the kindy and everyone was eyeing on them … wow .. so pound and famous

  2. i must say your MIL did a Great job! so real and nice lar…
    i love your header too, Faythe is beautiful…
    I also agree that Vyktore is very ‘yau yeng’ in that pic 😉

  3. omg jazz…what a sporting & creative MIL you have!! my mom would have “choi ngor tou sor geh” 😀
    u r not thick skin, lil boy is indeed hansem & gaya!!

  4. I thought how come the school dress them up so nicely.. then realised your MIL kao tim one (some more can do tie dye) and the other 2 kids posing together also related one… haha..

    so good to have MIL so involved in the cucus one.

  5. walaoehhh… you MIL really ‘keng’ wor!! I thought the costumes were bought when I look at it. What’s more the painting also can ‘kao tim’. Sai lei…

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