He’s definitely a big boy on this date.

At last, after 4 years, 1 month and 17 days…he no longer cries when he cuts hair.

I’ve waited so long for this day seriously :|.

Yesterday night, while on the way home and giving some lecture to my Princess Cambo (rejoice, she’s going home soon!! Countdown starts..tick tock tick tock) I decided to stop by at the RM15 haircut shop at Centrepoint.

When I turn into to the parking, Vyktore prompt : “Mommy, where are going?

We going to cut hair *wink* – Actually I wanted my maid to cut hair, but didn’t want her to know.

Vyktore: No No…Mommy I don’t want cut hair
Mommy: No must cut. Your hair is long…yeah actually it’s getting quite messy, macam rambutan

He procrastinate and almost threw tantrum.

But we still went in to the shop. Faythe as usual, she loves cutting hair, hence she was trying to convince Vyktore, “Jie Jie also cut, everyone also cut, so you must cut OK“.

So Faythe went ahead and got her cut.

So happen there was a lil puppy in the shop, so they got all excited and played with it. After some mental psyching, he happily sat on the chair and agreed. But he specifically said, “Mommy I don’t want this that one” He pointed at the hair vacuum thingy.

Mommy: Oh okok, no vacuum, just cut OK.

Then I distracted him with my iPhone and let him played some games.

10mins later, we are done!! NO tears!! Somemore can ask the lady in the shop for sweet.

Yay….definitely a day to celebrate.

We not only managed to cut his hair, but I’ve decided to give him a new hair style, trying to keep the front longer, no more botak head :).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next session will be easy as well. Looks like iPhone is important to keep him distracted :).

Told Mr. Hon about this last night, he said, “Big Boy already”

Here’s a photo of him taken last night while he were having our bedtime story session. We only trim the sides and back, leaving the top.

OK, now Mommy will be back to MIA mode…..zzzzzZzzz

17 thoughts on “27.Jul.2010”

  1. Wow! what a relieve huh!
    Bravo Vyktore!

    Zoe also, she wants me to buy jelly for her everytime she cuts hair, and so ngam there is a Q Jelly beside my saloon..haha!
    Anyway, girls are usually vain and do not need much convincing for beauty treats! :p

  2. oh iPhone is very helpful for our case too. with the little gadget our son can be nicely distracted so his father can do all the hair cutting …

    iPhone definitely is a must have for us.

    p/s: your banner photo is such a great shot! faythe’s facial expression is priceless too coz she looks like a model to me!

  3. Great! Well done.. I guess the iPhone was a great distractor 🙂

    Luckily my sons get through it by about 2 years old. Can’t imagine having to drag all of them for a haircut!

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